Tired of “supposed tos”? Dissatisfied with where you’ve arrived in life and have a nagging sense that you’re meant for more? Wondering what happened to your dreams and goals?  

WANT TO LIVE your Dreams?

Do you long for more joy, freedom, satisfaction, and fun? Eager to stop putting off what you truly want and rediscover that “oh, there I am!” feeling? Want to thrive and create success on your own terms? 


I’m Tara Sage, bestselling author, professional speaker, and coach. When I started my business back in 2004, I dreamed of having the freedom to travel, chart my own course, work from anywhere, and be myself without boundaries. I did not want to be tied down. People said my dreams were impossible, that I should “settle down” and stay at the job I had at a prestigious university. I knew I couldn’t stay. In many areas of my life, I felt like a caged bird, micro-managed and caught in status quo games I didn’t want to play. Not only have I achieved my “impossible” dream and the freedom I so craved, I built a business around helping YOU chart your own course, live your dreams, and create the life you think you cannot have. (For more of my story, click here.)

Tara Sage, MA

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Private & group coaching


For the person who can see, but can’t yet achieve their dreams and is ready to live them, this year.

Do you recognize that you are repeating undesired patterns, but feel like a helpless observer? If despite your love of self-help books, going it alone is not producing the results you want and despite your “I can do it myself” attitude, you are tired of spinning your wheels … I help you create the incredible life you’ve dreamed of but thought wasn’t possible.

A 12-month 1:1 program


For the person who wants to want their dreams, but is struggling to see their way out of the mess. 

If your dreams are simmering on the back burner, feeling far off and impractical, and you’re unsure how to get them off the ground … massively accelerate the realization of your deepest dreams and goals, one proven step at a time. Change the way you manage your energy and think about what’s possible – forever.

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For the person who wants to gain crystal clarity on their vision, to see and know exactly what will bring deep satisfaction to every area of their life.

Not sure what you dream of or what your dream life would look like? This is for you if you can’t yet see the specifics of what you want but you nonetheless know that your soul is calling out for a change. Quickly and vividly see your way to your deepest desires, and gain a life-changing level of confidence in your vision and its potential.

A 6-week 1:1 e-coaching program


For the person who wants community support to see the blind spots that are holding them back from their best life.Inspired by my bestselling book, The Brules of Life, join this revolutionary one-of-a-kind community that rethinks conventions and rewrites the rules on how to create the life you think you cannot have. A group program with lifetime membership, it’s SO much more than a book club!

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Courses to fast-track your dreams


Learn how simple it can be to live and finance a nomadic lifestyle full of relaxation, spontaneity, and fun! Nomadic Living 101 provides you with everything you need to get road-ready, with clear answers about RV lifestyle, logistics, and mechanics – all in one place.


Sense it’s time to step up as a leader and break through public speaking fears about what to say and how to say it? Learn the exact steps to create, prepare, and deliver a Signature Talk that’s relatable, engaging, authentic, and unique. Move, inspire, and leave people wanting more.


Feel called to rise up, lead with love and be a voice for positive change, but not sure how? Want to feel confident, clear in your convictions, and be a force for good who can stand strong and clear during challenging interactions? Your voice is needed, now more than ever.

Words from my wonderful Clients 

“I truly believe the sky is the limit now!!!”

Tara provided the tools I needed to blow the top off the tiny box that housed my dreams. I truly believe the sky is the limit now!!! I am in awe of the possibilities my dreams now have as they thrive in real time! I feel like my true self now. My life, my dreams feel completely natural to me now. You helped me more than you know. Before, I was afraid to be me. THANK YOU TARA! xo   ~ Janine Sullivan, writer, artist, event planner

“I’m no longer wishing for someday.”

I’ve always had an “I can do it myself” attitude but I followed my heart and took that first step to reach out and connect with Tara. The moment Tara asked me to imagine my dream day, my life began to head in a new direction. I knew I had made the right decision … which has turned out to be the first of many “right” decisions. I’m no longer living life by default. I’m no longer wishing for someday. I see possibilities all around me and I now spend my energy in ways that bring me joy. ~ Lisa Luken, professional organizer

“I truly feel 18 again!”

This journey is one of the most exciting thing I have done in ages… I truly feel 18 again! ~ Chad Byington, chef

“I was able to double my income and generate my best revenue year ever!”

Hiring Tara has made such a difference for my business. She truly is a dream acceleration coach, listens deeply for what wants to come to light for her clients, is a brilliant life hack expert and knows how to create organic workflows, compelling messages and teaches how to enroll clients gracefully and effectively. With her help I was able to double my income and generate my best revenue year ever! And – I didn’t kill myself in the process and had fun with it.  ~ Friderike Butler, leadership coach

Ready to be the next success story?  

You’ve found your way here for a reason.   

If life is feeling misaligned, unsatisfying, or just “off”, the answer isn’t a spa day or a night out. By rethinking conventions and rewriting the rules, you can create the life you desire. The life you think you cannot have is on your heart for a reason.  As an experienced coach, I am practiced at seeing – and helping you to see – creative possibilities where others don’t. Together we will shine a great big light on the “brules” that are holding you back, hiding in the shadows, limiting you. Where others see limits, dead ends, or despair, you’ll grow to see empowered choices, creative strategies, open roads, new approaches, delightful discoveries, and exciting opportunities for expansion and joy. 

The key is to start – now – from exactly where you are.

Big love,

Tara Sage




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