A question for you:

Are you WILLING to feel good and have your life go well all the time?

It’s quite a question! Let’s devote a moment now to consider this question.

In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks writes, “At first glance, you might ask who wouldn’t say yes … Well, for many of us, the idea of all of this positive emotion seems far-fetched to begin with. It is easy for us to just assume that with the positive comes the negative. To that I say, “Why not get willing, and see what happens?”

Let’s be honest, as much as you may want (fill in the blank), it can be intimidating to imagine your life exceeding your dreams and expectations, right? What if there really is no cap on how much joy you can have.

How much joy can YOU stand? How much joy is too much?joy meter

According to Gay Hendricks, it’s exactly WHEN we fill our “quota” for “allowable joy” that we then choose to bring ourselves back down through a variety of ways.

We crawl back under those familiar blankets of excuses and reasons that we can’t, instead of allowing ourselves to step into the growth and expansion that is absolutely available.

Consider for a moment…if you could script your life to be unreasonably phenomenal, how would it go?

What IF …

… you allowed more joy in your life?

… you felt like you did deserve to receive more?

… what you needed for your next step was right in front of you?

… you could live the life of your dreams?

How would that feel? What would that mean for you? What kind of legacy could you leave?

While these are big questions, here’s something I want you to know: YOU are the expert on these answers. No one knows the answers to these questions better than you.

The hardest part sometimes is just giving yourself permission to know what you know, and want what you want. The hardest part is turning down the volume on all the judgments and assumptions about what’s realistic and practical long enough to hear the voice of your soul…to connect in with what you really want for yourself.

“As creators, your reality depends upon what you are willing to imagine and allow.” ~Abraham Hicks

It’s wonderful and great to be a “learner” but in this realm, there’s nothing more to learn. It’s just time now to be a “knower”. In other words, the lesson here is that it’s already inside you so start by knowing THAT!

With your imagination as your guide, begin to tap into the voice of your soul and uncover your deepest joy-enhancing desires. Activate your imagination and see your way to a life you really love (and a life that loves you back!)

Start by saying out-loud: “I give myself permission to dream freely and fully.” If this is challenging for you, start with just a few minutes at a time.

If you feel yourself struggling or resisting this self-permission, you might get a notebook and fill the page(s) with the repetitive statement: “I give myself permission to dream freely and fully. I see magic and mystery in the unknown.” (Write this as many times as you need to until it feels true.)

Then, complete the sentences below to help connect with your dreams.

Write the first thing(s) that come(s) to mind for you:

  • I’ve always dreamed of learning how to __________________.
  • I’ve always dreamed of traveling to ____________________.
  • I’ve always dreamed of having _____________________.
  • I’ve always dreamed of experiencing what it’s like to ____________.
  • I’ve always dreamed of meeting _________________.
  • I feel most alive when I am __________________.
  • If I had all the love and money I could ever want, I’d _________ every day.
  • If I had all the love and money I could ever want, I’d _________ every week.

When you’re done, review your responses. Listen and be brave. Listen to the small, still voice of your dancing soul. Stay open – it may not be what you expect. Your only job at this point is to not destroy the message before you hear it. Don’t worry about how you’ll manifest it. For now, just listen and acknowledge *what* you have heard. Listening, in this instance, isn’t limited to your ears. Pay attention to what you see, hear, and feel.

Don’t decide it’s impossible. You don’t need to take any action until you’re ready to do so. In fact, you are under no obligation to do anything at all. Just listen and acknowledge the voice of your deepest desire. Listen with your whole being…

So… checking in here… Are you ready to welcome more joy into your life?

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