“I know myself really well. Will The Brule Breakers Club really make a difference for me?”

If you’ve read countless self-help books and done your share of personal development, then this message is especially for you. 

“Know thyself.” – Socrates

Wise words!

And, yet… it’s NOT ENOUGH.

Here’s why: 

Because shifts in habits, objective new perspectives, spotting blind spots, recognizing logical fallacies, flawed assumptions, misconceptions, and decisions that may unconsciously be inhibiting your desired results … rarely come to light by looking WITHIN.

It’s a hard truth, especially if you’ve invested a lot in the pursuit of self-knowing and, despite a solid sense of your own psychology and a high degree of self-awareness, you still struggle with how to translate all of that well-informed self-knowing into dream-propelling action and results.

THIS IS NOT A FAULT OR JUDGMENT. And it need not be a source of shame. 

Lawwwwwd knoooows, self-reliance can be its own blind spot. Rather than make this a pride problem and insist on “independence” (something I very much used to do, believe you me!), valuing and welcoming outside support changes the game.

I know myself. Very, very well. 

So well, in fact, that I know when I’m standing in a blind spot. I know when I don’t know. And I’ll be first to tell you that the REASON I have coaches and mentors helping and guiding me is because there is a gap between my self-knowing and my self-MASTERY.

When I recognize that my self-awareness and my inner resources aren’t enough, getting (and showing up for) support becomes my only job.

Because the alternative is SO frustrating.

As maybe you’ve experienced too … when you know yourself well, and you KNOW you know yourself well, but you can’t seem to figure out how to IMPLEMENT the changes that you desire, it can be maddening. 

While the central core that must be KNOWN to achieve self-care, self-actualization, self-awareness, self-compassion, self-mastery, etc… is, the SELF…

… you can’t be objective for yourSelf! 

We need other people for that.

So, know thyself. Absolutely.


get SUPPORT!!!

Because, as the saying goes, “You can’t read the label when you’re in the bottle.”

It’s when you add the right support to a foundation of self-knowing that the magic happens and your life blossoms and the realization of your dreams accelerates. 

The Brule Breakers Club helps with those areas where you can’t seem to figure out how to IMPLEMENT the changes you desire. What’s missing are specific tools, strategies, and specialized support: things that you don’t know, and, more often than not, don’t know that you don’t know.  😜

You know yourself, I get that. 


How many courses, coaches, books have you tried to get from where you are, to your dreams? 

The Brule Breakers Club is DIFFERENT because we help you spot your blind spots and then see what’s BEYOND them, all in a very personalized customized way.  

It’s absolutely for the person who KNOWS THEMSELF but who hasn’t yet achieved their results and is tired of spinning their wheels and trying to figure it out by themself.  

Because, whether you have had a recent shift in self-concept that’s thrown you for a loop, or you’ve never felt quite secure in yourself, or you are actively in a process of (re)discovery… brule breaking powerfully supports this by revealing and un-inhibiting the truth of who you ARE, without brules in your way.

In either scenario, I don’t doubt that you can figure it out and find a way by yourself. But, it’ll likely be FAR more difficult, far less fun, and a far SLOWER process than it needs to be to successfully implement and integrate that which requires MORE than self-knowing.

Habitual patterns don’t change overnight. By design, The Brule Breakers Club is an annual membership (there’s a monthly membership option available too), designed to ensure that you have the time and the support needed to implement those changes and establish a new normal.   

By showing up willing to see what’s being shown…

By showing up willing to experiment with new ways of being…

And by showing up willing to implement some new approaches, new habits, new thoughts, and challenge some of those old perspectives and assumptions about what’s possible…

^ When you do THIS, self-knowing gets ENHANCED by support, so that you not only translate all of that well-informed self-knowing into dream-propelling action and results, you also THRIVE!

Join us.


PS – Not sure? Have questions? Think it might be for you, but want to be sure? Reach out to me for a Personalized Brule Breaker Chat, a fun powerful 1:1 connection opportunity if you are curious to learn how brule breaking can help you.