What in your life right now is asking YOU to take responsibility for it?

What is asking for your attention, yet for whatever reason, you haven’t been showing up and doing what’s needed?

Tangible results come when behavior and commitment align. Yet showing up from your dreams and taking action on those inner nudges isn’t always easy.  In fact, in the hustle and bustle of life and the endless to-do’s, it can feel downright impossible!  But, truth is: it’s not impossible. You just need a strategy that works.

And here it is: 5 simple steps for a focused, systematic, effective approach to create massive dream-propelling momentum, with a actionable pace you can totally manage.

If you sense it’s time …

  • to step up where you are being asked to up-level
  • to engage where you are being asked to transform
  • to be bold and visible where you are being ask to lead
  • to show up where you are being asked to serve

… then this article is for YOU.

Step 1: Choose Your Mindset

Your mindset sets the framework for the actions you will take. Choose your mindset consciously, now not later. Why? Well, because we always create from the present moment. The present moment is the point of creation. Not only is the present moment a powerful place to create from, it is the ONLY place to create from. So, start – right now.

From exactly where you ARE, it’s time to make a pivotal choice about which of these two mindsets you’ll adopt as the framework for your journey ahead:

A.) Mid-level Mindset:  I show up and take aligned action on behalf of my dreams when it’s convenient.

B.) Momentum Mindset: I show up and take aligned action on behalf of my dreams, no matter what.

Option B is obviously going to be what gets the best results. Don’t half-ass this step. Really honestly decide for yourself, which one is it going to be?

Step 2: Identify what’s draining your energy

What’s annoying you?  What’s bugging you? What’s currently robbing your precious dream energy?

Make a list of everything that is currently draining or out of alignment for you.

For example:

  • What busy-work occupies your time?
  • What clutter needs to be purged or areas need to be organized?
  • What clothes don’t fit or are out of season and just taking up space?
  • What relationships need attention?
  • What needs do you have that currently unmet?
  • Is there food in the house that isn’t supporting your health goals?
  • What bugs you … daily? weekly? monthly?

Create a great big, long list. For every item you write down, imagine saying: “I see you!” By bringing a heightened awareness to these things, they are officially on notice. Don’t try to solve each one as you go. Just make your list, shining light on what is currently draining your precious energy.

Step 3: Start with the easy ones

Identify one or two items from your list to take on as a way to start reclaiming some of your precious energy, starting with a few items that feel easy for you to eliminate.  By starting with the easy-to-handle items, you will quickly begin to free up energy to be better able to handle the “biggies” with greater ease. Small efforts to reclaim your energy add up!

Step 4: Determine next steps

Determine one next step you can do today, and one next step you can do this week, and a minimum of one next step that you can do every week for the next 4 weeks.

Next steps may involve asking someone else to do something. It might invoive clearing out and perhaps donating the things you no longer want or need. It could involve fixing things that are broken. It might involve setting-up autopay on your monthly bills, or simply taking a walk. Determine specific, challenging but doable next steps that you can take – today, this week, and over the next 4 weeks.

Step 5: Schedule action items on your calendar

For each of your next steps, timeblock WHEN you will take the action, and then let nothing stop you from fulfilling on doing the doing.  Honor your appointment like you would a doctor’s appointment or a promise to help someone you love.

You can do this.

Behavior reflects true commitment. With the combination of a Momentum Mindset and a solid plan, you’ll be on your way.  It’s about showing up and staying with it long enough to reap the rewards. It’s about being and becoming the YOU you are meant to be, now not later.

Go The Extra Step:

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