To make music, you have to play

the pauses, not just the notes.

To achieve a goal or dream,

you have to do the same thing.

Give yourself moments to relax,

replenish, take a breath

before moving to the next task.

People who are successful long term

don’t allow themselves to burn out.

They know how to get shit done, and

they know how to recuperate and relax.

They know how to play the pauses,

along with the notes.

As you write your song

and make your music,

today and everyday,

let the rhythm inspire you to dance

a personal choreography of the soul.

This week,

this day,

this hour,

this moment,

be the essence of you in motion.

Get shit done AND pause.


With ease,




and faith.

Don’t worry about being graceful

or appealing.

Simply dance your dance.

Play the pauses along with the notes.

Big love,