Being willing to experiement in your life is, in large part, what makes life a rich, precious, and joyful adventure.

Making a conscious shift in your routine, even a slight one, can be a way to intentionally shake things up. While routine and consistent approaches can support efficiency and the learning of new skills … the down-side is that same-old-same-old-routines can become monotonous and detrimental, stifling your creative energy and impeding the spontaneity and fun that comes from the unexpected!

Those who give themselves the gift of new experiences gain new discoveries and opportunities for upleveling and expansion.

No special talents or degress are needed to start living the life of your dreams.  Having the willingness to try new things and be open to receiving on a new level makes a huge difference.

In truth, the only guarenteed way to NOT succeed, is to quit, to be unwilling to experiment, to take yourself out of the game.  All too often, people quit even before they start!

Don’t let this be YOU.


Celebrate EverythingBe willing to experiment with new levels of celebration in your life!

By consciously deciding to celebrate MORE, you’ll find that you e-x-p-a-n-d your capacity for joy (not to mention the ripple effect this will have in the lives of others)!

No matter how small a step you take, practice celebrating it – and YOU.  Give yourself a pat on the back. Celebrate the “little” things.  Celebrate where you ARE.

Do this regularly and watch your joy and success increase exponentially!  Celebration could be as simple as taking a deep breath of pure satisfaction, or it could mean throwing yourself a great big party…that part is up to you.

Celebration is not only fun, I believe it’s critical.  By taking the time to celebrate where you are and how far you’ve come, you will be that much more energized for the journey ahead!


For best results and ultimate success, keep at it!

If you commit to putting each and every step of The Dream Acceleration Process to work for you, you CAN fully realize and live what you dream of.

This I know, without a doubt.

Your Next Experimental Step:

Answer our 6 Dream Igniting Questions and as my GIFT to you, we’ll follow-up to schedule a time to connect for a complimentary Dream Discovery tele-session. It is my personal promise that you will leave our session with significantly more clarity and readiness than you came in with.