When it comes to pursuing your dreams, have you even found yourself saying:

  • “not now…later”
  • “what I need can wait”
  • “as soon as I have more…(fill in the blank)”
  • “next month/season/year, when things calm down a bit”
  • “at some point”
  • “someday…soon”

All of this, while putting off your joy, nourishment, and happiness and finding yourself feeling more and more depleted and scattered?

Be honest. Have YOU been putting your dreams on hold?

And if so, for how long?

“Tomorrow Syndrome” is an epidemic.  But the good news is: there’s a cure!

If you’re tired of the status-quo and frustrated by the fact that “someday” keeps getting pushed further and further out, then it’s really time for a change.

It’s time to decide to finally STOP putting off your dreams.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”  Pablo Picasso 

Does this Picasso quote sound harsh?

Maybe so, but seeing as none of us know when our last day is, it really is time to prioritize your deepest dreams and desires. You are NOT in this alone. I am here to support you and there’s an entire community of support here for you.

To ensure that another month doesn’t become another year of your dreams just festering and continuing to feel like you’re running-in-place…

Here’s the antidote to all that:

3 Keys to Healing “Tomorrow Syndrome”

KEY #1. Bring your “later game” to light

Finish the sentence: “I can’t pursue my dreams now because…”

In order to win your own “later game”, you must first name it. Then you can begin to challenge your own habitual self-sabotaging reasoning. Once you pinpoint WHAT you keep telling yourself about why you can’t start now, you can then decide to have a new kind of experience with decision-making, moving forward despite your “later logic” – and finally let your HEART be heard and take the lead.


KEY #2. Get clear on the impact of waiting

How is waiting to live the life of your dreams impacting you, your life, and well-being? (Honesty can only serve you here.) And most importantly, how does it FEEL to live this way? Waiting can create bitterness and resentment, and no – patience, in this regard, is not a virtue.

Getting more honest than perhaps you ever have before about how this is impacting you will help you see how UNSUSTAINABLE the “later game” really is! How will you feel if, 5 years from now, nothing has changed (except you’re older and more tired than ever)? How will you feel if, in 1, 3, or 5 years, you’re still telling yourself “someday…soon”?

KEY #3. Accountability NOW

Waiting doesn’t serve you. Admit it and do something about it immediately.

Decide that TODAY IS YOUR SOMEDAY and take action that will set you up with the accountability and support to ensure you stay on track.

Then begin right away to weave The Dream Acceleration™ Process into your life, one proven step at a time. Your future is yours to create and you are right on the cust of its creation…By deciding to act NOW on your desired future, you’ll be setting yourself up with personalized support, a community that gets it and is in the same process right along with you, and a fast-track action plan to get you on the path of your own choosing.

Ready to start, but not sure how?

If you are ready to heal your “tomorrow syndrome”, submit your answers to our Dream Discovery Questionnaire and as my GIFT to you, we’ll schedule a time to connect for a complimentary Dream Discovery tele-session. I’m so grateful that you are part of this extraordinary community and it would be my true delight to connect with you one-to-one and explore next steps that will serve you best.