There was a time when I was *very* (an understatement) resistant to structure.

But now I L-O-V-E it. Here’s why:

As a creative, I understand in a visceral first-hand way, how the relationship with ‘structure’ can trigger some HIGH DRAMA and HIGH OCTANE FEAR …

Fear about being trapped, or locked in,
fear about having to shrink to fit in it,
fear about being limited by it,
fear about creativity being stifled,
fear that my Soul will be smothered…
I seriously thought structure might be the death of me.
If you feel any degree of this, trust me, I get it.

But I l-o-v-e it now because I came to understand a Key Distinction that really is so so important: Structure vs. Rigidity….

Structure is like a bowl, it holds the space.
Structure, like your skeletal system, allows you to stand.
Structure, like the foundation of a house, supports building a new level.
*Structure SUPPORTS creativity.* (Big time.)

Yet all too often, rigidity and structure are mistaken for one another, despite the fact that they are worlds apart:

Rigidity prevents freedom.
Structure support it.
Rigidity prevents movement.
Structure allows and supports it.
Rigidity resists progress or change.
Structure supports it.
Rigidity narrows options.
Structure supports expansion, creation, and growth.
Rigidity is soul-deadening.
Structure holds the space for an awakening to a new level of truth and possibilities…

Once I “got” this. I was able to create in my life on a whole new level. And I was also able to support my clients on a whole new level. I literally couldn’t have created a business that has sustained since 2004 and served 1000s, across 4 continents…

It simply couldn’t have happened without a shift in my relationship with STRUCTURE.

Once I “got” this, one thing I was then able to create, straight from my heart, with uber-intentional design, was the Dream Acceleration™ Program ( … it was built entirely on the STRUCTURE of my 9 step Dream Acceleration™ Process … and it’s what has allowed me to coach clients around the world to create awesome results, by providing them with just the right amount of “holding”, the laser-focused tools and support for a strong “foundation”, and the steady, step-by-step, action-oriented, accelerated, move-forward momentum that’s needed … all while “standing tall”.

I’d love to hear from YOU (yes, you): How do you feel about structure? How does structure support you? How could welcoming more structure support you in accelerated success in creating those things that you currently dream of?