Your goal is probably not your goal, and here’s why it matters – a whole lot!

“I want to lose 20 pounds.”
“I want a 6-figure business.”
“I want to get promoted.”

Goals, right?


A goal is actionable.

These are examples of desired results, not goals.

This subtle distinction couldn’t be more relevant, or potent – that is, assuming you want to actually ACHIEVE them.

Here’s why.

Staying with the examples above…

Your goals need to be about building supportive healthy habits.
Your goals need to be about improving your skills and systems.
Your goals need to be about acquiring the credentials that will move you forward.

IF your desired result is to lose 20 pounds, your goals may, for example, include:

  • Have a salad for lunch everyday
  • Make intermittent fasting a regular part of your routine
  • Do 50 sit-ups, 50 squats, and 50 pushups before breakfast everyday
  • Run/walk 5 miles three times a week
  • Eat fruit between meals
  • Stop drinking your calories
  • Put your fork down when you are full

IF your desired result is to have a 6-figure business, what behavioral changes and skill-building will help you achieve it? <<< Make these your goals.

IF your desired result is a promotion, what behavioral changes, skill-building, and credentials will help you achieve it? <<< Make these your goals.

Apply this to whatever desired results YOU are wanting. 

You’ll have far more success if you set goals around the BEHAVIORS that will get you the desired result.

Create the habits. Learn the skills. Expand your abilities.

A goal is actionable. A desired result is just a desired result.

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