As responsible grown-up humans who get to decide such things, the exchange my clients and I agree on, is one of value.

A burnt-out bank executive who achieved all the markers of “success” was able to tell his family how he really feels, make a major career shift, find a new kind of rhythm in his life, and grow his hair out – a symbolic and liberating choice made with profound and newfound joy.

A cancer survivor and former economist built her photography business, became a mindfulness practitioner, and increased her sales revenue 117% during our year of coaching together.

A dental hygienist, single mother of three grown sons, fulfilled her dream of moving to Costa Rica. (I was invited by her sister to the surprise farewell party.)

A client was able to visualize, believe herself worthy of – and then successfully negotiate for – a salary that was 40% higher than the one she was originally going to ask for.

An aspiring actor went after the dream career he wondered if was possible. (He’s now an equity actor’s association member and you may have seen him on one of his TV debuts).

A woman decided to leave the corporate world that had her falling into bed at night sad and exhausted, to create a life that, in her words, is “totally blossoming.”

A leadership coach doubled her income and generated her best revenue year in business while having more fun, spending her time how she chooses.

A frustrated professional organizer went from stressed out, a “lone ranger” caught in I’ll-do-it-myself energy, to shifting her worldview and choices for a life of joy, freedom, and teamwork.

A weary elementary school teacher created a business that leveraged her gifts in a way that “feels like play.”

An aspiring stationary artist went from daunted and intimidated by her “maybe someday” dream, to actively pursuing and well on her way to running a full-time letterpress studio, after only a few months of coaching together.

A business owner developed a signature talk and strategically accessed a network of organizations eager for her to share her work with their members, the exact target market her offerings are designed to serve.

Countless others have cleared blind spots and roadblocks from their path, shifted the trajectory of their life, and put a clear custom-designed plan into motion for more joy, freedom, and satisfaction.

I have ALSO had clients quit mid-way through and not get the results they wanted. (I’m a coach, not a magician.)

While I of course can’t guarantee YOUR results, what I can guarantee is that, as your coach, I will have your back 110%, every step of the way, holding nothing back, and will provide you with the tools and strategies to help you make it happen.

As long as you’re here for it, I will be here for it. We’ll work together to create a space and a world and a life where your dreams are real and your life feels good and you are satisfied and supported.

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To your success,