Last night was the closing session (the final live group mastermind call) of the Create Your Life! 8-week on-line Dream Acceleration™ Program. I really have to pinch myself when I think about how I got here – a co-facilitator of the very program that had propelled me forward.

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You see, it was just a few years ago that I was a member of the Dream Acceleration™ Program myself! And when I reflect on what has happened since then…WHOA! So many amazing opportunities! This is what happens when I consider what’s possible, open up, trust my inner wisdom, step into my gifts and take leaps of faith to living the life of my dreams!

So, a little backstory…before Create Your Life!, my life was good. I had a full-time job working as an employee at a large global company, making a healthy paycheck that afforded me and my family a level of comfort for housing, fun activities for our family, great medical and life insurance and flexible work arrangements. I was happy at my job – and I was good at it! I loved my team and my boss. BUT – I was working more than 40 hours physically and even more than that mentally! And, frankly, I was tired and didn’t have the time or energy for much else.

What I was doing was living in my “Zone of Excellence”. I learned about this in the Create Your Life! DAP Graduates Program in a book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Living in your “Zone of Excellence” (sounds “excellent” and seems like a good place to be and stay, right?) means you’re someone who’s attained success by many standards; an upstanding citizen, doing your job well, with people who love and cherish and rely on you. And yet despite the seductive comforts of staying put, there can be a restlessness and a growing discomfort happening within you about maintaining “status quo”. Yup – that was me. Though I didn’t know what it was called at the time, I had a longing to live within what Hendricks calls my “Zone of Genius”. This is where I listened to my inner recognition that it was time to go beyond “good enough” and to really respond to the nudge toward new possibilities … more joy … and really experiencing deep satisfaction… rather than just “good enough”.

What I REALLY dreamed of was leaving my corporate job and working for and with people where I (and everyone else) felt respected and appreciated. And, being really honest … I wanted to be a life coach! I dreamed of working part time and making enough money to support my current lifestyle while also having the flexibility to live and work from wherever my husband and I want to be. I dreamed of working my own hours and being able to collaborate with others on volunteer projects and meet friends and family for coffee often. I dreamed of supporting and serving others using tools and processes that I believed in!

Even though I was nervous about what I would learn about myself, and what might change with relationships in my life while I was in the DAP, I had so many ah-ha moments and decisions in energy shifts and eliminating tolerations that I felt lighter and more empowered. I had more energy and imagined even more possibilities for my life.

Just months after I became a Graduate of the 8-week Dream Acceleration™ Program, I left my corporate J.O.B., stretching beyond my Zone of Excellence and into my Zone of Genius applying energy management processes and practical tools I learned in the DAP. At the same time, Tara reached out and invited me to step into putting my coaching skills to work and becoming co-facilitator of the very program that had propelled me forward!

So here I am – smiling the biggest smile – feeling so full of joy – witnessing members (now DAP Graduates), celebrating their a-ha moments, inner shifts, new awarenesses and aligned action steps that have them living the dreams of their life! One of my dreams come true…I am serving and supporting members of the Create Your Life! 8-week Dream Acceleration™ Program using tools and processes that I believe in!

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Create Your Life! Dream Acceleration™ Coach & Executive Support Team Member