… I felt like I was being asked to fit into a mold that simply didn’t fit. From the 9-5 job to status quo norms to the expectations of parents, teachers, bosses … even friends. That’s why, in 2004, I decided to start a location independent business and chart my own course.

I dreamed of having the freedom to travel when and where I please. From day one in my business, I worked with clients remotely — even if they lived in the same city! Back then, Smartphones weren’t in every pocket, the internet was not accessible everywhere, internet marketing wasn’t mainstream, and the term ‘digital nomad’ had not even been coined yet.

Over the years, I’ve served thousands, spanning 4 continents, to go beyond striving and wishing and “someday-ing,” to create a life they truly can’t wait to get-up-and-out-of-bed-for-in-the-morning: a life and business you don’t need a vacation from.

I assure you, I know what it means to feel like you are cast in a role that – in your heart of hearts you know – will always feel confining or contrived, and will only lead to restlessness, frustration, and dissatisfaction.

Determined not to live this way, I broke free…

I learned how to manifest horizons and implement energy management principles that changed my life forever.

Today I help clients master this in The Dream Acceleration Program, focusing their energy to powerfully and joyfully create anything they want! This renowned program has served 100s of people, age 20 to 76, from 4 continents, to clarify and bring their dreams to life, one proven step at a time.

I cracked the code on travel and mobility, making the world my office and busting the myth that home is a zip code.

I did this way before internet marketing and ‘digital nomads’ became mainstream. In the Nomadic Living 101 Program, along with my partner Carl, we provide you with everything you need to know to get road-ready with clear answers about RV life, logistics, and mechanics — all in one place!


I learned how to build a business from the ground up and create wealth on my own terms.

Today I help others create and achieve their own freedom-based lifestyle. In business since 2004, with over a decade of experience this is often a primary focus of the work I do with my Private Coaching clients, helping them to define and design their own dream life, and create wealth on their own terms.  

I teach from experience.

My life has certainly not always been dreamy, and my path not always clear. Prior to starting my business, for three years, I lived in a dark, musty basement apartment. I was deep in debt. I was struggling to find my place in the world. Painful family dynamics ran deep and I felt isolated and alone. 

Along the way, I’ve taken several turns down roads that I’ve backed out of soon after, to including being a 3-time drop out. (I’m a massage therapy school drop-out, an acupuncture school drop out, and an MBA drop-out.) All this to say, it’s been a long winding road to where I am now.

Learn from my mistakes. I’m going to help make things easier for you. My detours and lessons learned can be YOUR fast-track. I am committed to making this happen for you.

Stop putting it off for “someday”. It’s time for YOU to start living your dreams.

I’ve Always been a traveler .

… and I knew I couldn’t live my entire life in one location. I’ve traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Italy, Spain, and across the US. As a digital nomad, I’ve been able to build my business from wherever I am. I tried getting a regular job and settling down, but it really wasn’t me. I now live a fully nomadic lifestyle in an RV with my partner, Carl, and dog, Cosmo. We are currently touring and exploring the US.


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If you want my official “creds”…

Tara Sage, MA – Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Strategist

I have a Masters degree in Holistic Leadership, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and a coach training certificate from one of the first coach training institutes worldwide. Before starting my company, I gained extensive experience as a behavior modification therapist, an integral part of a treatment team for inpatient psychiatric populations, and as a member of an addiction medicine treatment research team at Brown University. More than anything, from this experience I gained a strong practical and theoretical foundation in therapeutic intervention models and client needs assessment.  (In other words, I not only want to help, I also have a strong application, orientation, and foundation for how  to help.)

I am CEO & Founder of Tara Sage, Inc., my location independent company, which I have built from the ground up since 2004.

I am a professional speaker, described as “incredibly captivating” with compelling content, a commanding presence, and engaging leadership style. I’ve been featured at Tunxis College in CT, The Comedy Connection in RI, Ladies DC events in Washington, DC, the Florida RV Supershow, was hired as Keynote Speaker for a “Gals on the go” event in Oregon, and more.

I am author of Are You Pregnant With a Dream? and 10 Things RV Dealerships Don’t Tell You About Nomadic Living. I was contributing author in the #1 Bestselling book in its class, A Juicy, Joyful Life. I’m currently working on a fourth book entitled The Book of Brules. I am also founder and curator of Sheulogy.com, an online writer’s gallery showcasing true stories of personal journeys and the shoes we walk in. 


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