While here in Italy, in between museum-ing, eating, networking, and learning… I have put together a special resource list for you, each with a brief synopsis and handy link to the wealth of topics explored during my April ‘Money & Dreaming’ series.

Whether you have plenty of money and really don’t worry about it…

Or you feel like you’re barely scraping by and need to budget every dime…

Or you find yourself somewhere in between…

The way we each $pend money is a form of expression: an investment in our values, priorities, freedoms – and hopefully your dreams too!

So, here it is! Your ‘Money & Dreaming’ resource list, in no particular order. Enjoy!

“But what do I get for my coaching investment?”
At one of my book signing events, a woman came up to me and asked, “I really want to work with a coach. But what do I GET for my coaching investment, you know?” In one breath, she expressed interest in coaching and skepticism in coaching. A valid question! My answer might surprise you. To read “But what do I get for my coaching investment?”, click here.

That time I lost $18,000
Determined to get SOME value out of a bad financial decision I made a few years back (an experience that felt not only like a financial failure but also a painful and costly loss of time), there were two really valuable lessons learned. Get the full scoop here. 

I’m not a magician, but I do spark some magic
As responsible grown-up humans who get to decide such things, the exchange my clients and I agree on, is one of value. This piece explores client experiences and their results. A power punch of inspiration, it’s available to you here.

How to recession-proof your dreams
When rumors of recession fester and some decide that danger is lurking around the next corner and that they therefore need to put their dreams on hold, stay put, don’t do anything new or uncertain …my clients decide something very different. Read what it is that sets them apart, here.

Another way to pay yourself
Financial advisers recommend: “pay yourself first.” In other words, put money into some version of a savings account; good practical advice. There is another way to Pay Yourself First, one that you won’t have to wait years to reap the benefits of. Learn what it is, here.

Policy, with personality
Someone asked me recently WHY I make a point to share my company policies and WHY they have so much “personality.” 😀 While I could simply state “payment before services” and let that be it, that’s not how I do it. So, why DO I share my policies? And why are they the way they ARE? I pull back the curtain and share my reasons here.

I hope you find value in each one!

Love and biscotti,