I get asked this question – a lot. 

Here’s the skinny:

There are several mail sorting, scanning, and forwarding services out there – Escapees Club, MyRVMail, and Traveling Mailbox are a few examples.

I do not, however, use any of them.

My strategy has been, first, to go paperless with as much of my mail as possible (all of my banking and bill paying is done online, I cancelled magazine subscriptions, etc.).

Any remaining mail is sent to a family member’s address (my domicile) who, once a month, sends it in one of the pre-paid Priority Mail envelopes I supplied her with, and addresses it to wherever I happen to be at that time.  It’s also where I’m registered to vote, have a driver’s license, pay taxes, etc.

As a business owner, another step I took was to authorize any mail sent to me from the IRS, to also be sent to my CPA. (If this interests you, contact the IRS for the necessary paperwork to set this up.)

That’s it. Pretty simple stuff.  

I’ll also add here that Amazon ships to Amazon Lockers, making ordering things online (and picking them up) super easy as well.

How to get your mail is just ONE of so many important questions you need answers to before hitting the road. 

Living a nomadic lifestyle is a dream that many share, yet so few actually DO it because fears about the unknown and all the “what ifs” that pop to mind too often stop the dream in its tracks.  

Lord knows, spending endless hours googling questions certainly isn’t the fastest or easiest way to get road-ready for all things logistical, mechanical, lifestyle, and social either! 🙅‍♀️

Want to learn how to make this dream real and live nomadically – for a month, a season, a year, or forever?

The trick to go from THINKING about it to DOING it is not to get overwhelmed researching, digging, and following a bread-crumb trail of information.

In fact, that usually ends up just endlessly postponing the date of the adventure!

Sure, you could spend weeks or months gathering information, watching travel YouTubers, and ending up on the 14th page of search results for “ultimate packing lists” and “RV mechanics” for the 14th time…


Fast-track a freedom-based lifestyle and skip the (costly) rookie mistakes by getting everything you need – ALL IN ONE PLACE – with Nomadic Living 101.

This course offers 8 value-packed modules:

👉 Downsizing and prepping for the transition
👉 Financing nomad life with budget-friendly living
👉 Food, fitness, and relationship tips for the road
👉 All things logistical and mechanical
👉 Selecting the perfect RV
👉 Space-saving tips to maximize space
👉 A process for managing fear and jitters
👉 How to hit the road with intention, excitement, and clarity

💥 PLUS: A bonus Q&A session to answer all of the “what if” questions!

In this course, we share ALL — mechanics, must haves, all things related to preparing for your journey … and we also share our personal experience, our knowledge, our process, our detours, our lessons learned, and full-disclosure tips and discoveries about what it really takes to make this awesome lifestyle work for you.  

Eager for the adventure of a lifetime?

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To the journey,

Tara Sage
Master Coach, Location-independent boss lady, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro.