Let’s start with this basic truth:

If your life is out of alignment with what’s truly important to you, it’s always going to feel icky.

Check in with yourself.

==> Are YOU feeling angst about an endless list of “to dos”? 

==> Do you own a bunch of “stuff”, much of which does nothing for your soul?

==> Ever feel like you’re caught in a status quo race to a finish line your heart really isn’t in?

If you see yourself in any of this, it can be hard to let yourself see it. It can be scary to admit.  But, trite as it may sound, only the truth can set you free.

It’s time to be really honest with yourself.

No, you’re not alone … though there’s no real comfort in that. Knowing that others also feel “icky”, does not help you one bit.

*** Let’s do far better than that. ****

Because until this changes, you’re never going to experience the true freedom that life has to offer.  And it’s never too late to start. 

Take this a little quiz:

Which of the following best describes YOUR personal philosophy?

1. Resourcefulness and efficiency rule.
2. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
3. Bigger is always better.
4. Luxury at all costs.

In our comprehensive Nomadic Living 101 Program, we include this question in our Module 5 assessment. It’s just one of the tools we use to help our members get clear on which of the following is their number one priority: Affordability, Versatility, Simplicity or Luxury.

Module 5 is titled ‘Wheel Estate: Selecting the RV that’s Right for You’ … and choosing an RV isn’t unlike other life decisions. Like everything, selecting an RV can be done in a way that’s aligned with your priorities, or it can be done in a way that’s misaligned with your priorities.

Unlike an RV dealership, we are not here to sell you an RV.  

Our sole intention is to help you hit the road, and to do so in the most aligned, sustainable, fun way – for YOU.

It’s all about learning what you need to learn, and finding what’s right for you.

This is a journey that applies both on and off the road. We help you figure this out.  It all starts with clarifying your true priorities. 

Once you’re crystal clear on your priorities, make aligned decisions, and take aligned action to support those decision … life rapidly gets better.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? Not necessarily.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s all about getting to the bottom of what’s best for you, what’s true for you, what’s unique to you, and setting yourself up with the support that is going to best help you create this, ASAP.

This is what we help you do. 

It’s about doing life your way, owning what’s truly important to you, and putting the wheels in motion (get it? 🙂 ) to create and live a life you love so much you’ll never need a vacation.

So, how does YOUR life reflect your personal philosophy?

Which areas of your life do you recognize are out of alignment with your personal philosophy?
What changes do you see need to be made to live your truth, your way, every minute of every day?

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