You’re invited!

The Brule Breakers Club

Breaking bullshit rules for a no-vacation-needed life and a better world.

Hi, I’m Tara Sage.  

If you are new to me and my work, here’s a quick introduction: 

I am a coach, a dreamer, a digital nomad, a professional speaker, writer, entrepreneur, rule breaker, and blanket hog. Some of my favorite things are salsa dancing, travel, hot springs, street art, hiking, and cheese.

I hope we get to know one another much more over the coming months, but that’s a start. 

I am writing a book, in an unconventional way, and you’re invited!

It’s called “The Book of Brules”, a book about rethinking conventional wisdom. Each chapter will leave you feeling inspired and equipped with simple powerful strategies to break free of “brules” (bullshit rules) that aren’t serving you and create new levels of life-enhancing joy and freedom.

I am here to write a life-hack book so good that every page pours light onto your path less traveled. (Turns out, I’m actually writing a series of books, not just one. More on that in a moment.)

Two of my guiding questions are: (1) What is the truest thing I can say about the topic at hand? (2) How can I say it with love, while unapologetically debunking “brules”, in order to make your life and the world better? 

I’m going to show you exactly how to get on the fast-track to creating not only a life you love so much you can’t wait to get up and out of bed for it in the morning … but also a better world.

I include stories, examples, and teachings that I have never shared before.

Now, let me explain the “you’re invited” part. 👇  (Below that, you’ll also find chapter topics/ table of contents.)

“Working with Tara made me realize that every dream is achievable if you have the right support. In our fast-paced multi-tasking lives, Tara is able to get to the heart of what’s most important to our happiness.”  ~ Terri Sinclair, sales trainer


📌 The brule-breaking starts immediately. I am rewriting the rules about how to write a book. 

📌 I don’t want to write in a vacuum or private silo. 

📌 Since I’m writing for you, I’ve decided to write with you, in real time.

📌 Rather than hole up, type away, and wait to release chapters until it’s a completed work, YOU are invited to go on this journey with me.

📌 I’m writing and sharing chapters as I go. That said, this program isn’t “about” book writing. It’s about making your life, your work, and the world better – NOW – through new approaches, questions, and powerful life hacks for better results than conventional avenues will bring.

“Tara brings so much to her groups. Her leadership style is compelling. I feel engaged and present throughout and always leave feeling like a switch has been turned on.”  

~ Claire Winston-Wade, wedding officiant


 ⭐️ Part coaching program, part book club, you get the first read of the book’s fresh content, to include: never before told stories, brule-breaking tips, life-hack assignments, humor, and truth-filled wisdom bombs.   

⭐️ You will be connected to fellow brule-breakers: People like you who are willing to color outside the lines. Caring, kind people who enjoy being part of a creative process. Critical thinkers and innovators eager to live full-out and design life on purpose. 

⭐️ You will learn how to apply powerful life hacks for more joy, freedom, satisfaction and fun. 

⭐️ As I roll out one chapter at a time, I will ask for your input along the way. 

⭐️ I host TWO monthly LIVE videos/mastermind calls within the group: reading/ brainstorming/ interviewing/ stream of consciousness/ Q&A. Ask me anything + share your thoughts and feedback! [Video replays available to suit any schedule.] 

⭐️ Assignments and discussion topics will be posted to support you in creating a brule-free no-vacation-needed life that lights you up. 

⭐️ As a Brule Breakers Club founding member, your name will be listed in the book along with a personal Thank You! 

⭐️ As we get to know each other, I may even invite you to submit a brule-breaking story of your own. With your permission, of course, your story may find its way into The Book of Brules! 

⭐️ You’ll gain insight into not only my writing process, but how I manage fear and doubt while embarking on a big project or new endeavor. 

⭐️ A first look at – and vote on – the book cover. 

⭐️ BONUS! Active members for 3 months or more will receive a complimentary final copy, sent to your doorstep! 

It was admiration at first words! That was years ago, and I’ve been following Tara on her adventures ever since. I enjoy her command of the written word, and her writing style makes me think she’s writing directly to me! I can’t wait to see, hear, or read what she’s doing next.”   

~ Melissa K. Grudin, retiree and active volunteer


💗 Choose to go on this journey with me and you’ll be added to my private Brule Breaker’s Club group on Facebook, where you’ll connect, not only with me, but also with an incredible community of kind, smart, savvy brule breakers. 

💗 I will release first drafts to you in the group. All feedback welcome!

💗 Our special support community of “brule breakers” will join forces for support, fun, inspiration, and growth.  

💗 Each month, along with fellow members, expand your thinking, break “brules”, and learn powerful life-hacks and strategies for new levels of life-enhancing joy and freedom in your life. 

“Tara’s ability to articulate nuance and teach subtle points for transformational leadership is out of this world.”  

~ Marcy Stahl, Mindset & Marketing Mentor


⏰ My goal is to write and publish Book of Brules by the end of 2021 and, throughout the writing process, provide YOU with value and support to live your best life. Part coaching program, part book club: A truly collaborative win-win!

⏰ I, of course, hope you’ll stay with me on the journey! But, no obligation. You can cancel your monthly membership anytime with 30 days notice. 

⏰ Connect in real-time with TWO monthly LIVE videos/mastermind calls: reading/ brainstorming/ interviewing/ stream of consciousness/ Q&A. Ask me anything + share your thoughts and feedback! [Video replays available to suit any schedule.] 

"What's the investment to join, Tara?"

Only $37/month! 

Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.   

BONUS! Be an active member for at least 3 months and receive
a complimentary final copy of the book sent to your doorstep.

Stay for 6 months and you’ll receive lifetime membership! Payments stop automatically after 6 months.

* Refund, Shipping & Privacy Policies: In purchasing this program, I understand I am committing to paying the chosen monthly payment in full as this is an all-inclusive, immediate-access program in which I am enrolling. I understand there are no refunds if I choose to withdraw and that I can cancel monthly charges anytime with 30 days written notice. A $10 late fee will be charged for payment not received, or unable to be processed, by each installment due date. I understand that Tara Sage, Inc is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give my name, address, or other personal information to anyone.

THE “Table of Brules” OUTLINE

A working outline of topics, titles, and books in The Book of Brules series:

(Book 1) The Brules of Life 

15 Bullshit Rules to Break for a No-Vacation-Needed Life: Life hacks and strategies that rethink conventions

*Draft manuscript available now! Companion workbook coming soon! 

Prologue: The Bullshit Principle 

Upon joining The Brule Breakers Club, you will receive immediate access to entire draft manuscript and questions that will get you thinking outside the box, pronto.  

  1. Better to be safe than sorry
  2. Achieving goals makes you happy
  3. Don’t get too big for your britches
  4. Honor traditions
  5. Dreams are fleeting
  6. Be realistic
  7. Be independent
  8. Wealth is measured in dollars
  9. It’ll happen when the time is right
  10. Don’t blow out your friend’s birthday candles
  11. You must go to work
  12. Root where you are planted
  13. Make new year resolutions
  14. Eliminate fear
  15. You need a vacation 

Epilogue: The Coaching Industry 

“I love Tara’s writing style. Every chapter is thought-provoking and sparks life changing ah-ha moments!”  ~ Colleen Millett

(Book 2?) The Brules of Self-Care 

There are countless brules about self-care. These chapters will be a future book. 

  1. Don’t complain. 
  2. A healthy lifestyle is time-consuming and expensive.
  3. Don’t rock the boat.
  4. Time management is the key to productivity.
  5. Don’t be selfish.
  6. Being single is lonely.
  7. Call things by their right name.
  8. Don’t let emotions guide your decisions. 
  9. Act your age.
  10. Practice makes perfect.
  11. Don’t talk to strangers.


(Book 3?) The Brules of Business 

A self starter’s guide to business outside-the-box

In business, like in life, opportunity takes many forms. Often they’re found where you’d least expect and where few think to look. This book will shine a great big light in the direction of unconventional approaches for self-starters.

  1. You need a business plan.
  2. Pick one thing and stick with it.
  3. Real estate is for the rich.  
  4. Time is money. 
  5. You need to beat the competition.
  6. You need a marketing budget.
  7. Mastery requires a Master’s degree

 (Book 4?) The Brules of Peace and Politics

 A dissent of bullshit rules for a better world 

In a world rife with racial and political divisiveness, this book challenges and revisits commonly held assumptions while exploring how to be a meaningful part of the solution for a better, more peaceful and just world.


  1. Love is weak.
  2. Faith is blind.
  3. Keep the peace.
  4. It is what it is. 
  5. Truth is relative. 
  6. Define your priorities.
  7. The truth hurts.
  8. It’s just semantics.


  1. Don’t question authority
  2. The end justifies the means.
  3. Your vote doesn’t matter.
  4. Good things come to those who wait. 
  5. Leaders are born, not made.
  6. Justice is color blind.


  • Grow, explore, and support one another!
  • Be bold, loving, and no nonsense! 

  • Share in each stage of the creative process!  
  • Elevate clarity, satisfaction, wisdom and fun!  

Members’ Feedback 

“I see this book as life changing!!”  

“Your words are a powerful reminder of what is within us all.”

“The perfect way to open the chapter. It’s attention grabbing and really makes the point about LIFE!”

“I love how you take all you know, are, and have learned and roll out a cohesive chapter of thought provoking ideas and for us all.” 

“I have a feeling you’re going to push me so I break out of my own chains.”  

“Bravo! I can absolutely see this being the first chapter.”  

“I love it!! I have so many thoughts. You’re an inspiration!!”  

“I can’t wait to jump in and find out how to unleash my spirit.”  

“I loved this chapter!”  

“Tara’s stories help me remember when I forget.”  

“There’s an adventurous spirit inside me and screaming for me.”

“I L-O-V-E watching your videos, Tara.  It’s soul food.”

“An exciting journey with an amazing group.”  

“Sounds great, Tara. Sign me up!”

YAY.  I can’t wait to welcome YOU to the Club!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does membership start?

As soon as you join! You’ll be immediately invited to join our private group forum and download a copy of the prologue and other chapters. Each includes thought-provoking questions to help get you thinking outside the box, pronto. Reach out for support and connection to me and your fellow brule-breaker members anytime. 

Do I need to be a writer myself or have any special training or background to join?

Nope. If you love creative collaboration, critical thinking, and you sense that status quo ways are stunting your growth or your joy – even in the slightest – than this club is for you. Together, let’s create a no-vacation-needed life and a better world!

What is your refund and privacy policy?

This is an all-inclusive program and there are no refunds if you choose to withdraw. You can cancel your monthly membership anytime with 30 days written notice. Tara Sage, Inc. is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give your name, address, or other personal information to anyone. 

What if I want more personalized support, beyond what’s provided within the group?

I am more than happy to provide additional support and explore how I might serve you in a more personalized way. Please just reach out to me directly so we can customize based on what will serve you best. 

“I’m in, Tara!”

Awesome. I am incredibly honored to have this opportunity to serve and co-create with you.  I honestly can’t wait.  Join now and then be on the lookout for details.   

Big love,

Tara Sage