I confess.




I (almost) don’t care what your dream is. 

That’s never been what this work is about for me.  

Want a career shift? Awesome. Let’s pin that down for you. 
Want to move to Costa Rica?
Cool. See you at your farewell party. 

Want to be an actor?
Great. Let’s find your next role. 

Want to start a business?
Right on. Let’s get that biz off the ground. 

Want to buy a home?
Lovely. Housewarming party coming soon. 

Want to open an art studio?
Fantastic. Get your easels ready.

Want to buy a boat?
Fun. Let’s get you a boat. 

Want to earn that degree?
Woot. Get cap and gown ready. 

Want to leave corporate?
Fab. Let’s make it happen. 
Want to ask for a raise? Wonderful. How’s 40%? 
Want to sail around Antarctica?
Exciting. Sail you will. 

Want to become a chef?
Delicious. Let’s get prepping. 

Want to double your business revenue?
Love it. Let’s.

Whatever your dream is, I want it for you. 

But not because of the dream.

What drives my work is a deep clarity, a knowing: that dream-realization is REALLY about self-actualization. 

I’m here for THAT.

What you want will come, but who you *become* in the process is the real win. How you grow and stretch into being the person who would have that, is the work, and it’s also where the biggest rewards are experienced.

Your dream is fuel on your path to self-actualization. 

Regardless of the specifics of what your desired manifestations look like…

And regardless of what your dream realized will bring…

And regardless of what longings light your fire…

The core of my mission is to help you create the life you think you cannot have while becoming the person you are meant to be. 

This is what lights MY fire.

Your dreams realized are a bonus, a by-product of your becoming.

Ready for self-actualization with a side of dream realization? 

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