People regularly share their deepest, biggest, scariest, bravest, most cherished dreams with me.  A true privilege!  It’s an amazing honor to witness this powerful moment of declaration.  But not for the reasons you might think.

To me, knowing what you dream of, isn’t nearly as interesting as knowing what excites you about what you dream of.  

  • How will the fulfillment of your dream help you feel more fully alive?
  • How will it challenge you to grow and s-t-r-e-t-c-h?
  • How will your dream make your heart dance more freely and your soul sing more in tune?
  • How will your increased joy magnify and ripple into the lives of others?

That’s the stuff that dreams are truly made of.

At the heart of the Create Your Life! mission is the belief that: Dream realization is about self-actualization.

Dream realization is not about knowing more or having more (while, of course, these things will happen too). Dream realization is about BEING more.

The pursuit of a dream is the manifestation of expanding potentials.


Now, I’m sure you’ve heard people say something to the effect of:

“As soon as I have enough (fill in the blank)…then I can do what I want, and then I will be happy.”

Maybe you’ve said something similar yourself.

It’s important to notice that the key action words in the statement are:

HAVE –> DO –> BE  (In that order.)

But, in truth, the way it actually works is in exactly the opposite order:

BE –> DO –> HAVE

In other words, being comes first!

And the good news is that you don’t have to wait to feel and to BE who you’re becoming. In fact, the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll manifest the actual experience for yourself!

Here any easy strategy to BE more of who you’re BECOMING – today:

* Add an adverb or “quality of being” to every item on your to-do list. *

This is a powerful, simple way to incorporate BEING MORE into your daily life.

It’s also a powerful simple way to activate and accelerate YOUR self-actualization process – being who you’re becoming, a little more every day.

For example:

Brush my teeth, lovingly.

Drive to work, happily.

Make my bed, gratefully.

Fill the gas tank, confidently.

Everyday tasks can take on new life and activate and build the muscle of who you’re becoming – living into your potential, now.

Regardless of your present circumstances and regardless of how impractical and outlandish your dreams may seem to you right now, they are in your heart for a reason.

The real dreams don’t go away.

So, grab your vision board, your dream list, your dream declaration statement and whatever else connects you to what you desire. Admire your dreams and be grateful for all the ways that they inspire you to BE who you are becoming … to receive more, and to give more, and to create more, and to celebrate more!

Welcome the feelings of expanding joy. Celebrate the excitement of how it will be to share this increased joy with others.

So, rather than feeling resigned and frustrated, and continuing to believe that the grind of daily life means you have to keep saying “later” and continue to delay and hope for a distant “someday” when you’ll finally be able to start creating the life of your dreams … you can being right now, in the everyday, to BE who you are becoming!

BE-ing who you’re becoming starts…right now!

Next Action Step for YOU:

Be powerfully supported in living your dreams NOW.

Submit your answers to our Dream Discovery Questionnaire and as my GIFT to you, we’ll schedule a time to connect for a complimentary Dream Discovery tele-session. It’d be my true delight to connect with you one-to-one to explore the next steps that will serve you best.