Cherry Blossoms

“When the last group call came to a close, I had a lump in my throat.” 

“Today, I want to reveal a bit more to you because I believe it’s so important to pull back the curtain and be transparent about what’s been happening behind the scenes of this change.”

Joy to you!

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom here in Washington, DC, and with Spring in the air, new beginnings are blossoming. I recently shared the bitter-sweet close of the last of my 8-week, group, Dream Acceleration Program™ (1.0) … AND – I also mentioned the launch of my brand NEW, proud-to-put-my-name-on-it, 6-month, *private support*, Dream Acceleration Program™ 2.0

Today, I want to reveal a bit more to you because I believe it’s so important to pull back the curtain and be transparent about what’s been happening behind the scenes of this change.

So much had to shift – logistically of course – but first things had to shift in my mind and in my heart.  In order for the wheels to be put in motion, making the actual transition from my oldy-but-goody standby program, to a completely revamped, rich with new content and high-level private support program, with a FULL 6-months of 2.0 goodness … I had to let go of the old.

When the last group call came to a close, I had a lump in my throat. It marked the end of an era for Create Your Life! – an exciting milestone, and at the same time, a hurdle, for me and my team. Like any “end”, I’m sure you can understand that after working together and delivering our 8-week group program intensive experience a whopping 16 TIMES(!) over the years, serving hundreds of folks, spanning 4 continents … the end of the way we’ve been doing it felt really significant.

And let’s be honest, we *could’ve* kept going, business as usual…. BUT, I just really sensed that it was time to do things differently.

Tara Sage SteevesAfter more than 11 years in the coaching biz, I’ve seen the industry change A LOT, and I couldn’t help but notice that the content-rich-ness of the Dream Acceleration Program™ which had historically been received by clients with excitement, gratitude, and bring-it-on energy, started to change.

More and more, I was hearing clients feeling overwhelmed.  

It went from “bring it on” to “please slow down” … and more and more clients were asking for private coaching support to supplement the program, feeling like they needed it in order to focus in, and fully implement, all of the juicy content they were receiving.

I believe ‘The Information Age’ has officially shifted into ‘The Information Overwhelm Age’. With multi-tasking as the new norm, more than ever, personalized, customized, focused support is required in order to fully IMPLEMENT the information. That’s the truth, for better or for worse. That’s the need, and it’s a need I want to meet.

And just being honest, I definitely didn’t like knowing that all the awesome life-changing “best of” content that I put my heart, soul, and years of study into creating, was just sitting on people’s computer … waiting for “someday”!  

Yikes! This was definitely NOT ok with me!  

It doesn’t take being a professional Life Coach for 11+ years to know that information without implementation doesn’t create results, no matter how good the information is…

But here’s where I got stuck:

One of the advantages of my offering the program as a GROUP program was the ability to leverage my time, serving many at once all while being able to keep payments at about $200/mo. (I do this simply because I want the material to be accessible to as many people as possible.)

A dilemma. How can I provide top-notch life-changing content, while also providing clients with the personalized support needed to quickly and powerfully implement the material into their life … all while still keeping costs low?  [head scratch]

After rolling things around for several weeks, believing there HAD to be a way to successfully do ALL of this, I finally got it!  And to toot my own horn here for a moment … I gotta say …. it’s gooood … !! 

I am so proud to introduce you to (drumroll…..) The Dream Acceleration Program 2.0!!

Be it for YOU, or for someone you know and love: If you are tired of the status quo and longing to Create Your Life for a new level of freedom, empowerment, joy, contribution and FUN, and you know in your heart-of-hearts that there has GOT to be a better way …

Please, have a look at this awesomeness, ok?

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Tara Sage Steeves

Dream Acceleration Master Coach &
Founder of Create Your Life!