The closing months of the year are the perfect time to map out your goals, dreams, and plans for the coming year.

Real talk:

Goal setting, by itself, doesn’t work. Your goals and intentions MUST be paired with an ongoing, consistent, aligned, action plan – a way to stay in momentum with the intentions you’re setting out to accomplish and create.

I am currently offering a limited number of 3-hour Intensive Planning Sessions to get YOU on course for this year to truly be your best, most joy-filled, most delightful and successful year ever.

Together we will roll up our sleeves with a reflective, insightful Year-in-Review assessment of the past 12 months (what went well, what didn’t go so well, what didn’t actualize that you truly still want, what didn’t actualize because you simply never really wanted it … ), AND we will create a personalized action plan, customized to fit exactly your needs and priorities, so you have a custom-designed road map to stay consistent, and on course, one week at a time. This is how you create the kind of traction and momentum that really makes ALL the difference.

I’ve been doing this as a personal practice for more than a decade and I have been coaching others to do this for more than a decade. For 3 solid hours you will have my undivided focus and attention for the sole purpose of supporting YOU in fulfilling your life-by-design definition of success.

And I’ll record it for you and send it to you so you have it as a reference throughout the year!

Ready to set yourself up in a way that creates real results?

Let’s do this thing.

I am making only a few spots available for a special 3-hour *recorded* (so you can go back and listen later – invaluable!) NEW YEAR PLANNING SESSION. You will be amazed what can happen over the course of 3-hours together.

It would be my true pleasure to serve YOU in this way. Email me right away [Subject: NEW YEAR PLANNING SESSION] for more information and to schedule this offer at

Priced at just $597, these will go fast! Don’t wait for the busyness of the holidays to come and go to start planning for the new year! Go into the new year with grace and confidence. Make this YOUR best year ever.

Get in touch today and give yourself this gift … Contact me directly [Subject: NEW YEAR PLANNING SESSION]

I truly look forward to serving YOU! 

To your success,

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,


Tara Sage

Helping people live their dreams since 2004.