Hi, I’m Tara. Welcome to the Tara’tory! 😉

Bringing the Psychology of Change to life in an accessible and empowering way is my superpower.

Refreshingly unlike anything else I know of in the coaching/author space, by design, the Tara’tory is a place where you get to PRACTICE fully implementing the power of challenging conventional beliefs and behaviors with support cheering you on as you clarify and pursue your deepest dreams, meet your goals, and successfully create the life you think you cannot have. 

I help you stop waiting for “someday” and live your boundless, thriving, hell yes, no-vacation-needed life, now.

Busting BS for breakthroughs is what I do. And self-actualization is the driving force behind all the work I do.

Applied Psychology Coach, bestselling author of The Brules of Life, digital nomad, entrepreneur, professional speaker, made-up word lover, amateur salsa dancer, blanket hog … all describe me.

I believe that dream acceleration is really about self-actualization and that “brules” are what slow us all down.

If you’re ready to turn all your hard-earned self-knowing into practical applied psychology strategies that prioritize self-care and help ensure you actually achieve your goals, I am the coach for you.   

Here’s a bit of my story:

AS FAR BACK AS I CAN RECALL, I felt like I was being asked to fit into a mold that simply didn’t fit. From the 9-5 job to status quo norms to the expectations of parents, teachers, bosses, even friends… That’s why, in 2004, I decided to start a location-independent business and chart my own course. 

On a good day, I felt restless. On a bad day, I felt like a caged animal.

Utterly exasperated, I’d come home from work to my dark, musty, basement apartment – a glaring reminder that I was not just figuratively, but literally, underground. Drowning in student loan debt, I rarely answered my phone because collection agencies were calling me daily. Trying to find my way in the world wasn’t easy. All the emotional and practical baggage of difficult family dynamics and estrangement seemed to all be hitting me at once. Much of it not my fault, I felt like a victim of circumstances who was dealt an unfortunate hand. I felt profoundly alone in my struggles.

The job I begrudgingly got at an Ivy League university to establish some stability, looked good on paper, but my soul was dying a little more every day. If I had to sit through one more hour-long meeting that could have been communicated by an email, I was going to lose it. Things were done in inefficient ways for no reason other than it’s the way they’d always done it. This felt archaic to me, but rethinking conventions wasn’t welcomed or encouraged. Waiting for that clock on the wall to say 5:00 felt like an insult to my personal integrity and pride, not to mention that I’d finished my work hours earlier. The starched button down shirt I wore, because I thought I should, felt like a straight-jacket, a costume that belonged to someone else – but not me. 

I knew I couldn’t stay. While going through the motions on all the things I thought I was supposed to do, I was losing myself. On autopilot, I’d drive to work, or the grocery store, or the gym (when I could get myself to go) feeling more and more disconnected from who I was. 

I wasn’t challenged. I wasn’t inspired. I felt contained, micro-managed, and caught in status quo games that I didn’t want to play. I felt like I was drowning, and I knew no one was coming to save me.  

Underneath my restlessness and frustration, was a growing sense that I was meant for more, that this couldn’t possibly be all I was meant to do, be, or have.  

I knew I needed to take the reins and reshape my life, to reshape my reality, to figure out how to not live in a basement apartment forever, to create a life that was my own, that reflected the truth of who I was. 

It was from that dark musty basement apartment, that I gazed out that teeny-tiny window with a view of the sidewalk and the tires of cars passing by … and I’d dream. 

I dreamed of having the freedom to travel when and where I please. I dreamed of having my own location-independent company so that I could work from anywhere. I dreamed of a home with lots of natural light. I dreamed of becoming a bestselling author. I dreamed of wealth on my own terms. I dreamed of finding love. I dreamed of having time and energy for creativity and play. I dreamed of making a positive impact, serving others in meaningful ways that made their life better. I dreamed of being myself without boundaries. 

The voice of my soul, and seeds of my own self-actualization, were surfacing. Naming my dreams felt so powerful. I acknowledged the dreams in my heart and imagined what my life could be – despite having absolutely no idea how to make any of it happen at the time.

People said my dreams were impossible, that I should “settle down,” stay at my job, just be more grateful. They were wrong. 

Not only have I achieved my “impossible” dreams and the freedom I so craved, I have built a business around helping YOU chart your own course, live your dreams, and create the life you think you cannot have.  I have coached thousands to go beyond striving, wishing, and “someday-ing,” to experience the true freedom life has to offer. Rethinking conventions and challenging status quo “have tos,” while helping people rediscover themselves and realize what’s possible, has made for a profoundly fulfilling, decades-long career. Looking to the horizon, I am expanding my impact daily, determined to reach millions of people with my writing, coaching, and speaking.

