Dreaming and doubt: they often go together. Like peanut butter and chocolate, tequila and lime, thunder and lightning. (You get the idea…) Dreaming and doubt are a common pair … not a *helpful* pair necessarily, but a common pair.

  • Are you, despite showing a brave face to the world, on an inner level, doubting your dreams left and right?
  • Do you doubt that your heart’s deepest dreams and desires are really possible and wonder if it’s all just a big silly pipe dream?

That part of YOU that doubts is what, at Create Your Life!, we like to refer to as: Your Inner Naysayer.  


A naysayer is anyone who puts down your dreams, anyone who tells you you can’t, or gives you all the reasons that what you want, just won’t work.

Naysayers can be other people … but, truth is, the most influencial naysayer is often your *own* doubting dreamer.

We all have an Inner Naysayer. Yet, what sets apart those who bring their dreams to life, and those who don’t, is how they way you respond to doubt.

 Here’s a golden tip: Doubt doubt

Doubt doubt. Take a deep breath and question the “wisdom” of your Inner Naysayer.

Doubt doubt. Silently respond with “thank you for sharing”, then move on with you day knowing that everyone – even your Inner Naysayer – is entitled to their opinion.

Doubt doubt.  Overrule it by starting immediately, taking one firm, clear, focused action step on behalf of your dream(s).

You are being called to summon your bravest Self and step out on behalf of your dreams as they evolve and expand and take shape in your mind and in the world.

Your dreams will thank you.

Just beyond your fear and doubt, extraordinary possibilities await you …

Take The Next Step:

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