Why invest in the Nomadic Living 101 program?

Nomadic Living 101 puts you on the fast-track to living this dream – your way. We don’t just give you information, we provide an education. And with our cost-cutting strategies and tips, the program pays for itself.

5 Terrific Reasons to Register for Nomadic Living 101:

1.) No question will go unanswered.

In Nomadic Living 101, Carl and I become your personal consultants, backed by our personal guarantee: No question will go unanswered.  If after going through the program, you still have related questions that we have NOT answered, contact us directly and we will personally ensure you get your answers. We will coach you through it, 100% customizing to your needs. Good stuff, right? YouTube videos won’t have a conversation with you, and people on forums don’t always provide the right or the best info. In Nomadic Living 101, we answer all the questions we know you have (because we had them too) AND  we answer all the questions you don’t know to ask (because, well, it’s sure hard to find answers to questions that you don’t know you don’t know, right?). It gives you the strong foundation you need. We will personally help you get to the bottom of any lingering questions you may have.

2.) There’s an *enormous* difference between a cost and an investment. A cost is an expenditure. An investment pays for itself and holds the promise of return. If by investing $397 for Nomadic Living 101, it prevents you from making common (expensive!) rookie mistakes and it helps you be in-the-know on cost-saving strategies and tips that help you save thousands over time, would it be worth it? Obviously! The sooner you invest, the better off you’ll be.

3.) 10 Things RV Dealerships Don’t Tell You…

I wrote a book about it: 10 Things RV dealerships Don’t Tell You About Nomadic Living (not because they’re mean or intentionally holding out on you, but because it’s simply not their expertise). Loaded with tips, tricks, insights, and the inside scoop on what RV dealerships don’t tell you about Nomadic Living, this book is sure to get your wheels turning!  Carl and I are thrilled to provide this information directly to YOU (*available for download here*) and everything you need to know about Nomadic Living through our program. Only people who are actively doing it should be advising others on how to do it.

4.) One-stop shopping.

We’re not saying that the information we share in this program doesn’t exist scattered about on the Internet. (I mean really, what can’t be found there?) But, rather than search, and dig, and research, and spend hours upon hours following a bread-crumb trail of information gathering, getting more information than you need on some topics and not enough on others … we are your one-stop shopping resource for EVERYTHING you need to know about nomadic living – and nothing you don’t. As stated above: we don’t just give you information, we provide an education. It’s all about laser-focus and expedited results. Nomadic Living 101 is the fast-track to getting you on the road, be it for a month, a season, a year, or forever.

5.) Our ONLY agenda is to get you on the road.

Unlike RV dealerships, who are obviously there to sell you RVs, and unlike nomad lifestyle YouTube-ers who typically earn affiliate marketing commission on the products they promote through their channel (things that may or may not be right for your specific needs) … our ONLY singular agenda and mission is to help YOU get on the road. Our one-track focus is to provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and tools to live it – and, do it in a way that fits your unique style, preferences, and needs. In the words of Frank Sinatra, to do it yoooour waaaaaay.

In our comprehensive 8 module Nomadic Living 101 course, we pull back the curtain on EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about nomadic RV life.

Click here for details and to regiser. Let’s get you road-ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Here’s a sneak peek at some video clips from the program: