As I sit down to write this, I’m just back from a kick-ass leg workout that included:

  • 30 weighted step ups
  • 15 bench jumps
  • 20 kettlebell crab walk (side-to-side squats)
  • 20 split jumps (squats after jumping up onto, in my case, a tree stump)
  • 15 burpee bench jumps (as if burpees aren’t enough, a bench jump after each burpee)
  • 15 kettlebell squats + overhead press (squatting while holding kettlebell, then pushing the kettlebell over head)
  • 24 180-degree jump squats
  • 30 X-jumps (jumping jacks meets squats meets twist to touch your toes = hard)

And this was just round one — of two!  Challenging (obviously) – but damn it, I did it. With 5 minutes or so for stretching at the end, the entire workout took me about 35 minutes. It’s all part of a $20/month app program I use from my phone, called Sweat. Each week builds on the last.

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This app is easy to use from wherever I am, no excuses. I do not have (nor do I need) a gym membership. I have everything I need on the road: a yoga mat, two 8-pound weights, a 25-pound kettlebell, and sneaker – all of which is stored in our RV. More often than not, a picnic table serves as my bench/step up. (If we’re at an RV site with a picnic table, I use that one. Otherwise, I find one at a nearby public park. And as I shared above, sometimes a tree trunk comes in handy too.) Thanks to this program, I essentially have a fitness trainer in my pocket — instructing me on exactly what to do for each workout.


Using this app, which is one of many fitness apps out there, I’ve managed to do all of the exercises without stepping foot in a gym. As a full-time nomad and RVer, this helps me stay in shape, challenging me to increase my strength and stamina, one workout and one week at a time.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m also a bit of a salsa dancing addict. Nomadic fitness has officially become my reality. Now, not only do my partner and I find the local hot spots for salsa dancing wherever we are (we met on a salsa dance floor), but I also get my strength-training workouts in.


As I write this, I’m in my 40s, and I unquestionably plan on having a long, healthy, agile, active life. I strive to always make fitness a no-excuses, no BS, non-negotiable part of daily life.

With this exercise, my dog, Cosmo, helped.  😉


“Burpees are my friend. I love burpees.” This is my burpee mantra, and believe it or not, at times these words even feel true! Broad jump burpees are, honest to God, my favorite. I think they’re fun. I know, weird, right?

Fitness is obviously just one aspect of living on the road.

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So, I’d love to know: what’s YOUR fitness routine? What keeps you motivated and committed to showing up for your workouts?

To the journey,


Tara Sage

Master Coach, Location-independent boss lady, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro