The Brule Breakers Club:

based on The Brules of Life

a refreshingly unconventional approach that brings change to life in accessible and empowering ways 

Summer 2024

Let’s carpe the hell out of this deim.

You know that feeling when you WISH things were different – in your life, in your career, in your business, your relationships, your finances, your health, your day-to-day life – but you just can’t see or understand how to actually make those desired changes stick? You WANT it, but if we’re honest, days, weeks, months, even years pass and things in your life STILL aren’t where you want them to be. Wanting a change, trying so hard for it, working for it, and still not getting it can be the single most frustrating thing in the world. 

Truth be told, it’s far easier sometimes to just throw your hands up and say “maybe I should just be more grateful” or “maybe this is just the way things are” … and then continue doing things the way you’ve done them in the past. 

Well, if you know that feeling, if you know what I’m talking about, then I know how you feel.

I know what it feels like to want to pursue your deepest dreams, full throttle … to long for change. I know how deeply held these desires can be, wanting to meet your goals – big and small – so that you can break free of the mundane and SUCCESSFULLY create the life you aspire to live, stat!


We suffer when we believe this is “just the way it is.”

There was a time in my life – before my business, before my book, before my speaking career – when I was in a job that I hated, drowning in student loan debt, and living in a basement apartment with my cat. I felt utterly trapped and absolutely WISHED things were different but I was struggling to see my way out. 

While desperately wanting something different, it felt like salt on my wounds when others (smart, caring, well-meaning people) thought my circumstances were NORMAL. It’s considered normal to work at a job you tolerate, to live for weekends and dread Mondays. It’s considered normal to be tired, frazzled, and feel like there’s never enough hours in the day. It’s considered surprisingly normal to have debt that’ll take decades to pay off. And, sadly, it’s considered normal for the dreams you have for your life to gather dust.

By default, in this “it’s just the way it is”-paradigm, what’s abnormal is joy. (So much so that it’s treated with suspicion!) Deep satisfaction, too, is abnormal, an anomaly. In this paradigm, prioritizing self-actualization is met with confusion. And pursuing a story-worthy life without regrets is not only generally considered odd, but ridiculous and even irresponsible.


While I didn’t know what to call it at the time, I eventually grew to understand that all of this is the result of a society steeped in “brules.”  

I discovered how bullshit rules (a.k.a. “BRULES”) were fueling unhelpful narratives, narratives that often keep people from believing in and pursuing their dreams and goals. Like, for example, “working at a fancy Ivy League university was a responsible career track that I should stay on no matter how much I hated it” and “who did I think I was to want something more or better?” and “given the amount of my student loan debt, I better embrace basement dwelling,” and “it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t risk a different kind of life.” 

I discovered how these “facts of life” and “this is the way it is” beliefs were bullshit limits. I discovered how brules – social constructs and commonly held beliefs that are so baked-in to our cultural understanding and worldview that they generally go unnoticed and unquestioned – were ruling not only my life, but the lives of ALL of us.

So, I set out to learn how to break them. The Brules of Life

And it changed everything. 

From there, I redesigned my life, blazed the trail of my own business, and even wrote books on the topic. And now, I’ve created The Brule Breakers Club so that YOU can break brules and live differently too.



The Brule Breakers Club!

In The Brule Breakers Club, that’s what we do. We don’t just change your life. We break the brules most people accept as “just the way it is,” so that you LIVE your dreams and create the life YOU want.

The Brule Breakers Club is a space that supports and encourages you to realize that change is possible, that what you WANT is possible. We help you create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Creating a no-vacation-needed life isn’t a mystery. It’s a mastery.

It requires learning the skills, building the habits, and doing the things that result in:

  • the freedom to spend your time how and where you want
  • thriving, not just surviving
  • the gratification of your impact in the world
  • the embodiment of who you are here to be

“What Tara teaches in The Brule Breakers Club is profound. Goal setting becomes a self-actualization formula.”

~ Ryane LeCesne, Inspire brand consulting

Maybe you’ve wondered, “what’s wrong with me?” or “why is following dreams easy for other people but an infinite struggle for me?” 


There is nothing wrong with you.  Mastery isn’t easy, for anyone.

Self-care is not synonymous with comfort. And simple doesn’t mean easy.

imple comes when you build the skills, make the commitment, and devote yourself to creating the life you desire. By showing up for it relentlessly, believing and trusting that your dreams are in your heart for a reason … you can stop the “someday” sabotage.
This is how you build momentum. You show up for the process. You do the right hard things.
Your life now is rich with information. In The Brule Breakers Club, we look in the mirror that is your life and see what’s there. What’s working? What isn’t? What do you want most? Why do you want it? What actions put you on the path to get it?
Most people won’t do this. They avoid it because it’s a new kind of uncomfortable. They prefer familiar discomforts and predictable frustrations. (They’re less confronting.)
Brule Breakers do it anyway. They recognize that everything they want that they don’t yet have is due to a gap in their skill set.

Deciding this puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.
It’s a huge turning point. 
Skill building involves emotional skills. Skill building involves practical skills. There are blind spots. Things you don’t know, and likely don’t know that you don’t know. In The Brule Breakers Club, we learn the things. We shine light on the blind spots. We build the habits. We practice the skills. We put the psychology of change to work in YOUR life. We do the right hard things.

In the Brule Breakers Club we help make it easier and safer for you to feel empowered to make the changes you want, to express and align with the biggest most self-actualized version of YOU.

The Brule Breakers Club is the “oh, THERE I am!” exhale you’ve been longing for. 

Just knowing that a space like this exists already feels better, doesn’t it?

Of course there’s more to it. Learning to see blind spots and putting it all into action takes focused effort, specific support, and heightened new levels of awareness. This is what you’ll experience inside the Brule Breakers Club.

  • It’s a supportive, immersive, welcoming community of dreamers and doers. 
  • It’s where, together, we demystify the applied psychology of change so that you can create from a new level of consciousness and empowerment.
  • It’s where we do the work of deconstructing brules, identifying default patterns, and challenging psychological and behavioral blind spots so that you can live your life without false limitations.
  • It’s where complex behavioral and psychological concepts get turned into super accessible, user-friendly, easy-to-apply strategies that help you experience more joy and wellbeing in your life.
  • It’s where – through interactive trainings, discussions, coaching, community, challenges and more – you learn to spot the brules that KEEP you from being, doing, and having ALL that you truly desire.
  • It’s a place to practice creating conscious pattern interruptions that’ll open you up to expansive new realms of possibility so that you are in action on designing and creating life on your own terms. 

  • It’s where we break unhelpful habits, rethink false logic, untwine conflated ideas, and celebrate breakthroughs. Said another way, we shine a light on things that seem true or seem like part of your personality or “just the way it is,” but that are actually optional, malleable, negotiable, and sometimes blatantly FALSE.

The Brules of Life books are a must-have for any freedom seeker. Tara is inspiring, insightful and a true leader for anyone looking to break the shackles of conventional life and step out of their cage into their desire for freedom. In The Brules of Life, Tara takes you on a journey of exploration through must-know insights and concepts about breaking Brules. The Companion Workbook gets you taking REAL ACTION with refreshing, accessible, easy-to-follow steps and breakthrough exercises to make your dreams a reality. Get ready to be changed forever when you get into Tara’s Brule Breaking world.” ~ Eloise Attenborough, Book Bubble Press

Unlike anything else in the coaching space

While writing my bestselling book, The Brules of Life (2021), I had the idea to bring people together into a community of “brule breakers” to raise awareness of psychological and behavioral blind spots and conditioned autopilot patterns that – through no fault of your own – sneakily, and likely without you noticing, have become unhelpful default ways of thinking, being, and doing.

Refreshingly unlike anything else I know of in the coaching/author space, The Brule Breakers Club is a place where you get to PRACTICE fully implementing the power of challenging conventional beliefs and behaviors, with an extraordinary community of support cheering you on as you clarify and pursue your deepest dreams, meet your goals, and successfully create the life you think you cannot have. 

Long story short, The Brule Breakers Club is where we THRIVE.

I am preparing now to write my next book and, as I do, it’s inspired me to reimagine The Brule Breakers Club, expanding far beyond my original vision into something I can’t wait for you to experience!

The “assignment” has expanded. I’m here for it, and YOU.

In addition to learning how to spot the brules that hide in plain sight, in The Brule Breakers Club, you’ll learn how to master the art of navigating beyond these saboteurs so that you can get on with LIVING your best life.

Join us to explore your personal psychology, see your blind spots, and uncover your programming.

  • We will dismantle unhelpful ways of thinking.
  • We will deconstruct old paradigms built on false assumptions.
  • We will dismiss “norms” that you’ve accidentally accepted as the laws of your life.
  • We will unlock clarity on your dreams and goals and teach you how to make them REAL.
  • We will build empowering new habits and ways of being so that you can stop playing smaller than you are and make your dreams your reality.

Appropriately, brule-breaking. 😊 

“She’s the wizard! Tara knows how to shake things up for you and get you MOVING and ACHIEVING!!”

~ Sara Ailennyn Knight, LMHC, psychotherapist, singer

Your dream life is about to take shape.

On THAT note, a warning … to the brules you bring with you: 


When it comes to preserving and maintaining your limiting beliefs, this zone is dangerous Tara’tory. (See what I did there?) 😜

In The Brule Breakers Club, we’re going to change your life, and we’re going to do it by deconstructing the brules of life – of YOUR life – by changing the way you think and see and experience what’s around you until the change you’ve been seeking becomes yours. 

Maybe you’ve heard the old adage that when you shift how you look at things, the things you look at change? Welp, adding my own spin to this, when you shift what you look for, the things you find also change! 

THIS is when you start to think and see and experience things differently. 

In a similar fashion to how I am deconstructing a sale page by writing you a letter instead of doing it the way people typically think you have to do it … in The Brule Breakers Club, we shine a light on the brules that are hiding in the shadows of YOUR life, and in your BRAIN, so that you can create the life you actually want rather than feeling like you have to do it a certain way.

Blind spots happen when “brules” become embodied beliefs.

Fill in the blank:
“I can’t ___________ because I’m not ___________.”
“I can’t ___________ because I’m too ___________
“I can’t leave/find a ___________ because ___________
“I can’t travel because ___________
“I can’t be a writer, a business owner, an artist, a boss, a ___________
“It can’t succeed because _____________
“My dreams are too _____________.“

I call BS on all of them!

In The Brule Breakers Club, what’s most important is what you WANT.

We will break the brules – and the habits and thoughts and programming that come with them – until your dreams and goals are not only possible, they HAPPEN.

Left uninterrupted, brules keep you habituated into default patterns and self-perpetuated limitations.

The world hungers for truth seekers and mavericks and Tara Sage’s book is about to liberate more of them! The Brules of Life is no nonsense but tons of fun and the truth just bubbles within it and makes you want to stand up and be counted for the genius that you, and only you are. Bravo!Tama Kieves, USA Today featured visionary career coach and bestselling author of Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work and other books

If you long for a space to challenge and reinvent parts of yourself, to see your blind spots, deconstruct your limits, and create a vision for your life that is all your own…

If you want to break brules, not for the sake of rebellion, but in the spirit of self-expression and self-actualization…

If you want to step into being the next-level you, following your dreams and enjoying the process of growth and expansion…

If you understand that change takes time, commitment, devotion, patience, love, curiosity, a willingness to do things differently, and that there’s no magic pill…

… consider this your personal invitation. ❤ 

Your invitation to break the brules that have kept your dreams at arm’s length, until now.

Your invitation to make your relationship with yourself your number one priority.

Your invitation to join the most supportive space online, to have a community of friends and an expert coach cheering you on as you empower and elevate yourself and your life.

It is absolutely amazing what happens and how your dream life takes shape when you make this kind of commitment and show up for it consistently over time. By staying engaged and diligently identifying, challenging, and removing any and all brules from your sphere … shifts happen, the kind that stop holding you back and stop keeping you from your dreams.

I want you to not only have that “oh, there I am!” feeling, I want you to confidently CREATE from it!

Normally, on a sales page, you see shiny promises about your “guaranteed” results. (Which if they’re YOUR results, no one can guarantee you BUT you.) While it can initially feel good to ride someone else’s promises and confidence coattails, borrowed confidence fades fast and, ultimately, if what you’re banking on is someone else’s assurances about your results, that’s a pretty sure way NOT to get what you desire.

Normally, when reading a sales page, you can predictably anticipate that you’re about to be told why I am the only person on the planet who can help you build helpful new habits and create more of what you want in your life.

And, normally, on a sales page, there’s a line-by-line valuation claim, listing all that you get and what each piece is “worth” followed by “but wait, there’s more!” and, the cherry on top, a “this screamin’ deal ends at midnight” pressure campaign.

I’m not doing any of that. 

What I’m doing instead is simply giving you a little window into my quirky mind, personality, expertise, stance, and sincere offer to help so that YOU can decide for yourself if it feels like a “yes.”.     

In order to get you those desired results and quicken the pace of you having them (be it personal, self-care, fitness, financial, relational, creative, business/career, legacy…), in The Brule Breakers Club, we hone in on what will make the biggest difference for YOU.

Membership in this special Club gives you the value of simplicity and the opportunity to practice self-mastery. We keep things direct, powerful, succinct. 

Brule-breaking can be fun and simple. I’m not here to add to your overwhelm with lots of unnecessary information. Implementation is the key, and you can go at your own pace.

The Brule Breakers Club is a welcoming community coaching space and potent playground where I share what I know and have learned and have coached others on for the past 20+ years. It’s about succinct high-value information, integration, implementation, connection, and practice! 

“I’ve edited a lot of self-help books, and this is the first one that doesn’t try to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for its readers. Instead, Tara’s book points out ways we may be following an unwritten script without realizing it, and opens the door for us to question those assumptions about how things “should” be done. There’s a lot of freedom and flexibility on the other side of that door – infinite ways to customize our “brule” breaking and discover unique individual paths to joy!” ~ Robin Samuels, Shadowcat Editing

As your coach, I help you sort out the time-sucks and navigate around the nonsense with impactful practices and focused challenges. I help you spot and deconstruct any and all BS that is not serving you. This includes the brules in your brain and the systemic, societal, and familial brules that we’ve all been steeped in by the mere fact of being BORN.

With minimal investment, you can have TONS of support (from not only me, but the other members of this community) as you successfully break brules and shift into positive productive patterns.

If you’re ready for a compassionate, clear-eyed kick in the pants, this is it. 

It’s an investment that is going to save you time, money, energy, struggle, and tiresome spaghetti-at-the wall experiments.

Step inside…where I am an open book, sharing things that have been helping others for decades in my private coaching, now available to YOU in The Brule Breakers Club. 

Big love,


PS From time to time, you’ll hear me describe The Brule Breakers Club as a virtual speakeasy, subversive in the best of ways, and I want to get on my soapbox about that for a moment. I see the book bans happening in our world as a modern-day form of prohibition. (prohibooktion?) And, like prohibition, it won’t work. I stand in solidarity with writers and readers everywhere. As an expression of this commitment, for every new member who joins The Brule Breakers Club, my company donates 3% of your registration to PEN America, a non-profit working to ensure that people everywhere have the freedom to create literature, convey information and ideas, express their views, and access the views, ideas, and literatures of others. My company proudly supports the PEN America mission while also supporting our beloved members to thrive, break the brules, and realize your grandest visions for your next chapter. 

PPS My goal is for The Brule Breakers Club to be the last life coaching program you ever need: a powerful, transformative, collaborative experience like no other. For answers to frequently asked questions, please see FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will this work?

If you’re wondering how fast you’ll be able to make brule-busting breakthroughs and see the benefits of this in your life, here’s the simple truth: You can’t “make” your life churn out or deliver a dream on your regularly scheduled programming. 

One weakness of the coaching industry is that there’s not generally long-term support vibes. 

A lot of coaches in the industry focus on getting a group of people together to get them all to one specific result. In the Brule Breakers Club, it’s not about one specific shared result, but rather, ever-expanding individual results – created in tandem. 

You can’t just put a date on the calendar and consider it done, but what you CAN do to speed up your progress is commit to the process of BECOMING the person who would have that dream – embodying and intentionally constructing the YOU you will be without all those blind spots hiding in the shadows, and without all those limiting beliefs you currently accept as (or at least act as if they are) true, AND without those obstacles that you keep repeatedly stubbing your toe on!

Let’s turn the page on survival mode and start the next chapter: “thrival” mode. 🙂

Rather than continue to let brules hold you back, let’s make the unseen visible so that you can shift it. (While making such changes may make you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, it’s also what supports your desired outcomes, personal empowerment, growth and transformation.) It’s what enables you to make – and maintain – positive changes so that you THRIVE!

Being “in the room” for deconstruction of the countless brules that hold you back creates its own results. When shared within a community of support, over time, results get amplified, compounded, and accelerated.

Who is The Brule Breakers Club for?

Brule Breakers Club members are an eclectic bunch. It’s for the entrepreneur who’s juggling priorities. It’s for the mom who is trying to find balance. It’s for the overworked employee. It’s for the aspiring artist. It’s for those who are moving through a time of loss, hardship, or reinvention. It’s for the person who feels like they’re in a rut and in need of clarity about their direction in life. It’s for you if you aspire to THRIVE, if you want to take better care of yourself but perhaps feel caught in a game of self-care Whack-a-Mole or in an endless loop of “adulting.” The Brule Breakers Club is where you come when you want real support, a special community that helps you grow while feeling deeply nourished and truly alive.

Let’s be honest – even high-functioning, seem-to-have-it-all folks are exhausted, deep in their bones. Functioning in our world involves some heavy lifting and we – both as individuals and as a collective – need deep, nourishing, brule-breaking levels of self-care, self-awareness, and self-reflection, in order to flip the script on how we get to live, be, feel, create, and change.

The Brule Breakers Club provides not only a community of support, but a revolutionary antidote, The Deconstruction Method™. This proprietary method presents the psychology of change through a user-friendly approach to spot and transmute the “brules” for greater happiness, improved wellbeing, and deepened self-mastery – without added strife or unnecessary struggle. 

