“Most people really foul up at the crucial first step because they simply can’t see how it’s possible to get what they want – so they don’t even let themselves want it.  You must first decide what you want before your brain can figure out how to get it.”  Jack Canfield

We are in an extraordinary time – a time that challenges us to work together, ask new questions, put our best face forward, engage fully, and take action on our dreams.  I received a question recently that I know speaks for many: “Tara, I don’t know what I am meant to do, let alone how to get there! What do you do when you don’t know what your dreams are?”  A phenomenal question!

“I don’t know”

From the question, it appears that “I don’t know” is at the heart of the dilemma.  We’ve all experienced times of not knowing, and these times can be an invitation to explore, surrender, reflect and ask new questions.   Yet, sometimes, “not knowing” provides us with a false sense of comfort, safety, and even the justification for self-sabotage.  For example, “If I don’t know, I can’t possibly be expected to do anything about it.  Yes, I think I’ll stay… right…here.”  The catch is, the longer you stay there, the more challenging it becomes to visualize and stretch into the extraordinary realm of what’s possible, and the more practiced you become at justifying “someday,” “later” and “I can’t.”

It’s a conundrum: We justify because we’re afraid of the unknown, yet just beyond our fear, possibilities await.  By pinpointing the voice of fear, we set the stage to move beyond it.  Yoda said, “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”  When you name it you frame it, I say.

If you listen very closely, you may hear a different voice – a brave, restless voice longing to be heard that reminds you of your power and capacity for boundless joy, creativity, satisfaction and accomplishment.  Big, small, or silly, I believe dreams are the voice of your soul and living them is your gift to the world.  In order to follow your dreams, you need to leave your safe haven.

“Meant to do”

I invite you to consider that the daunting notion of what you are “meant to do” boils down to the very manageable prospect of following your joy.  I believe joy is our purpose and creating a life we love is our birthright.  As a Dream Realization Coach, I echo Canfield’s offering that the best way to streamline the realization of dreams and goals is to bravely and faithfully declare what you want prior to knowing how it will happen.  To do this, we must move beyond the “meant to do” and step into the joyful power of declaration.

Share & Declare

The first bold step is to declare your dreams – to yourself! With the support of gently prodding questions, you may discover that you do know what you want.  I invite you to set aside some time to journal and reflect on these questions.  Let yourself imagine:

  • If you did know what you dreamed of, what would it be?  (A trick question!)
  • If you had all the love and money you could ever want, what would you do?
  • If you could script your life to be unreasonably phenomenal, how would it go?

The answers to these questions can free you from your safe haven and propel you toward your dreams!

To review,

Step One: Reveal what you desire in as much detail as you possibly can.   Step Two: Declare it bravely and boldly with as many people as possible.  Keep in mind that brave people are not fearless.  If they were fearless, what would they need bravery for?!?

Step Three of course is aligned action. Yet without the inner reflection and bravery of bringing your dreams to the surface, the busy-ness of step three will only serve as a distraction.  And investing in the first two steps will make step three much, much easier…

Know that a legacy of dreamers have gone before you, and trust that you are participating in a natural process supported by a co-creative universe of possibility.  Your job is to simply to take the next step…

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