Celebrating the success of my clients is one of my most “favorite-est” things to do!!  🙂 Here are a few successes I can’t resist shouting from this virtual rooftop:

==> After just *one month* of private coaching together, an artist client of mine has gone from having 0 commissioned works on her docket, to EIGHT … and counting!! (I don’t buy that all-too-common “starving artist” story, not one bit. Going from scarcity stories to a brand new reality, rooted in beliefs about abundance and possibility is how we roll here.)

==> Another got her first speaking opportunity and turned it into 8 follow-up connections with prospects eager for her services. (Woot!)

==> Another rolled up her sleeves and got to work, creating a dramatic transformation in the “home office” that had become a dumping/storage space … returning it to order and setting herself up to breathe new life into an old business. (Magic in the making.)

==> Another released 36lbs over the last few months, and is doing more of what she loves: getting paid to play games. (Yep!)

==> Last but not least, a single mom and business owner now has a solidly doable plan that includes $240k in revenue *and* 2+ months of international leisure travel in the new year.

…. Some would say these things are impossible. Ha!

My clients make the “impossible” real on a regular basis.

Want to be the next success story?? 

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