Joining will be like finding a set of keys you didn’t know to look for, but that now empowers and inspires you to unlock doors you weren’t sure how to open.

Why should joining be a no-brainer “hell yes!” decision?

Because breaking even ONE brule can change the trajectory of your entire life. (full stop)

Brule breaking sparks powerful positive domino effects! Similar to how in retirement investing there’s compound interest, brule breaking too creates compounding results.

Let’s say, for example, that after years of debating a move from your hometown, you feel eager to escape. That although you feel a lot of pressure from others to stay, you feel confined and constrained, like it’s sucking life out of you, stunting your growth. So, you decide to take action, finally breaking the “Root Where You Are Planted” brule (chapter 12 in The Brules of Life). You move to a thriving city where new opportunities are everywhere. Or maybe you take off and travel the world. Along the way, you meet your dream partner, and you find your dream job, and make wonderful new friends. You pursue your passions and hobbies, your mental and physical health improves, you look better, you feel better, you stand taller, and before you know it, you have elevated the quality of your entire life!

Those are some big life-changing outcomes! All sparked by doing what it took to break ONE brule. See what I mean?

In The Brule Breakers Club we challenge assumptions, break unhelpful habits, rethink false logic, untwine conflated ideas, and celebrate breakthroughs … shining a great big light on a multitude of dream-inhibiting, self-care stunting brules so that you THRIVE. And, again, just ONE can powerfully impact every part of your life! You could seriously be one shift/one decision/one brule-busting breakthrough away from everything you want. 

Consider what this could mean for you and the compounding impact this can have on the future you are creating and then ask yourself: Would investing LESS  THAN $100 a month in yourself be a worthwhile investment? What about $2.50 a day? Brule Breakers Club membership costs less than a cup of coffee a day. And breaking even just ONE BRULE could have tremendous positive effects on absolutely every area of your life. Is that worth it? Hell yes!    

What do you mean by The Deconstruction Method™?

Glad you asked! 

The Deconstruction Method™ is my 3-part method for shining a light on and challenging conventional default modes, and then implementing change so you have breakthroughs in your thinking and gain the tools and support needed to build new thought patterns (a.k.a. beliefs) and behavior patterns (a.k.a. habits).

To understand what I mean by “deconstruct” you must first understand that if something can be constructed, it can be deconstructed. This isn’t just true for Ikea furniture. 😉 It’s true for ideas, beliefs, social norms, even identity. All are constantly being constructed – and deconstructed.

Like, say, you fall short on a goal that you set. Despite the progress you made, you didn’t meet your goal and you are feeling really frustrated with yourself. You look around the room and see every in-process project and half-done task, even the water bottle on your desk that you only drank half of despite intending to drink it all. Exasperated, you put your head in your hands and tell yourself, “ugh, I’m constantly failing. Everything I do I fail at. I should stop setting goals because I always fail at them.” 

See? Brule constructed.

Deconstruction too is always happening. Ideas and norms are challenged and deconstructed and rewritten all the time. BUT – most people aren’t conscious about their PARTICIPATION in it. Really think about that for a moment.

During the pandemic, for example, social norms about how we work, and where we work, changed – seemingly overnight. Remote work became a new norm for many. Companies quickly organized to adapt to the circumstances. Gyms closed and people exercised at home, etc. Now, many companies are trending towards a return to the office. Others aren’t. After seeing its deconstruction and getting a taste of remote work and the benefits of no longer having to commute five days a week, some don’t want to participate in the old ways as they’ve done before. And some of us, like me, long ago embraced remote work, designing a career around having the freedom to work from anywhere and be location-independent.    

By taking an active role in deconstructing the brules of life, and our world, you can choose to design your life to have the experiences you actually want.

To be clear, when I say “deconstruct”, I don’t mean “destroy.” (To get quantum physics on you for a moment, matter can’t be destroyed. It simply changes form. Think: water, ice, snow, steam, vapor…)

Like things, “brules” CAN be deconstructed, but they can’t be destroyed. When deconstructed, the “brule” will still exist. BUT, its existence need not continue to limit you – at least if I have anything to say about it! Brules are built into our world, but they need not continue to be something you adopt, embody, believe, perpetuate, or live from. 

When you deconstruct a brule, you don’t destroy it, you create a new relationship with it. 

The Deconstruction Method™ can be applied to ANY brule. It brings the psychology of change to life in accessible and empowering ways and helps you unlock the door to a new kind of freedom. As does this community of support. My mission is to demystify applied psychology, revolutionize and optimize the human experience, and empower you to create the life you think you cannot have.

The Brule Breakers Club is a unique opportunity to actively and intentionally participate in discerning and deconstructing those areas where brules have been holding you back so you can finally breakthrough the default patterns and experience more empowerment, peace, pleasure, and expansive possibilities in your life, your work, your health, your joy, your wellbeing.

