If you could script your life to be unreasonably phenomenal, how would it go?

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Hey there, it’s Tara Sage of tarasagecoaching.com!

I’ve been helping people live their dreams since 2004, and today I have some really juicy information to share with you in the spirit of helping YOU create a life you love so freakin’ much you don’t need a vacation from it, a life that inspires you to eagerly get up and out of bed in the morning.

Welcome and thanks for joining me here! I’m so glad YOU are here. I absolutely believe it is not a coincidence that we are connecting right now. You have absolutely found your way here for a reason, following that inner nudge saying “there’s something here for me”….

So, from my heart to yours, the first thing I want to say to you, is this: Your dreams are my dreams. I want for you, what YOU want for you. And I want it for you as FAST as possible.

I truly believe that whatever it is that you want for yourself, that you wouldn’t even be able to conceive of it if the Universe couldn’t provide it for you. And there is nothing I love more than helping people surprise themselves.

In this video series, I am so excited to share with you: 9 Simple Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Your Dreams. These strategies are a MUST no matter what your dreams are.

I am not here to talk at you. I really want to support you in, first, approaching the dreaming process from a place of possibility, starting right now, from exactly where you ARE. And starting now means engaging now.

This is about YOU being in motion and starting to really engage with the process, applying these 9 Simple Dream Acceleration Strategies, the first of which I will be share with you here today. And then, stay tuned as the other 8 Strategies follow in the video series, ok?

Something to know about me (that maybe you’ve already noticed) is that I’m playful. But when it comes to YOU realizing your dreams and manifesting those horizons, I am absolutely not playin’….

This is really important. This is your LIFE. It’s time to take a deep breath, and honor that inner nudge by engaging fully!

So get out your notebook and allow yourself to shift gears from whatever multi-tasking you might be doing so that you can receive all that is here for you to receive.

It’s one thing to show up and watch and be a spectator, and it’s another thing to apply what you learn and engage with the process so that you can LIVE this in your life.  I’m sharing it with you because I want you to APPLY it and live it, so pay attention, ok?

Diving right in, I’ll start with this: The Universe responds to clarity of intent. I want you to write that down. You have an opportunity, right here, right now, to set some intentions. Setting intentions is a powerful way to pre-pave your path. Do this and your dreams really will thank you!

Really tune in to what brings you here. Dig deep. What had you say “yes” or sensing there’s something here for you to learn and to be inspired by? What do you want to take away from this connection here today? What’s a sticking point for you? Tune in and identify for yourself: Where would YOU like to have a breakthrough? Also, how do you want to feel, during and after this video training?

To further solidify your intentions and ground them into language, just take a moment now to jot down your intentions for yourself. If you really want to amp up the energy, post them in the comments so that I can see them and share in it with you.

Pause, drop in, and take just a moment to really do this and give yourself this gift.

You’ll want to make sure you have paper and pen handy because when you hear something that resonates for you, then you write it down.  That’s your inner wisdom telling you to take notice.  It’s also a way that you can actively engage in the Dream Acceleration Process right away.

This isn’t like grade school. There’s no gold star just for showing up. The gold is in integrating and engaging with the process.

I’m here, not only to support you and serve you with this content-rich video training, but my intention is also to activate that which is already in you!

As I look back on having started my business in 2004 … over the years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching women and men, ages 20 to in their 70s. And what I’ve found to be consistent across the board, is that it’s never too late to dream – ever!  And, that the real dreams don’t go away, no matter how hard you try to deny them or ignore them.

So, the sooner you decide to really jump in and engage with the process, the better because they’re really not going anywhere.

My wish for you is that you have the utmost success and that you feel confident as you not only take the next steps to live your dreams and create a life and business you don’t need a vacation from, but that you do so in an accelerated way!

Perhaps you’ve had an inspired idea about what you want to create or experience, or you sense that it’s time for you to shift into a new way of being in your life; one that’s about YOU living your dreams, expanding your horizons, having more energy, more joy, more freedom and more ease in your life.

