Creating a life you love is your birthright.

boxIf you’re like me and so many other ambitious, conscious creative souls, you are probably really tired of the status-quo and really just want to follow your bliss, your interests and your passions, with little or no interest in fitting into any neat and tidy pre-determined box.

Am I right?

You want to create from the inside out, despite the fact that many in your life, and the world-at-large, may tell you that you can’t … and (whether you admit it or not) you have doubts yourself. Yet you ALSO have this tugging at your heart that’s asking you to believe in possibilities that logic might say otherwise about.

Maybe you think your dreams are doomed to fail, or would just be added to the ever-growing list of “maybe someday’s” and so you don’t even let yourself want it, or dream it, or say it out loud.

Maybe you think now is not the right time.

Yet if not now, then when?

When will NOW be the right time?

And, really … how long have you been saying “later”?

It makes me sad to know that your precious time and energy are being spent one way or another.  I mean, why waste it on doing all the “shoulds” at the cost of the “because I feel inspired to’s”?

Most people think that the way to realize a dream is to figure out how you’re going to make that dream happen.

How you’re going to bring it to fruition.

How you’re going to raise the money.

How you’re going to schedule it.

How you’re going to form a team.

And on it goes …  

All “the how’s” can perplex, and sometimes even sabotage, the realization of your dreams.

The Cosmic Joke is that HOW will not show itself or become available to you until you commit and bravely declare what you want.  In other words: You must believe in the possibility before all the practical pieces are evident to you.  

On the other hand, if you WAIT to commit to what you want until you know “the how’s”, then you will find yourself waiting a very long time.  

Perhaps you already feel like you’ve been waiting too long…

The extraordinary time for your dreams is undeniably, right NOW.  As a planet, we are being called to take this leap of faith together, to support one another, to ask new questions, put our best face forward, and to engage fully and believe in e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g possibilities.

At the start, dream acceleration is about becoming someone who allows more space in your mind, heart, and life … for dreaming.

It’s about being someone who is willing to stretch and to BELIEVE in the possibility of your dreams without all the disclaimers and doubts taking over.

Are you willing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h into believing in new possibilities?

If so, get out a notebook and claim this special FREE video training “9 Simple Powerful Strategies to Accelerate the Realization of Your Dreams”  These proven strategies will help you get personal with your dreams, open up to new discoveries, and activate that powerful, playful, dormant creativity that resides within YOU.

Luckily, it’s not important to remove ALL your doubts. What’s important is to show up, from exactly where you are, and embrace new possibilities.

AND – here’s some really great news:

Even 1% possible counts as possible, by definition.

Even 1% possible means it ceases to be impossible.

I have had the repeated pleasure of witnessing the beautiful transformation of what at first may seem impossible become a living reality. As this process unfolds, a sense of lightness and excitement and momentum takes hold, often propelling the dream forward with astounding ease.

dwell in possibilitiesThe bulk of “the hard work” is often about mustering up the COURAGE, and giving yourself the FREEDOM and PERMISSION to simply show up for the process, want what you want, and believe it’s possible.

All dreams begin with imagination – not fancy degrees or truckloads of money, but imagination!

So … claim the special video training now and get ready to live into what’s possible for YOU!