In my book, The Brules of Life, I share that prior to starting my business, I was in a 9-5 job, drowning in student loan debt, and living in a basement apartment with my cat. I felt quite trapped.

I had the job – and stayed for as long as I did – not only so I could pay my bills, but also because I was determined to figure out how to NOT live in a basement forever. (A steady paycheck was one piece needed to solve that puzzle.)

When I tell you I was uninspired by my job, what I really mean is that I was bored out of my mind! When I tell you that I was frustrated by hour-long meetings that could easily have been replaced by a 5-minute email, what I really mean is I had to muzzle what I really wanted to say, week after week, because uncensored-Tara would have surely gotten me fired.

I stayed, but I was miserable. And I realized that being miserable, complaining, and feeling frustrated at least helped me see what I DIDN’T want. This fueled me to constantly be looking for a way out.

Alternative acts of personal salvation got me through – to include, taking the envy I felt for a spider I saw “escape” through a crack in the plaster wall of my office, and turning it into inspiration for my Halloween costume. Like that little spider, I too was going to find my escape route.

Again, with no shortage of complaints about these circumstances, I was determined for them to be temporary. I mined each complaint and frustration for the wealth of information and inspiration that each disguntled piece gave me about the direction of what I WANTED instead.

This is available for you too.

Your complaints and frustrations are a nudge from you inner wisdom about what’s not fully aligned for you.

This is GOLD!

Discontent is fuel for transformation. Sometimes tolerating too many “nos” in your life clutters up your mental bandwidth, making it difficult to be able to envision what you want with any degree of clarity of focus.

The good news is, when you hear those complaints and frustrations as a “no, this isn’t fully aligned for me” nudge … and you let that “NO” go, you’ll have SPACE and will be that much more able to tune in and acknowledge the juicy awareness of the dreams and desires that are letting you know they are there.

“Nos” can serve as a powerful detour and avenue to an incredible amount of “yes”-filled clarity about your deepest dreams and desires.

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Let’s do this thing.

Big love,

Tara Sage