I see you as capable, powerful, and abundant. I see you as a responsible adult who makes good financial decisions. My company policies are consistent with this.

While two-payment options are made available upon request, my coaching company is not your bank. Beyond providing this option, I do not finance the things you choose to spend money on, and this includes hiring me as your coach. Chasing people down for payment isn’t something I do. This allows me to focus completely on what I do do.

“People first” is a principle I strive to always live by. I pour my wealth of experience, content, knowledge, and skills into my client relationships. My work, expertise, and the support I provide is high value AND my relationships aren’t transactional. This “people first” principle includes the relationship I have with myself. How I choose to organize my priorities and manage my energy helps ensure that I am able to bring myself fully to every exchange.

I don’t tit-for-tat. I don’t hold back on how I deliver. I don’t withhold love, resources, or information that could be helpful. A woman of my word, I show up for the people I promise to show up for – an extension of my values – and I attract clients with similar values. For these reasons, my clients and I get the financial part sorted out at the start so we can roll up our sleeves, nurture the relationship, and get on with the work of transformation and self-actualization, knowing we’ll never have to pause or circle back about overdue accounting.

How you go about paying my fee is none of my business. Meaning, whether you have the money and it’s no big deal to you, or a totally big deal to you … whether it’s a stretch or a comfort … whether you take out a loan, or don’t take out a loan … whether you pull money from savings, get a part-time job, put it on a credit card, or ask someone you know for money … whether you consult with your spouse about your decision, or you don’t … I’m not here to be involved in any of those decisions, nor is it for me to make a moral or ethical judgment about such decisions. I respect your boundaries and your choices.

My job is to serve my clients. Excellent service is my standard. Clients have come back to me years later, again and again, because they know this. My clients are people who show up, relentlessly, for their own growth, success, joy, and progress, however imperfectly. And I love them for it. I believe their success is inevitable. I will never NOT see them – or you – as capable, powerful, and abundant. No matter what.


The exchange my clients and I agree on, is one of value. We are each responsible grown-up humans who get to decide such things.

If you don’t have the money to pay me, or your priorities are to spend your money elsewhere, that’s ok. I give away tons of free value through my social media posts, offer gifts you can download from my website, etc. Feel free to claim any and all of them.

My books are $13 and every page has immense value there for you to absorb on your own or, as some have, you can start a book club.

My coaching programs range from $97 to $16,000. Choose what suits you now, and/or come back later.

Big love,

Tara Sage