Where are YOU spending your energy unnecessarily? 

Hey there, it’s Tara Sage of tarasagecoaching.com!

I’ve been helping people live their dreams since 2004 and today I have some really juicy information to share with you in the spirit of helping YOU to create a life you love so freakin’ much you don’t need a vacation, a life that inspires you to eagerly get up and out of bed in the morning.

In this video series, I am so excited to share with you: 9 Simple Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Your Dreams. I am walking you through how to accelerate the realization of YOUR dream life by putting 9 simple strategies to work for you. And I’m breaking it down into bite-sized pieces. 

In this video I’ll be sharing Strategy #2, so if you missed the Strategy #1 video I recommend you watch that first, and then come back to this video and dive in with me to strategy #2.

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Strategy #2 is to Focus Your (Precious) Dream Energy

Write that down.

This is so critical to the success of ANY dream. 

Before you can get where you want to go, you must first know where you are!  I don’t mean where you are physically as much as I mean identifying where your energy is going.

If you’re feeling unfocused and scattered, with your energy heading in fourteen different directions at one time, and at the end of the day you’re totally exhausted yet you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything or gotten ahead, than it’s really time for an energetic tune up.

The bottom line is this:  Your right now present moment reality is the result of the thoughts and actions from your past.  Your life now is the manifestation of all that you’ve created up ‘til now – both the parts that you love about your life and those parts that you don’t.

And the secret here is that you don’t need more energy. You just need to spend it a little (or perhaps a lot) differently.  And for most folks I work with, small changes reap big results.

So, what’s so critical is that you do a comprehensive inventory of your life right now to gain clarity on where to focus your precious energy.

In my Dream Acceleration Program, I give you an assessment that you can quickly and easily take to gain a snapshot and the beginnings of an action plan, giving you an overall look at your present life as a whole.

Then, you can see where you’re spending energy unnecessarily and make a powerful, concrete change so you have more energy available to you right now, and a strong foundation to build your big dream on.

Then your dream doesn’t happen “someday” – it happens now.

For example, a client I worked with had dreamed for DECADES of having a studio to create her artwork – a big upgrade from her dining room table! She didn’t believe she’d be able to make it happen at first, but by focusing her energy, holding the vision and following an inspired action plan, just 5-weeks later we met IN her studio!  

With the strategies and tools I provide, there is support here for you to consciously and confidently steer your life forward in the direction of your own choosing.  It’s all about making shifts in where your energy goes and taking special notice of where you find your fuel…

All too often, we overlook how we spend our valuable energy in the course of our day. When you raise your awareness of how you’re currently spending your Daily Energy Budget, you begin to make new choices.

As you free up and refocus your energy, you’ll be amazed how much becomes available to you to reinvest in the realization of your dreams, so you’re not just dreaming, you’re living them.

Share in the comments, journal, meditate and muse on this idea. Where are YOU spending your energy in a way that is just circling or going straight down the drain? Where are you spending your energy unnecessarily that you could re-claim and spend in a new more productive and empowered way that moves your dreams and your life forward?

So, again, Strategy #2 is to Focus Your (Precious) Dream Energy, raising your awareness and paying special attention to where your energy is being spent. 

I’ll see you again in my next video where I share Strategy #3.