Joy to you!

Through a personal share here, I want to shine light on something very important: a Pivotal Dream Acceleration Strategy that applies no matter what you’re dreaming about or aspiring to create in your life.
Last night I went to a Spin Class, on purpose. I say that because I never would have done this a few years ago – well, not happily. I now go once a week, sometimes twice, and love every minute of it.
I also dance like my life depends on it, care-free and sweating it out on a salsa dance floor for a solid 2-3 hours/night, at least 2 nights a week (sometimes 4). And once a week, I do a quick and dirty CrossFit workout. When given the option, I take the stairs. When there’s a drum circle, I dance. I go for hikes, I stretch, I move my body … often, and for one primary reason: because it feels good.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always been this way.
Ugh, how I used to DREAD exercise! When I did it (because I knew I “should”), I used to watch the clock and couldn’t wait for it to be over. I suffered through it. I felt fat and weak and was frighteningly aware of all the ways I felt I was falling short of where I wanted to be – with my body, my fitness, my sense of self.
In my mind’s eye I saw a picture of my highest and best self, all while also seeing with my own eyes all the ways I wasn’t fully embodying that.
Tara in blueI know what it feels like to cry quietly in a dressing room and I know the angst of dressing in the morning when nothing quite fits the way you want… I remember this well, but thankfully it is no longer my experience.In my coaching work with my clients, and in my kick-ass Dream Acceleration Program™ (details at, one of the many topics we give focus to is the extraordinary Power of Language to create your life and create transformation. 
This one strategy has been truly pivotal for me in the transformation of my relationship with my body and with exercise.
Here’s HOW:
One day, I decided to Exorcise Exercise (and all it’s associations, goals, expectations, formalities, weight-loss ideals, comparisons, failures, and “shoulds”…) and on that day, a huge weight was released.
I decided, I do NOT exercise. I decided that it sounded *way* too much like “exorcise” to be fun, and that instead I would embrace that I simply *Move In The World*.
Moving In The World gave me the permission I needed to move for the sake of moving, to enjoy it, to challenge myself, to go outside, to a salsa lesson, a dance club, the woods …
I started to embrace and to see the WORLD as my gym and my BODY as my home.  
This changed everything for me.
Since then, a lot has happened: I’ve learned to hold my own on a Latin dance floor, I did a solid year of CrossFit, I learned about and have experimented with the right nutrition for me, I “cheat” without anxiety, I turned 40, and I am of course, absolutely still on the journey, one day at a time.
But shifting the language in my head from ‘Exercise’ to ‘Moving in the World’ was a pivotal first step and pivotal turning point. So, I thought I’d share it … and invite you to share it as well, in hopes that it will serve you to Exorcise Exercise and join in a ‘Moving in the World’ Movement (pun intended).
“Dream realization is really about self-actualization.”  You can quote me on that.
Here’s the thing:
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I look forward to connecting!
To the dance of life,
Dream Acceleration Master Coach & Founder of Create Your Life!