What makes this program different?

What makes this program different is the fact that we are breaking brules. Rather than just telling you to work harder or giving you a cookie-cutter formula to follow, this program helps you actually spot and deconstruct the brules that’ve been holding you back. It’s a space where blind spots get revealed, where you build the habits and practice the skills needed so that you can successfully make significant changes in your life and move swiftly towards your dream life – now. This incredible program provides a refreshingly unconventional approach and gives you the support you need to bring the psychology of change to life in your life, so that you don’t just survive – you thrive.

Will this work for me?

Well, since you asked, here’s my crystal ball prediction. 

While having doubts and questions is absolutely 100% normal, I’ve met people clients even who question and question and question whether something will work for them. Sometimes they even fight to convince me that they can’t realize their dreams, that they can’t move the blocks, and that things just won’t work for them. This belief that they can’t is what I call “the brain behind the brules.” When it comes to applied psychology, behavior modification and belief modification must go hand in hand because one without the other simply doesn’t work and isn’t sustainable. A willing mindset is key. 

So, if you are someone who holds tight to “this WON’T work for me” rather than opening up to the possibility that it will, and if you’re someone who prefers to dig your heels in and insist that you “can’t,” steadfast in the belief that you can’t change your beliefs or behaviors… this might not be the Club for you. 

If, on the other hand, rather than dig your heels in and hold tight to the belief that you can’t

…you are willing to doubt your doubt, recognize that you are a living, breathing, evolving being, and celebrate that embracing this means embracing expanding possibilities and untapped potential…

…and you’re someone who understands that getting results isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you IMPLEMENT and practice…

Then, heck yeah! You are likely to get an enormous amount of value from your membership. 

What delights you about this work, Tara?

Ohmygosh, so much. One consistent source of delight for me is at book signings, when, within minutes – sometimes seconds – of learning what the term “brule” means, people use it in a sentence. This delights me to no end! While using a slang word requires an educational component to my marketing, I dare to be different. I love empowering people with a fun new way to express what we all understand is ubiquitous, yet difficult to pinpoint and name – until now.

Experience has taught me that people are quick to understand how “brules” (a.k.a. bullshit rules) become embodied beliefs and cause blind spots. Once this is clear, they’re eager to remove the psychological and behavioral blind spots that impede and prevent them from thriving. People understand that breaking even one single brule and gaining even one single fundamental truth can significantly change their life. 

Rather than continue having brules undermine your happiness and make wellbeing harder to achieve, let me help you see what you aren’t fully cognizant of. I do this with no-BS humor, love, and direction. Through your participation in The Brule Breakers Club, you’ll experience my unique approach to the psychology of happiness and my personal commitment to provide YOU with a revolutionary antidote that creates countless “oh, there I am!” exhales, ah-has, and breakthroughs. 

What will I be responsible for?

Brules are sneaky bastards.

Your life is alive and in motion, its own in-flux system. You are in relationship with other systems – other living, breathing beings and social and societal constructs – that also are in flux and alive with motion, direction, desires, and brules. 

This is why anyone who tells you (or sells you) on one formula or path is either foolish enough to believe that or isn’t telling you the truth.

In The Brule Breakers Club, we’re going to tell the truth and focus on what is in your control. You are not in control of all the pieces and all the relationships and you can’t “make” other people or systems respond like you wish they would, when you wish they would. But you 100% CAN show up for yourself in ways that are self-trusting, self-affirming, congruent, and powerfully aligned with who you are here to BE. When you do THAT, new paths are found, and you learn who you are and what you’re capable of.

Why you, Tara?

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur 20+ years ago, my work experience included being an integral part of behavior modification and wellness initiatives, both as part of an Ivy League addiction-treatment research team and on behalf of psychiatric populations in an in-patient hospital. I have since served hundreds of individual clients, and thousands through group presentations, and have honed the skills, strategies, and tools to help people effectively design and create a life that reflects and expresses their unique dreams and goals.

In short, with decades of professional experience, a Masters degree in Holistic Leadership, a BA in Psychology, coach training certification, and hundreds of client success stories in my wake, I don’t just want to help, I know how to help.

You don’t need to have studied complex behavioral and psychological concepts for years or have degrees in behavioral psychology to learn from someone who does … so long as that person (ahem, me) keeps it REAL and breaks things into simple, relatable, straight-talking micro-steps that make your life better.

That’s what I’m committed to.

If you want to accelerate self-mastery and leap over obstacles, the right support is key. It’s the secret in the sauce if you want to make your dreams REAL.