If so, that’s so fantastic.  You are in the right place!

I am so excited to share what I know to be critical information along the journey to realizing your dreams, and to begin now. Because really, when is someday? You won’t find it on a calendar. “Someday” is not a day of the week.

So, it’s really about deciding — when will NOW be the right time? I want you to check in and be really honest with yourself.  How long have YOU been saying “later”?

Ok. So, here we go. I’m going to walk you through how to accelerate the realization of your dream life by putting these 9 simple strategies to work for you. And I’m breaking it down into bite sized pieces.

Strategy number 1 … is to Give Yourself Permission to Want What You Want.

Write that down.

Creating a life you love is your birthright, and in order to fulfill on this birthright you must give yourself permission to want what you want.

Just based on the fact that you were born, by embracing and taking ownership of whatever it is that you want for yourself, this is a step in you fulfilling on your birthright to create and live a life you love!

Now, if you’re thinking, “Yes but, I don’t know what I want, Tara” …  it’s really important for me to say here that it’s a big misconception that I only coach with people who already know what their dreams are. So I want to speak to that right up front, because the hard work is often about getting clear on what you want, and what I call “knowing your big why”.

I assure you that once you’ve got that clear in your mind and heart, the process gets exponentially easier from there. In my coaching, I go really in-depth about the most common misconceptions about dream realization because it’s so critical to have these in your awareness from the start so you can prevent them from undermining your dreams! For time’s sake, I’ll just briefly share that these misconceptions about dream realization often go hand-in-hand with any difficulties you may be having in tuning in to what your dreams are.

It’s so easy to get caught up in feeling like you should know what you want in the long term or what that big dream of yours is, but you can’t quite get clear about it and then maybe you tell yourself that there is something wrong with you and then you start to feel like your current state is all there will ever be.

Or maybe you can see a glimmer of what you want, but it feels too big or too far away like that will never happen in this life time so you just feel like what’s the point, why bother. And then there is a lot of resignation or maybe even shame or just disappointment.

And, from that place, the idea of mustering up the bravery to begin saying it out loud and sharing it with others feels silly or impossible. But – this is how you make your dreams real in the world. 

So, wanting what you want starts with imagining what you want, really allowing your imagination to guide and connect you with the inspiration and passion of what you REALLY want for yourself.

Here’s the trick: No matter how outlandish it may seem to you right now – even if you have no idea how in the world to make it happen – imagine it.

If it’s especially challenging for you right now to tune into what your desires are, here’s a key question that can support this process for you: “If you could script your life to be unreasonably phenomenal, how would it go?”

From here, I highly recommend that you begin by focusing in on and identifying the dream that excites and intimidates you the most. This is going to be the dream that lights a fire inside you and gives you the inspiration and incentive needed to go beyond what may initially feel comfortable.

Now, we’ve all heard it said that we should dream big, right? But why is dreaming big important?

Well, let’s say for example that you dream of traveling around the world. But maybe there’s a voice inside you saying “that’s too big” and so maybe instead you convince yourself that looping the globe might be out of reach for you. Or maybe someone you love and trust has told you your dream is too lofty and unrealistic. So instead you figure, well, seeing as I’ve never been to Ohio maybe I’ll just start there.

Can you feel how the power and energy of that dream is instantly squashed? It’s like letting all the air out of your tires, deflated, and then there is no way you can even begin to travel anywhere. You’re just stuck at the gas station!

So check in with yourself here: What future are you imagining for yourself? For the world? What’s YOUR dream?

Share, post, journal, dig deep and give yourself full permission to dream, to imagine, to envision, to delight in the truth of your dream, no matter how impossible or out of reach it may feel to you right now.

So again, strategy number one is to give yourself permission to want what you want.  Journal, dream, imagine and delight in the truth of what YOU want.

I’ll see you again in the next video outlining Strategy #2.

Until next time.  Bye for now!