Do you know what you really truly want for yourself?

As you build momentum around your deepest dreams and desires, it is SO important to surround yourself with what I refer to as a “Culture of Dreaming” – people who welcome, inspire, and support your dreams. The benefits of surrounding yourself with this kind of support are immeasurable.

Journaling or reflecting privately on your answers to some powerful or intriguing questions is wonderful. But what’s really ideal is having those answers be witnessed by others: people who believe in the wisdom and potential of your dreams and desires AND (even better) who also know how to help you make those dreams REAL.  

People on your Dream Team who will hold you accountable and help you get unstuck when you get stuck is something we can ALL benefit from. 

Nothing accelerates your process more than having the right support.

I invite you to consider these 5 questions and then share your answers:

  1. What is your primary intention for the next 6-12 months of your life?
  2. How do you want to feel?
  3. Based on the wisdom of your life experience so far, what do you know you DON’T want going forward?
  4. Dreaming forward, what would utterly delight you to have, do, be, or experience?
  5. How will you know when you’ve successfully fulfilled on this dream for yourself?

Go BIG here, because in order to follow your dreams, you absolutely need to leave your safe haven.  You must let go of reasoning that says that your past determines your present or your future!

When you expand into seeing new possibilities, the universe responds and a world of possibility will greet you. Allow yourself to SEE IT.

The more willing you are to step out into new territory and shift your expectation to find what you maybe haven’t thought was there to be found, the more likely you are to find it and get on the path to realize it. Do this and things can begin to shift fast!

Ready to actively BE someone who allows space in your mind, heart, and life for dreaming?

Are you willing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, believe in your own dreams and align yourself with the right support to make them real?

Are you willing to let go of the “I can’t” stories, be bold and pro-active, rather than passively allow your doubts to undermine or delay your success?

This is not to say that you won’t have doubts or that you need to deny or ignore your hesitations and concerns. But rather, it’s about engaging in the process and being willing to make gentle shifts toward that which will better serve you…and that which will increase your joy.  

It’s not important to remove all your doubts. What’s important is to step into and live inside of Possibility. It’s about nurturing your relationship with your dreams: giving them love and attention, and easing up on all the anxiety and doubts that may otherwise surround this relationship.

So, the task at hand is for YOU to:

  1. Intentionally connect with your heart’s deepest desires.
  2. Play and experiment with new ways of being.
  3. Expand your community of support.

You can totally do this, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Claim a free 1:1 session today – my GIFT to you – and together let’s determine the best strategy forward for you.

I look forward to connecting! 😊