Pursuing a dream often begins with dipping your toe in, learning what’s involved.

Makes good sense, yeh?

For this reason, when clients first come to me, many choose to dip their toe in and start with my No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint training, a low pressure, low investment, 6-week e-coaching program where you get to go at your own pace and digest the content independently. In addition to a bonus 1:1 Strategy Session with me at the end, accountability is built in throughout the 6 weeks with regular emails that have specific questions and assignments, providing you with weekly invitations to share what you’re learning and discovering.

A great starting place!

In a similar way, my recent trip to Italy to attend a training about how to get a traditional publishing deal, was essentially me dipping MY toe into the vast ‘get a book deal’ waters.

A sensible place to start, for sure.

But just the beginning, just as joining my No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint training is just a START in what is a bigger journey. Now that I’ve dipped my toe in, you better believe I won’t just try to do it alone.

The toe-dipping level isn’t really even comparable to what I provide in my higher-commitment, real-time, private coaching support programs. Just as, me hiring someone to coach me through the actual writing and creation of my book proposal, plus supporting me through each step of pitching my book to agents, would be.

While, on one hand, No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint training is a really terrific place to dip your toe in (the water’s warm!) just like the publishing training was for me … it’s of course up to YOU (and me) to take ACTION on the teachings, prompts, and nudges we receive.

As a member of MY dip-your-toe-in training, it is also up to YOU to reach out and ask me for help if you get confused or overwhelmed. Because beyond sending you weekly emails that include requests that you reply… if you DON’T reply, if you don’t answer my questions, if you don’t watch the training videos, or complete the worksheets … that’s your choice. 

I don’t chase you down or babysit. 

Just as I, of course, have to show up for myself and my dreams, YOU have to show up for yourself and your dreams. 

Hear me on this: When that is difficult for you to do independently, that’s just one more reason NOT to just dip your toe in.

That’s when it’s CRITICAL to step up the commitment, step up the accountability, to ensure that you get the personalized support you need. Even if you’re not sure exactly HOW someone could help, you often find out when you have it. Consistent support raises your game. The very presence of support, tracking and observing your progress, creates a special kind of momentum. It also helps ensure you don’t miss opportunities due to tunnel vision or limits in your own understanding.

In the Tara Sage Coaching world, this means claiming a spot in one of my more comprehensive private coaching programs. For example, unlike my 6-week e-coaching introductory offer, my signature Dream Acceleration Program is where we get to communicate with each other frequently, in real-time, over a six-month period. 

Fact is, taking the journey of changing and improving your life is likely going to require MORE than a self-guided learning experience, no matter how good the content provided in the dip-your-toe-in-training is. 

Private, real-time, ongoing, customized support is ALWAYS what is going to be most powerful.

One perk of being a Dream Acceleration Program member is that you can reach out anytime and ask for help. No matter how overwhelmed or confused you get, we work through it together. In addition to our regular private coaching calls, my private clients know that they can always send me a message with any quick questions that come up, anytime, and I’ll reply. If they get stuck or just need a bit of feedback, they don’t wait or stew in overwhelm or confusion. They reach out, we get their questions answered, and they get quickly back on track. 

While ultimately YOU have to do the work for your dreams, just like I have to do the work for my dreams, having help helps – a lot! 

Here’s the paradox of dipping your toe in:

While, on one hand, what’s appealing about the No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint training is that it’s low pressure and you get to digest the content independently, at your own pace… on the other hand, BECAUSE it’s so independent and self-guided…this very same program could have you stalling out, letting overwhelm or confusion STOP you from showing up for yourself, STOP you from doing the work, and STOP you from reaching out for support.

So, let’s make this promise together. 

Say it with me:

“If I stall out, if overwhelm and confusion starts to fester, if I stop showing up for myself and my dream, if I don’t do the work… I will reach out for support, even if I’m not sure how support could help.”