Are you feeling lost or frustrated wondering what happened to your dreams and aspirations? Are you yearning to reconnect with them and re-discover who you truly are? Ready to take those dreams down off that dusty hard to reach shelf, brush them off, and get to know them anew? 

This simple powerful visualization exercise will help you reconnect with your dreams:

Take a quiet moment. Pause, for juuuust a quick moment and take a few breaths. Connect to that place inside you where your deepest dreams and desires reside, where your imagination speaks. Have a peek. Have a listen.

Journey in and lock eyes for a single delicious moment with a longing that is palpable within you.

It’s there. It’s always there, waiting for you to pay attention.

The real dreams don’t go away. They wait. 

Hold in your mind’s eye a vision of what makes YOUR heart skip a beat and turns up the brightness on the light from within.

Set aside needing to know HOW to make it happen – for now. Resist “the how hole”.

Just let yourself see it, know it, and want it.

Remind yourself that within our vast Universe of Possibility, you couldn’t even dream your dream if it was utterly impossible.

Believe in it, even and especially if you have no freakin’ clue how to make it so.

Whenever you choose, you can go right back to being skeptical, jaded, and overwhelmed.

But, first – like a sexy soul who catches your eye from across a room, for a sliiiiight moment longer than is comfortable … hold your gaze with what you want.

Let it know that you SEE it – that you know it’s there, here, with you.

Give it a fist bump, or a flirty wink of acknowledgement.

Assure it that while it might be a secret to others, it is no secret to you.

Let it know that its whispers aren’t falling on deaf ears. Say “thank you” for all the ways it nudges you to grow and realize the truth of what you’re capable of.

Thank it for challenging you to be a bigger bolder full-expression version of yourself.

Give a wisdom-filled nod, one that knows dream realization is really about self-actualization.

If the grandeur of your boundless potential makes you blush, then blush!

And breath.  And keep imagining the possibilities for your life.

Your dream wants to connect with you. It’s delighted and eager to connect with YOU.

It’s time to give it some serious love.

Give it because you don’t want it to feel neglected … that’s just the kind of person you are.

And give it because, when you do, YOUR life is enriched! Your life gets easier, more exciting, more fun-filled, more delightful. You are eager to get-up-and-out-of-bed in the morning.

Remind yourself that it’s okay for life to be easier and a whole lot more fun.

Good job.

Share in the comments below, how does that feel?  How was it for you to connect with your dream?

The next step, obviously, is to make that dream REAL.  It’s one thing to connect with it, and now that you’re feeling that love and connection, the next step is to make it happen.

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I truly can’t wait to help you bring your dreams to life!

Big love, 

Tara Sage


Helping people live their dreams since 2004

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