How do you imagine your life would change if you came to see fear as a reason to keep going?  

The name of this video series is 9 Simple Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Your Dreams.

One strategy at a time, I am walking you through how to accelerate the realization of YOUR dream life putting these 9 simple strategies to work for you, one manageable bite-sized step at a time.

In this video I’m sharing Strategy #5. If you’re new to this series or you missed videos outlining Strategy #1, Strategy #2, Strategy #3, or Strategy #4, I recommend you go back and watch those first and then come back to this video and join me again for strategy #5.  Ok?

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You deserve to have the kind of life that inspires you to eagerly get up and out of bed in the morning, don’t you think?

I do!

Here’s Dream Acceleration Strategy #5. Strategy #5 is: Be Willing to Stretch Beyond Fear (even if only just a teensy-tiny little bit!)

Fear can be your friend!  

A quick story: A woman who attended a retreat weekend that I led in Maine a few years back, shared that she had been an actor in New York and had asked her acting coach what to do about the fear she felt every time she got on stage.  His answer was, “Get used to it.”   

While some people advocate for the elimination of fear, I think it’s very important to remember that brave people are not without fear. Think about it!  If they were, what in the world would they need bravery for?!? 

Now, here’s what sets the driven dreamers apart from the running-in-place dreamers: Running-in-place dreamers see fear as the reason to stay put. They believe fear to be a legitimate warning sign.

They buy into the false belief that if you’re uncomfortable, that must mean it’s not the right time or it’s a “sign from the universe” that it’s the wrong thing to do. And this is just plain old not true, and absolutely a self-sabotaging thought pattern.  It’s a textbook trick of the ego-mind that, if you buy into it, will keep you playing small and keep you waiting for “someday”.  And sadly, until you break out of this belief pattern, “someday” never comes.

What Driven Dreamers do is breathe into it, and do it anyway.

There’s a quote by Fritz Perls, the German-born psychotherapist, said, “Fear is excitement without the breath.”  I absolutely love that and I remind myself of it often.

What that means is that the less breath you feed your fear, the bigger your fear gets. So, big, easy breaths really are an antidote to fear. Each and every breath is literally an opportunity to transform fear into excitement about what’s possible.   

Take a breath right now.Each and every breath is literally an opportunity to decide to go from a place of limitation, to a place of expansion and to move into truly living from a place of possibility.

Now, I can’t resist getting on my soapbox for a moment: There’s a common sentiment that I’ve heard a lot in the coaching industry, that says, “Eliminate the fear!” Rah-rah!

In my opinion, that really is nonsense advice. I believe quite the opposite is true. My philosophy is that fear isn’t something to get rid of, but rather something to embrace as normal and as a critically important part of the expansion and transformation process. 

A big mistake that I see people making is denying, ignoring, or demonizing their fear, and that’s the worst thing you can do because resisting it makes it stronger! So unless you’re being chased by a tiger, running from it won’t ultimately be what serves you best.

Just imagine for a moment how your life would change if it you really came to see fear, rather than a reason to retreat, as evidence that you are absolutely headed in the “right” direction?!  As evidence to keep going. How do you imagine that would impact your life?

Back to the advice of the acting coach, “Get used to it,” while admittedly, not very warm-and-fuzzy, is terrific advice for facing fear’s persistent presence.  Fear can certainly be minimized and it can be managed, but it’s not going to disappear all together.  Sorry.

Those who wait for fear to go away before getting “on stage” will always be in the audience or on the bench watching as others intentionally craft the life that they dream of. And while these might be front row seats – and they might feel safe and comfy for a while, eventually it gets downright boring and uninspiring to always be a spectator. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are proven step-by-step techniques that support managing your fearS, integrating them – and ideally even welcoming them!  

And that’s something that I teach. I coach with people who are willing and eager to go beyond their fears and really discover just how expansive and capable they are. 

And the fact that you’re watching tells me that YOU are ready to step out, to stretch, even if just a teensy-tiny bit beyond your fear, so that one step at a time you too star in your own life story, whatever that means to you.

The question really is: Are you willing to stretch?  

In this right now present moment, I invite you to consider: What commitment do you need to make to yourself right now on behalf of your dreams?

What would support throughout this process be worth to you?

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Alright, so to recap, Strategy #5: BE Willing to Stretch Beyond Fear (even if only just a teensy-tiny little bit!)

The next two really take things to a new height, so be sure to tune in and watch where I’ll share both Dream Acceleration Strategy #6 and Dream Acceleration Strategy #7!