Knowing what you want is one thing.

Taking the action steps to create it, another.

And then actually RECIEVING it … this too is a step all it’s own. And one that can be harder to do than you’d think!

The #1 Misconception about Receiving is this: Receiving is often thought to be a passive step but in actuality, receiving is an ACTIVE step. In truth, there’s nothing passive about it.

This is because, on an energetic level, in order to receive what you desire, you have to align with and allow your vibration to be a match with what you desire. This is known as The Law of Allowing. It’s the principle of having no resistance to receiving what you desire. It means aligning your focus and perspective with allowing the Universe to deliver to you what you have declared you want.

Let’s take it one step further.

Something else that’s so important to understand about this Law: Energetically, you can’t receive and resist at the same time. It’s one or the other. In any given single moment, you are EITHER energetically in a space of receiving your dream OR you are in an energetic space of resisting your dream.

From an energetic standpoint, there is absolutely no gray here.

Perhaps you can relate to this: “Tara, I’ve identified my dreams, and I’ve been working and taking action steps, so why haven’t I realized what I want yet?”

The hard truth is that you can put heart, and time, and money, and energy, and clear intent into identifying what you want, and then put heart, and time, and money, and energy, and clear intent into taking action toward its realization … BUT if, you aren’t ready and willing to receive it and to really allow it in, you’ll be wondering if your dreams got somehow lost in the mail.

The good news: It doesn’t have to be this way!

Start now to strengthen your receiving “muscle”. 

Before you can expect to experience ease and grace in receiving your BIG DREAM, make sure you know how to receive a compliment. 

Grab a friend and do this fun, unique, and surprisingly powerful exercise:

4 Steps to Practice Receiving

  1. Stand with your feet firmly planted on the floor, open body position, arms by your side, palms facing forward. Take a deep breath.
  2. When you’re ready, give a cue to your friend (if possible have more than one person witness you at once), letting them know that you are ready to RECEIVE their compliments.
  3. Allow for at least 3-5 minutes of “receiving time”. (You may wish to set a timer.)
  4. For each and every compliment given, you are to reply simply: “I know.” (If you reply with anything other than “I know”, the compliment-giver is to repeat the compliment, giving you yet another chance to reply with simply “I know”.)

For the purposes of this exercise, saying “thank you” would be you giving a gift back to the person who is giving YOU a compliment. (We all know that gratitude is truly a gift!)


In the spirit of just receiving, reply with a simple “I know” to each and every compliment given – whether you fully agree with it or not.

Take the compliment IN. Know it for that moment.  This will likely feel awkward at first. Be with whatever arises for you and do your best. With practice, you’ll become more RECEPTIVE, and in the process, you’ll increase your readiness to receive *all* that you desire!

Will You Allow Yourself to Receive THIS?

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