As you boldly step out into the world with your heart’s precious dreams in hand, it’s REALLY easy to get intimidated, discouraged, and even let the dream-work that you’ve done fall by the wayside simply because of the challenges that you may face as you share your dreams with the larger world. Sometimes the hardest part can be dreaming out loud with your friends and family!

  • Are you, despite showing a brave face to the world, on the inside, sc-c-c-ared to dream … bigger, braver, bolder?
  • Are you secretly aching to focus and funnel your creative energy into something that you’re truly inspired and excited about?

Whether or not you’ve made a full commitment to yourself and your dreams, since the truth is that NOT everyone is likely to support and celebrate your dreams, it *really* helps to have a Naysayer Navigation Plan in place.

What IS a nay-sayer exactly?

Nay-sayer talkA nay-sayer is anyone who puts down your dreams, anyone who tells you you can’t, or gives you all the reasons that what you want, just won’t work.

Imagine for a moment that you’re sharing a dream of yours with someone that you know and they respond by telling you that you can’t have that because your dream is totally unrealistic.  “It’s never gonna work” they say…

How do YOU respond when someone tells you that your dream isn’t realistic?

Human nature being what it is, there are basically two responses: 

One: You believe them.  Or, the other: You defend your dream.

It’s what’s known as the “fight or flight” response, and it kicks into high gear, all in an effort to protect your PRECIOUS dreams!

Yet, there may be less to defend against than you thought.  Here’s a secret – something that most people don’t know:

“When someone tells you that your dream is impossible,

they’re telling you their story.”  

Remembering this, as the conversation is happening, can entirely change the way that you listen and respond to someone’s reaction to your dream.

You will be gentler, both with yourself and with them. You may even be flooded with a deep sense of compassion.  Whatever they say, don’t take it personally — they are telling you their story, not yours.

In the second scenario, you defend your dream. If your instinct is to defend your dream, the opportunity that you have is to consciously decide to turn your Fury into Fuel.

IMAGINE IF instead of getting angry, you took a deep breath and said, from-your-heart, something along the lines of: “While I know this probably wasn’t your intention, I really want to thank you because you just gave me even more energy and incentive to go make it happen.  And right now I could use all the energy I can get … so, again, I really want to thank you.”

This response is generally a conversation stopper.  🙂

Naysayers can be tough, but you can CHOOSE to let the energy and the fire that you feel inside fuel the energy you need to make your dreams REAL.

Sometimes nay-sayers offer you a great big gift!  They can fuel your fire, your passion, and further clarify your own belief about what’s possible. They can motivate you to get started immediately, putting one foot in front of the other and taking firm, clear, focused action on your dreams.

5 Questions to Support Shifting Naysayer Thoughts into Dream Accelerating Fuel:

  1. What are the three qualities within you that you admire most and the three you admire least? List them.
  2. What would you say about these qualities?  How have they impacted your life? How can they support you in taking your next steps?
  3. List everything in your life that IS currently serving you – anything and everything. Just let it flow out. A big, long list.
  4. List everything that is your brilliance (all that is wonderful, incredible, unique, fabulous, and fantastic about YOU!) Just let it flow out. A big, long list.
  5. If you had one year to live, what would you absolutely have to do to feel complete? Why?

As you move forward with your dreams and as they continue to evolve and expand and take shape in your mind and in the world, I whole-heartedly encourage and invite you to summon your bravest Self and a truly compassionate heart as you step out on behalf of your dreams.

Your dreams will thank you, because it’s just beyond the fears and doubts that possibilities await!

Your Next Step:

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