If your dream arrived today, would you be ready?  

Joy to you! It’s Tara Sage here of tarasagecoaching.com.

In case you are just finding this video and are new to my work, I help people realize their dreams and I’ve been doing it since 2004. I put together this special video series to help YOU create a life you love so much that you don’t need a vacation, a life that inspires you to eagerly get up and out of bed in the morning.

The video you are watching is part of a series called 9 Simple Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Your Dreams. One step at a time, I’m walking you through how to accelerate the realization of your dream life, by putting these 9 simple strategies to work for you.  And so it’s manageable and bite-sized, I’m breaking it down and sharing them, one strategy at a time.

Today’s video is a twofer. In it, I share Strategy #6 and Strategy #7 with you.

Please note: If you are new to this series or you missed previous videos outlining Strategy #1, Strategy #2, Strategy #3, Strategy #4, and Strategy #5, I recommend you go back and watch those first and then come back to this video and join me again for Strategies 6 and 7, ok? 

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Dream Acceleration Strategy #6:

Strategy #6 is to Work Backwards. Strategy #6 is all about creating Your Inspired Action Plan in support of continued momentum and ongoing success and ease.  

If you want to really up the ante and quantum leap your dream full-steam ahead, a powerful success strategy is to work backward from the fulfillment of your dream, identifying milestone markers along the way and being sure that you have other people holding you accountable to your action plan. 

This is what will really support your dreams and your continued success.

And, this takes us right into Strategy #7: Make Room in Your Life for Your Dreams. Here’s what I mean.

It’s so easy to feel the longing in your heart … that ache and anticipation awaiting the day when your dream is fully actualized and you are joyfully living it out.  I’ll bet even as you think of it now, it feels so good.

But I’d like you to consider this: If your dream arrived today, would you be ready? I mean really ready? If your dream were to arrive on your doorstep today, would you open the door and say welcome! Oh I have been waiting for you and I’m so glad you’re here! Come in, come in!

Or would you say, “Ummmmm … could you come back, in like, 6 months?”

You need to prepare the space in your life for your dream, so that when it arrives you’re not just starting then to make space for it.  It takes preparation and forethought to get ready and anticipate the arrival of your dream in your life, and you’ll want to do everything you can to be ready to fully and joyfully receive and welcome it into your experience, the moment it arrives.

I’ll give a quick personal example of this:

When I first started my business, I hit a ‘‘block’’ around cleaning out an old filing cabinet that was in my home office.  I put it off for weeks, because it felt like drudgery to even think about doing. But, when I shifted my perspective it became something I couldn’t wait to begin. 

I had been dreading this task because I had been focused only on the nuances and effort required to go through everything in my filing cabinet. But, once I shifted my focus and saw it as a declaration to the Universe that I was making room for all the client folders that I was yet to have, I had a whole new incentive! 

This realization changed the energy around the task entirely!  Within no time, I had enthusiastically cleared and made room – both physically and metaphorically, and you might even say metaphysically – for new clients to enter my world.  And, soon after, they did and I was busy and really happy to be able to focus my time and energy on serving my clients, rather than on cleaning out a filing cabinet to make room for their folders!

This was as much an internal process for me as it was external. As I cleared out the filing cabinet, I was also clearing out my internal cobwebs, the ones that had me hesitating or not yet fully confident about working one-on-one with clients or fully welcoming them into my experience…

So, when you powerfully and properly prepare, you prepare yourself to receive whatever it is that you want.  You can identify your dream in even the most crystal clear vision, and then take clear and focused action toward its realization. But if, when it arrives, you aren’t ready to receive it, this is the stage where I’ve seen after all that visioning and all that action, that too many dreams are sabotaged.  And it just doesn’t have to be that way. 

What’s one step that YOU can take in the next 24 hours to make room for your dream?  If your dream arrived today, would you be ready to fully receive it and welcome it into your life?

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