Your next chapter: “Thrival” Mode 

The moment you join The Brule Breakers Club, it is not just a celebration moment but a powerful symbolic moment. It’s a milestone that represents YOU officially turning the page on Survival Mode and investing in “Thrival” Mode, the start of a momentous new chapter.

Something I’ve noticed happens for my clients when they sign up to work with me is that they often have immediate breakthroughs – be it an exciting new idea or opportunity that “magically” appears, to experiencing far more ease and flow in their day. 

It’s awesome-sauce on toast. (Even better than the almond butter that I can’t stop eating lately, which says a lot because, OMG, is it good! 😋) 

The moment you join The Brule Breakers Club, is also a moment of RELIEF. 

The last life coaching program you’ll ever need

It will be a year of transformation and the last life coaching program you’ll ever need …unlocking  liberating, life-enhancing, brule breaking freedoms and delights so that you can fulfill your dreams and desires and BE who you are here to be.

Knowing that long-term support vibes are there for you is an amazing feeling. Knowing that you are part of a group of incredible people, each of whom is there to create their own unique version of “thrival,” while supporting and celebrating YOURS, is truly exciting!

Several of my clients tell me regularly how “therapeutic” (their word) it is to work together. They express a deep sense of relief in being profoundly seen, celebrated, and supported in each and every exchange we have.  

Being “in the room” for deconstruction of the countless brules that hold you back is powerful. And when shared within a community of support, over time, results get amplified, compounded, and accelerated! It marks a coming together with other kind, self-reflective, badass humans who happily celebrate one another’s success, and are there for support in the tough moments too.  

Brule breakers are a very special bunch of bananas! Er, I mean … wise beautiful souls ready to delight in being fully alive. 😀

Brule Breaker Tara’tory

When you enter Brule Breaker Tara’tory you are entering a culture built on values. Values like autonomy, celebration, and steadfast support. A potent mix!

This has a ripple effect in social circles! Friends of clients often reach out  – to tell me they’ve seen a significant increase in the joy and confidence of their friend, AND they want to know how I can help them grow and experience more of these things for themself.   

We deconstruct the brules – brules like “don’t get too big for your britches” and “be realistic” and “be independent” and “achieving goals makes you happy” (< yep, a total brule) … and COUNTLESS OTHERSof which even just ONE can shift the trajectory of your life!

It can take a bit to orient fully to this new Tara’tory, but I’ve got you. 

You’ll be guided and given everything you need to ensure that you make the absolute most out of your membership. 

You’ll be invited to pull up a chair (or a floor pillow if that’s your preference) as you learn and explore and express and expand on what all of this means for YOU.

Each of our live training sessions will be recorded to ensure that you can connect and stay up-to-speed no matter what your schedule – though being there live is always ideal, so if you can work some scheduling magic to be there LIVE, do! But either way, even if you’re unable to attend live sessions, you’ll be set up for success.  

After you claim your membership, you may find that you walk a little taller, and that you unapologetically take up space, use your voice, and stake a claim to your deepest and boldest desires like never before. It’s a vibe. The Brule Breaker BBuzzzz? 

Inside The Brule Breakers Club, you will be seen, celebrated, held in community, and not alone in your challenges. You will make new friends, learn from and be inspired by others’ experiences and breakthroughs. You will receive expert coaching and support as you apply The Deconstruction Method™ to break free of every and any brule that’s holding you back.  

Invaluable when you consider you get all of this for the cost of a daily cup of coffee!

Oh, AND – in solidarity with writers and readers everywhere, you can feel good knowing that a portion of your Brule Breakers Club registration is donated to PEN America, a non-profit working to ensure that people everywhere have the freedom to create literature, convey information, express ideas and access the views, ideas, and literature of others. 

Swift positive change

I care so much about the quality of my work, and coaching individuals for decades has taught me a lot. The biggest key being that helping people see blind spots and clear their limiting mental and emotional blocks is far more effective, transformational and lasting than telling people how to live or what to do. 

Shining a light on socially-steeped ideas that impede people from living full-out helps create swift and positive change. Brule-breaking provides a fresh approach and framework to deconstruct and challenge limiting perspectives, shift unhelpful habits, build expansive levels of awareness, and establish new patterns – all of which naturally activates and enables you to create more of what you desire in life.

My dedication and high-touch approach with private clients has paid off in so many ways and I’m excited to now be able to offer yet another way that I can serve and reach the hearts and minds of many.

So….. grab your spot now in The Brule Breakers Club!

Feeling the Brule Breaker BBuzzzz,

P.S. –  Not sure? Have questions? Think it might be for you, but want to be sure? Reach out to me for a Personalized Brule Breaker Chat, a fun powerful 1:1 connection opportunity if you are curious to learn how brule breaking can help you.