January is coming to a close, which is a good time to check-in about how things are going.

==> What did you set as goals for yourself for this year?

==> Have you made strides this month that have you confidently on track to fulfill them this year?

If your answer is not a resounding YES …

  • Why not?
  • What are the reasons (or perhaps, excuses) that come to mind?
  • How does it feel to recognize that 1 month, 1/12 of the year, has gone by?
  • What doesn’t feel good about noticing what’s gone undone?
  • What do you sense would make a big difference for you and your life?

Honest awareness can be uncomfortable, but it is also the very thing that will bring to light the clarity and fuel needed to live your dreams.

(So stay with it.)

This process is about deepening your connection to your inner wisdom, and to powerfully connect with the answers to some very important questions.

Because the truth is: No one knows better than YOU what’s best for you.

And here’s where a bit of neuroscience comes in …

First, look around. Notice that everything that IS – everything that has come to BE, was first an idea, an imagining.

To quote Albert Einstein: “Imagination is everything. It’s a preview of life’s coming attractions.”  Yep, Einstein (not Dr. Suess) said that … “Imagination is everything.”

While it might sound surprising, neuroscience and coaching have become quite friendly, and the combination of the two can really help us to understand just how powerful and true Einstein’s words really are…

Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined action. The brain reacts the same way for both.

For example, in her book The Intention Experiment, Lynn McTaggart did a study with a group of skiers. In the experiment, they discovered that when the skiers mentally rehearsed their downhill runs, the electrical impulses sent to the muscles from the brain were the same as when they physically engaged in the runs.

And here’s why this is important …

By stimulating these neural pathways through imagination, the research shows that these neural pathways are strengthened in the brain. AND, that this precedes the actual experience happening in reality.

We are in an age where The Law of Attraction folks and neuroscientists are essentially saying, and teaching, the same thing!

So, in order to make active imaginings as beneficial as possible, and develop the neurological pathways that support you in having the experience you desire, it is best to, as much as possible, have the first-hand experience, as a step in intentionally creating it.


This means that when you imagine living your dreams, it is in your best interest to imagine living them now, as a present moment experience that you are having right now.

In other words, imagine them NOT as something you witness yourself doing or feeling far off into the future, but right now in this very moment.

A Powerful 3-Part Dream Acceleration Formula For You:

1: How will the fulfillment of your dream(s) feel?  Feel it now.

2: Who are you in the process of becoming?  Be it now.

3: What is important for you to give attention to?  Do it now.

PLUS, Add Support To Make All The Difference:

Be powerfully supported in living your dreams – now!  

Submit your Dream Discovery Questionnaire answers today, and as my GIFT to you we’ll schedule a time to connect for a complimentary Dream Discovery tele-session. Together, we’ll connect one-to-one and explore the next steps that will serve YOU best. First come, first served!