And, psst… why not me? 😉

What is the difference between this club and your Brules of Life books?

Reading a book and implementing what you read are two very different things. This is PARTICULARLY true when it comes to brule-breaking! Italian programmer, Alberto Brandolini explained it best: “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.” He called it The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle, emphasizing the difficulty and effort required to debunk falsities and nonsense.

In The Brule Breakers Club we go far beyond the pages. I help you make this material real in your LIFE.

Having ongoing author-led support and applied psychology coaching, guidance, and community support to personalize the implementation and action of doing what it takes to make those changes REAL is what reaps the inevitable benefits.

The Brule Breakers Club is the difference between consistently showing up for what you want, and endlessly ruminating about what you want. It’s the difference between receiving it, and never getting it out of your head and into your life.

As a member, the support you’ll receive is the difference between finally seeing your blind spots and continuing to struggle to make a change. It’s the difference between having breakthroughs you celebrate, or having fear and resistance run the show. It’s the difference between achieving your dreams and always wondering what could have been. It’s the difference between the cumulative impacts of self-neglect and the compounding benefits of self-care. It’s the difference between momentum and celebration, and stagnation and frustration.

In The Brule Breakers Club, you will awaken to a new kind of freedom. 

AND – with more Brules books planned for the Book of Brules series (in which I will be deconstructing a total of 60 brules!), as a Brule Breakers Club membership BONUS, you will have a behind-the-scenes front row seat to my writing and publishing process. Not only will you have a sneak peek at the Table of Contents for future books, you’ll also have access to complete pre-release CHAPTERS, with discussion and coaching to boot! 

How might I describe The Brule Breakers Club to a friend?

One way to think about The Brule Breakers Club is as a gym for your mind, a speakeasy for the exploration and expansion of your self-concept, and a tune-up station to grease your wheels. It’s an adjustment pit-stop for your brain, a place to check under the hood of your attitude and put the truth of your perspective to the test while fueling expansion beyond the limits you came in with.

Subversive in the best of ways, it’s a members-only “room” that when you go in you always feel better for it. A creative place where incremental influences and cumulative benefits take shape in your life and where support is on hand to help you build further and step into being that much more YOU in the world. 

By the way, encouraging a friend or partner to become a member too is a terrific idea – for you and for them.

I know myself really well. How will this help me?

Despite a solid sense of your own psychology and despite a high degree of self-awareness, it is NORMAL to struggle with how to translate all of that well-informed self-knowing into dream-propelling action and RESULTS.

In fact, the better you know yourself, the more frustrating it can be! The Brule Breakers Club helps with those areas where you can’t seem to figure out how to IMPLEMENT the changes you desire. What’s often missing are specific tools, strategies, and specialized support: things you don’t know and, more often than not, don’t know that you don’t know.

YOU are the foundation of all that you build and create in your life. This can be both empowering and daunting.

If you have blind spots, your life has blind spots. Personal limits become life limits.

To achieve self-care, self-mastery, self-actualization, self-awareness, self-compassion, etc… the central core that must be KNOWN is the Self. 

So, know thyself. Absolutely.

AND get support. Because when you add the right support to a foundation of self-knowing, your life blossoms and the realization of your dreams accelerate!   

Now, juuuuust in case you’re thinking, “Tara, I don’t think I know myself well enough to join”… know this: Brules are likely a big part of WHY you don’t feel like you know yourself. Whether you’ve had a recent shift in self-concept that’s thrown you for a loop, or you’ve never felt quite secure in yourself, or you are actively in a process of (re)discovery… brule breaking powerfully supports this by revealing and un-inhibiting the truth of who you are, without brules in your way.

To be clear, in either scenario, I don’t doubt that you can figure it out and find a way by yourself… but I also would bet that it’ll be FAR more difficult, far less fun, and a FAR SLOWER process than it needs to be before you successfully implement and integrate that which requires MORE than self-knowing.

A hard truth, especially for those who’ve read countless self-help books and who’ve done their share of personal development: Shifts in habits, objective new perspectives, spotting blind spots, recognizing logical fallacies, flawed assumptions, misconceptions, and decisions that may unconsciously be inhibiting your desired results … rarely come to light by looking WITHIN.

This need not be a source of shame. THIS IS NOT A FAULT OR JUDGMENT. It’s a human condition. (read: entirely f^cking normal!) 

Since habitual patterns don’t change overnight, The Brule Breakers Club is designed so that you have the time and support you need to implement those changes and create a new normal.  

What if I want more personalized support, beyond what’s provided within the group format?

