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I want you to know about something very special – my friend and Purpose and Success Coach, Stacey Curnow, hosted a completely FREE online event: The Path to Your Purpose: A 10-Part Mastery Series Based on The Heroine’s Journey.  In it, I gave a special talk about Crossing The Fear Threshold.  LISTEN NOW to the recording

The Heroine’s Journey

Upon reaching the threshold of any adventure, a heroine must undergo some sort of ordeal in order to pass from the everyday world into the world of adventure. This trial may be as painless as entering a dark cave or as violent as being swallowed up by a whale. The important feature is the contrast between the familiar world of light, and the dark, unknown world of adventure.

In other words, you must Cross the Fear Threshold!

In this special summit, I shared exactly how to do that, despite the odds.

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In Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero With A Thousand Faces, he communicated the idea that heroes in most mythological adventures follow a sort of formula represented in these rites of passage: separation–initiation–return. (Think Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, or any great story that has stood the test of time.)

As women, and of course – regardless of gender – as human beings, I believe we’re all protagonists in our own Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey and we can all benefit from help.  It’s my honor to support you in navigating yours

Here is just a small sample of what you’ll discover when you listen:

  • How do you discern a fake fear? 
  • On this journey, what do you absolutely need to know?
  • What is the Fear Domino Effect and how do you successfully rise above its insidious cycle?
  • What are the barriers that prevent you from receiving the gifts the journey has to offer and how to overcome them?

Listen now! You’ll be so glad you did.

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Tara Sage Steeves