Your dreams, like mine, are fuel on your path to self-actualization.

Regardless of the specifics of what your dreams are, I stand for them as by-products and bonus results of your becoming. Who you become in the process is the real win, and how you grow and stretch into being the person who would have them is the real work. (It’s also where the biggest rewards are found.)

I help you create the life you think you cannot have while becoming the person you are meant to be. 

If YOU are ready for self-actualization with a side of dream realization, you’re in the right place. ❤️ 

I knew I would continue to feel confined, frustrated, and dissatisfied, unless I changed something.

So, determined not to live this way, I broke free…


I learned how to fulfill my dreams and implement energy management principles that changed my life forever.

Today I help clients master this in The Brule Breakers Club, The No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint Training,  The Dream Acceleration Program, and Top Shelf with Tara. These programs help you learn how to powerfully and joyfully create whatever you want. I have served 100s of people, age 20 to 76, from 5 continents, to clarify and live their dreams, one proven step at a time.


I cracked the code on travel and mobility, making the world my office and busting the myth that home is a zip code.

I did this way before internet marketing and ‘digital nomads’ became mainstream, and long before Smartphones were in every pocket. In the Nomadic Living 101 Program, along with my partner Carl, we provide you with everything you need to know to get road-ready with clear answers about RV life, logistics, and mechanics — all in one place!



I learned how to build a business from the ground up and create wealth on my own terms.

Today I help others create and achieve their own freedom-based lifestyle. In business since 2004, often one aspect of the work I do with my Private Coaching clients involves entrepreneurship. I help you define and design your own dream life, and create wealth (read: joy, freedom, impact) on your own terms.  

I teach from experience.

My life has certainly not always been dreamy, and my path not always clear. Along the way, I’ve taken several turns down roads that I’ve backed out of soon after, to including being a 3-time drop out. (I’m a massage therapy school drop-out, an acupuncture school drop out, and an MBA drop-out.) It’s been a winding, not always easy, journey to where I am now

Learn from my mistakes. I’m going to help make things easier for you. My detours and lessons learned can be YOUR fast-track. I am committed to making this happen for you.

As an experienced coach, I am practiced at seeing creative possibilities where others don’t.  Where others see limits, one way only, dead ends, or despair … I see choices, creative strategies, open roads, new approaches and opportunities for expansion.

Show me a dead end and I’ll show you a path you didn’t realize was there.

Hey, have you claimed my free gifts? If not, do that now.

The first step in working with me as a private coaching client is claiming an exploratory session so that together we can determine if I’m the right coach for you. If you’d like to explore the possibilities together for dreams actualized, boundless living, open roads, and expansive new opportunities for YOUR life, claim a session here.

I’ve Always been a traveler .

… and I knew I couldn’t live my entire life in one location. I’ve traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Italy, Spain, and across the US. As a digital nomad, I’ve been able to build my business from wherever I am. I tried getting a regular job and settling down, but it really wasn’t me. I now live a fully nomadic lifestyle in an RV with my partner, Carl, and dog, Cosmo. We are currently touring and exploring the US, with book signings and speaking gigs along the way.



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Official “cred”…

Tara Sage, MA – Author, Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Strategist 

I have a Masters degree in Holistic Leadership, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and a coach training certificate from one of the first coach training institutes worldwide. Before starting my company, I gained extensive experience as a behavior modification therapist, an integral part of a treatment team for inpatient psychiatric populations, and as a member of an addiction medicine treatment research team at Brown University. More than anything, from this experience I gained a strong practical and theoretical foundation in therapeutic intervention models and client needs assessment. In other words, I not only want to help, I also have a strong application, orientation, and foundation for how  to help.

I am a professional speaker. Described as “incredibly captivating” with compelling content, a commanding presence, and engaging leadership style, I have been featured multiple years at the Florida RV Supershow, Tunxis College in CT, The Comedy Connection in RI, Ladies DC events in Washington, DC, and more. To book me for your next event, click here

I am a #1 bestselling author. Check out The Brules of Life: 15 Bullshit Rules to Break for a No-Vacation-Needed Life and The Brules of Life Companion Workbook. I also wrote Are You Pregnant With a Dream? and 10 Things RV Dealerships Don’t Tell You About Nomadic Living and was a contributing author in A Juicy, Joyful Life. I am currently working on the next book, The Brules of Self-Care. And I host an online writer’s gallery, Sheulogy.com, showcasing true stories of personal journeys and the shoes we walk in. 

I am CEO & Founder of Tara Sage, Inc., my location independent company, which I have built from the ground up since 2004.

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