A quick question for you… Looking back on this past year, was there a theme to the year for you? After doing my own Year-In-Review reflection, it became clear that ‘moving’ was definitely a theme. I’ve deemed it My Year of Movement.

  • I moved from Rhode Island to Virginia.
  • I “moved” into a new decade, turning 40 in July.
  • I “moved in the world” (what others might call exercise) on a regular basis, with salsa clubs becoming a second home.
  • I moved a lot of “stuff”, purging, streamlining, organizing, and getting rid of a significant amount of things that I no longer needed. (Streamlining my home and minimizing possessions is something I’ll be continuing to give focus to in the new year, but in 2015 I made significant strides in this area.)
  • And, this year, I’ve beendeeply moved …. living from my heart more than ever, trusting and honoring it’s wisdom with a new-level of confidence…

So, how about you? What theme captures the summation of the closing year for you? And: How will you allow this energy to support and propel your goals and dreams for the year ahead?

To support this, here are some key tips for how to make & keep your Resolutions in the coming year:

While statistics show that most people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions, you can beat the odds. Of course you can make resolutions for change any time of year, but the New Year brings a fresh new-start energy and momentum that invites change. Surf this wave!

Set Your Intentions Making a successful resolution begins with your frame of mind. How do you want this year to be different from last year? What changes would you like to see? What is your heart longing for more of, or less of? This isn’t a dress rehearsal – it’s your life. What do you really want to experience? Write it down. Then…

Activate the Power of Decision Be specific about what you are setting out to accomplish. *Getting clear on how you will know when you have fully achieved your intention or resolution is key to success.* Too often people sabotage their goals and dreams by being vague about what they are looking to create or achieve. Be specific at the start about what success will look like for you and you’ll know with clarity when it’s time to celebrate! Determining your end point at the start is a gift you give to yourself.

Answer “Why?” Before taking action on your resolution, get clear on what is at the heart of your motivation. Check in to be sure it’s not a “should” or something someone else wants for you. Why do YOU want this? By getting clear on your “why” at the start, in the event that you do get off track, you’ll be able to quickly reconnect to your resolution fuel. When supporting a client in creating a solid goal-setting plan, we walk through what I call The Create Your Life! Why Wonder Process™, which includes completing these 3 sentences to activate authentic motivation:

    1. This year I will _____________ because …
    2. When I successfully accomplish this, I will …
    3. If I give up or don’t follow through, I will …

Grab a journal and be as honest as possible in your replies.

Active the Power of Declaration This is about making a commitment. Once you’ve decided what your resolution is, say it out loud – to yourself and to other people. While we all have our lone ranger tendencies, the right support makes all the difference. By sharing your resolutions with others, you create accountability to stay on track so that you are successful this year.

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May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Tara Sage Steeves