Valentine’s day is here – a great time to deepen your love in a very personal and intimate relationship … the relationship you have with your dreams and desires.

There’s a big hairy misconception about dream realization that all too often undermines the health of this relationship, effectively sabotaging the fulfillment of your dreams and the creation of a life you L-O-V-E.  

This big hairy misconception is rooted in the False Belief that: 

“My relationship with my dreams begin later because … my dream isn’t here yet.”

To demonstrate this, hold in your mind something you really, really want – something that you have been dreaming of. It could be anything, so for right now, choose something to hold in your awareness.

Got it? Good. 

Now let’s talk relationships.

HeartIn your relationships with other people, you ideally want to feel cared for, loved, heard, respected, trusted, supported, appreciated and understood, right? Of course you do! Feeling these things in relationships feels gooood.

Ok. So now, I want you to imagine … switching places with your dream. (Yes, you read that right.) Imagine, being your dream in a relationship with YOU.

In other words, put yourself in your dream’s shoes and imagine what it might feel like to be a dream of yours in a relationship with YOU.

==> BE the book that hasn’t been written yet, or the painting that hasn’t been painted yet.

==> BE the business or offering that hasn’t been launched yet.

==> BE the fitness milestone or the travel adventure that hasn’t been lived yet.

==> BE the home that hasn’t been bought yet.  (You get the idea…)

Be it, and feel what it feels.  

Check in:

  • Does your dream feel loved and appreciated?
  • Does your dream feel nurtured and cared for?
  • Does your dream feel really tired of hearing why it won’t work or why it’s impossible or unrealistic? Or why it’s just not the right time? Or why it’s not big enough, or clear enough, or fancy enough to be given any real attention?
  • How does your dream feel about YOU?

(This exercise is not intended to make you feel bad, but to make a really important point and to raise your awareness about the fact that you are absolutely in a relationship with your dreams — right now.  And that it’s a relationship that always has room for more LOVE.)

Honesty can only serve you here: How would you describe your current relationship with your dream?

The clearer you get on your CURRENT relationship to your dream or dreams, the greater awareness you will have to take your relationship to the next level!  

So, for starters, rather than hide it, or keep it private, or in the shadows, treating it like a relationship with someone you’re not ready to hold hands with in public … why not share and declare your relationship status proudly!

Here are some ways to deepen your love today:

  • Talk nice both TO your dreams, and ABOUT your dreams.
  • Let your dream know how much you love and appreciate it.
  • Tell your dream that it can expect to receive regular attention from you from now on.
  • Share how important your dream is to you.
  • Be grateful for the ways your dream challenges and inspires you.
  • Remind your dream that you are absolutely in this together.
  • Assure your dream that you believe in, and even cherish, it.

This is a key topic that we explore at a much deeper level through the Create Your Life! Dream Acceleration™ Program, about deepening your relationships – to your dreams, to your energy, to your Dream Team … because it makes such a HUGE difference!

That said, while it can absolutely and understandably be intimidating to look at and embrace your dreams in a new way, know that you are on a beautiful, expansive, unfolding journey of limitless love and possibilities.  

So by showing up bravely, owning your part and consciously giving your relationship loving attention and the nourishment it needs to grow and evolve … you’ll see it blossom before your very eyes!

Are YOU ready to give your dream(s) some serious love? 

Show your dream some serious L-O-V-E by making a date with ME, your in-house Dream Acceleration Master Coach!  Transform your relationship with your dream for more abundance, well-being, fun, and freedom in your life. Show your dream how much it really means to you by making an appointment on its behalf.  

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Do it for your dreams, especially the ones that you currently think are impossible.  They’ll thank you later.

This love relationship is ready and eager to show up for you, but YOU need to make the first move.

You’ve got this. 

From my heart to yours – big love,

Tara Sage Steeves