Three Questions for the Author and the Editor of The Brules of Life: 15 Bullshit Rules to Break for a No-Vacation-Needed Life

It’s not every day that an author parks her Airstream “condo on wheels” outside the home of her editor. This was the first in-person meeting for the duo, after months of virtual collaboration on what will be a “Book of Brules” series.

During a visit to a local bookshop and leisurely chat over coffee, Tara Sage and her editor Robin Samuels discussed life, what it was like to finally meet one another in person, and their shared hopes for readers of The Brules of Life.

Here’s a snippet of their conversation and answers to three questions:

How would you describe the process of working with one another?

Tara: Robin is a pleasure to work with. Smart as can be, her thoughtful, thorough editing was always spot on. She didn’t just catch missing commas and grammar. She knew my voice better than I did at times, providing comments like “this doesn’t sound like you” when a sentence or phrase read more formal or abrupt than she’d come to expect from me. Robin’s feedback was absolutely invaluable, bringing my book from a good draft to something I feel confident about, utterly proud of, and eager to have in the hands of readers.

Robin: I’ve loved working with Tara! She’s been a dream client. Her message and voice are truly special, and she’s wonderfully open to critique. I send her feedback about what isn’t working, or just isn’t quite as powerful as it could be, and she takes it all in and really hears what I’m saying, and comes back with a revision that totally kicks ass. I almost never get to meet authors I work with, so it’s been fun to find out that Tara is exactly the same in person as she is in her writing! Which is to say, awesome.

What’s special, powerful or unique about this book? What makes it different than the millions of self-help books out there?

Tara: The Brules of Life is a pragmatic life-hack handbook full of practical tips, tricks, and strategies to build courage, gain crystal clarity, and a new kind of freedom. It’s also a very personal book, woven together by a collection of candid soul-stirring stories, all shared for a very specific purpose: to help the reader rethink old ideas, see through the BS status quo conventions, unleash their truest self, and open the door to the life they’ve been longing for.

Robin: I’ve edited a lot of self-help books, and this is the first one that doesn’t try to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for its readers. Instead, Tara’s book points out ways we may be following an unwritten script without realizing it, and opens the door for us to question those assumptions about how things “should” be done. There’s a lot of freedom and flexibility on the other side of that door – infinite ways to customize our “brule” breaking and discover unique individual paths to joy.

What do you hope people will take away from this book?

Tara: My hope is that The Brules of Life will not only be a joy to read, but that – one “brule” at a time – it will powerfully illuminate your path forward and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to create a life you truly love. No vacation needed!

Robin: This book is going to be an eye-opener for anyone stuck in a rut, living on autopilot – you have so many more choices than you think you do! Question everything. Ask “what if?” Ask “why not?” I hope readers find Tara’s words as compelling, entertaining, and inspiring as I do!

~ ~ ~

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