You’ve likely heard it said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” This little quote has been showing up a lot for me lately.

Fiat, deskOne recent example of this is … I needed to move my desk. Rather than wait for another day when I could rent a van and have the help of others, I decided to figure out a way.

Awkward as it was … I walked (more like waddled) it to my car, and bit by bit managed to get it into my little Fiat as far as it would go (not very). I jury-rigged a rope around the front seat stretching around the legs of the desk, then got in, put on my hazard lights, and drove (all while feeling rather proud of myself, I might add).

My little “Desk in Fiat” adventure got me thinking about YOU … and about dreaming, BIG and BOLD.

It got me thinking about what it takes to do extraordinary, even seemingly “impossible” things, in your life. Whether it’s meeting a fitness goal, or building a business, or traveling, or moving to a new place, or changing careers, or finding love, learning how to parasail, or whatever the heck makes your heart flutter at the thought of…

While I’m guessing fitting a desk in a Fiat probably isn’t on that list for you, there’s wisdom to be had here … about what it REALLY takes to make things happen – the things that most people say can’t be done.

It’s about BEING someone that does it anyway, successfully, no matter how many attempts it takes – in a despite-the-odds, outside-the-box, because-I-simply-don’t-accept-that-I-can’t way. 

If you want something to happen, you’ve got to first convince yourself that it IS possible. This is critical. So rather than spending your precious energy on doubt, you instead can focus your energy and attention on figuring out HOW.

Once you decide to show up as someone who, rather than saying “I can’t”, boldly asks “How can I…?”, then rolls up your sleeves, and is willing to waddle if you have to … trusting yourself enough to figure it out as you go …

Well, what I know to be true is that THAT’S the stuff that dreams are *truly* made of.

Are YOU ready to stop putting your dreams off until “someday” and find a way, today?  If so, I whole-heartedly invite you to click here and claim a complimentary 1:1 session with moi – my personal GIFT to YOU.

Similar in spirit to fitting a desk in a Fiat, we’ll find a time in each of our schedules and we’ll make it fit.   🙂

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,