The end of one year and the start of the next is a great time to do a personal inventory and set your sites on the future you are creating for yourself.

Here’s a fun way to jump-start YOUR year…

3 Vital Year In Review Keys that Will Get You Ready to Rocket (& Rock It!) Forward for a New Year that Exceeds Your Expectations:

Vital Key #1. Highlight Reasons for Appreciation & Celebration

Do a Reflective Review of the Areas of Your Life

Review the past 12 months in your mind and heart and tune in to what’s been created – listing out as many things as come to mind. What are things that you have appreciation for? What are you proud of?

If you are getting a little stuck, consider different areas of your life one at a time. For example:

  • …what have you created in your life around your health?
  • …what about your professional life / business / career?
  • …how have your relationships improved or shifted?
  • …anything around money: spending, saving, understanding it?
  • …what have you created in your home / physical environment?

It might help as well to think of each month, or each season, reviewing one month at a time as a way to recall highlights and significant events that took place for you this year.

Celebrating and acknowledging your accomplishments is a critical part of successful dream realization!

Acknowledging your accomplishments creates confidence, and confidence in yourself breeds even more action, momentum and accomplishments. What you are grateful for, you attract more of. List things you are grateful that you’ve accomplished, received, created or co-created as part of a team or group this year.

Create Your Top 10 “Top 10” Lists!

Top 10 lists are a quick-glance on a range of topics from Hollywood’s best dressed, to current events, to travel destinations and ideas for consideration on personal growth. As the year comes to a close and the new year kicks-off, it’s a great time to get out a notebook or journal and create your own Top 10 lists!

Use these Top 10 lists to remind yourself of what’s good and shining about you and your life. Use them to become more aware of what you know and what you can do to make the world a better place. Use them to reconnect with your dreams, to remember what you truly want. (This valuable information will come in handy for the next two steps.)

  1. Top 10 Things I Love About My LIfe
  2. Top 10 Moments in the Last 12 Months
  3. Top 10 Priorities for the Coming Year
  4. Top 10 Ways I Spread Light in The World
  5. Top 10 Things That Are Uniquely “Me”
  6. Top 10 Books I Want to Read
  7. Top 10 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Die
  8. Top 10 Reasons for Gratitude in My Life
  9. Top 10 Things I Want to Learn
  10. Top 10 Activities That Make Me Feel Alive

Smile and be proud of each and every item on your list, really recognizing YOUR role in it! And to really “amp up” your energy, circle the top 3 things that you have accomplished/created/are really appreciative of from your Year-In-Review and your top 3 priorities for the coming year  – and find ways to share and celebrate them.

Vital Key #2. Acknowledge Unrealized Goals

Remember back to the start of this year and the intentions, dreams, and goals you had set for yourself. Make special note of any goals, resolutions, or dreams that you had that have NOT yet come to fruition.

Here’s why this is so important: Just because you have some things that have not yet come to fruition, doesn’t mean you should forget about them or ignore them. The opposite is true.

There is such value to you in not sweeping them under the rug, or ignoring them. There is real value in acknowledging and shining a light on these things. It activates personal responsibility and accountability … AND this is super important and telling information that will help you get clear on your intentions and priorities for the new year!

Vital Key #3. Ignite Passion for Next Steps

What happens when you keep on churning in your mind, leaving no room for space, and no room for creativity and dreaming? What happens when you keep your nose to the grindstone, non-stop, and don’t come up for air? You burn out. You get lost in the day-to-day. You lose your sense of inspiration and fulfillment. And you miss the opportunities that come with tuning in to hear your inner wisdom and guidance.

As referred to in the ancient text, the Tao Te Ching, “We mold clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness in it that makes the pot useful.” This is an important metaphor. A clay pot is useful, not for its clay but for its emptiness.

Creating time and space, reflecting, releasing throughts, releasing “problem solving” and the mental check-list, can be a very productive thing to do.  It supports you in imagining and creating your best year yet!

Once you have recalled a list of accomplishments for yourself this year, and have brought to light those things that haven’t been yet realized, you can then be clearer about your plans for 2015.

Questions to consider:

  • What’s your plan for the new year?
  • What are you committed to? Or perhaps RE-committed to?
  • What are you going to DO differently in 2015?
  • Who’s on your Dream Team?

Here’s to your best and brightest year yet!

My Next Step Invitation for YOU:

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