There are several options for 1:1 private coaching, exclusively offered to Brule Breakers Club members only. The best value is to join with lifetime membership which includes private coaching sessions. I am always happy to provide more support, as needed. To learn more and explore what will best serve you, please reach out to me directly (via email or Messenger) or schedule a Session with Tara so we can customize based on your needs. 


How do I know if I’m ready for The Brule Breakers Club?

A good barometer for determining if you’re ready for The Brule Breakers Club, is to honestly answer these questions:

  • Does the status quo feel exasperating? Does nonconformity feel lonely sometimes? If parts of yourself feel toned down or hidden and – though it may feel necessary in some social circles, it doesn’t feel good – let us give you a warm welcome to this special community.
  • Does knowing how to walk alone no longer feel emboldening or like a source of pride? This is a good sign that The Brule Breakers Club will be a fit for you.  Bring your unabashed self to this space, where you’ll know there’s a supportive community behind you in your quest for meaning, impact, self-mastery, and self-expression.
  • Does rebellion for the sake of rebellion feel juvenile, and you’re able to spot the difference in an instant? If you’re really not interested in spending your energy where it doesn’t actually enhance your life, but you ARE willing to show up fully where and when it does … this, too, is a good sign that The Brule Breakers Club is a fit for you. 

Brule Breaking is about so much MORE than nonconformity, rebellion, or critique. It’s about conscious becoming and empowered living. If this speaks to you, we’d love to have you. 

How will I know where to start? Should I wait until I have more time?

You’ll be shown exactly where to start. I’m not here to add to your overwhelm with lots of unnecessary information. And, while I know it feels like a very real obstacle, “I don’t have enough time” is actually part of the programming that’s slowing you down. In The Brule Breakers Club, we help you dismantle old “norms” and create welcomed pattern interruptions. You’ll learn how to sort out the time-sucks and navigate beyond success saboteurs, putting you in the drivers seat of your best life pronto. Joining is an investment that is going to save you time, money, energy, struggle, and tiresome spaghetti-at-the-wall experiments. And since habitual patterns don’t change overnight, long-term support is here for the time it takes you to implement changes and create a new normal. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reap the results. When you stop playing smaller than you are and focus on the right hard things, you thrive. You find time and energy you didn’t know you had, you make and maintain positive changes, you deepen your self-mastery, you elevate your happiness, you enjoy the journey, and today becomes your “someday.” 

What ISN'T allowed or welcomed in The Brule Breakers Club?

The Brule Breakers Club is NOT a rule-free space where anyone can pop in with their beliefs about unrelated topics, like the right way to load a dishwasher, or their stance on a woman’s right to choose, or claims that the Illuminati are to blame for x, y, and z. Nope. The brules we explore and deconstruct in The Brule Breakers Club are exclusively focused on the brules outlined in my book, The Brules of Life: 15 Bullshit Rules to Break for a No-Vacation-Needed Life + the brules I’ll be sharing in my next book, and future books. Members receive not only the Table of Contents for my future books, but also pre-release chapters, with discussion and coaching around them. 

These policies and practices are not brules and they are not negotiable. They are carefully crafted agreements that support our group intentions and its members. On behalf of The Brule Breakers Club container, culture, mission, and objectives, these policies will be decisively enforced, not because we dislike you or believe you are a terrible person, but because this is what supports the values, goals, mission and purpose of this group.

Are your books included in my membership?

While The Brules of Life and The Brules of Life Companion Workbook are not included, they are available worldwide for purchase on Amazon, in Kindle and in print. In truth, you don’t need to read my books to benefit from your membership. That said, with more Brules books planned for the Book of Brules series, as a membership BONUS, what is included is a sneak peek of the Table of Contents for future books and access to pre-release chapters as I write them.  

What will the schedule be like?

In brule breaking fashion, I’ve designed this program to ensure that you can connect to all the program material and support, no matter what your schedule. You will receive immediate access to all curriculum pieces, all the trainings, worksheets, and quests, and a 24/7 #askTara thread where you can ask any questions and promptly receive the answers and coaching you need. Quarterly, on a Sunday, we gather for a special real-time BONUS: a fun virtual Brule Breakers Brunch! This is a special opportunity to network and socialize with fellow members of our extraordinary community, discuss and celebrate progress points on your journey, and raise a glass together be it coffee or a mimosa. (That part is up to you!)

What is your refund and privacy policy?

This is an all-inclusive program and there are no refunds if you choose to withdraw. You can cancel your monthly membership anytime with 30 days notice. Tara Sage, Inc. is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give your name, address, or other personal information to anyone. For more on my policies, click here

I have another question… ?

Please email  Thank you!

Two ways to join!

Group Membership

This monthly membership is for you if you want to be in an amazing supportive coaching community that feels uplifting and life-changing all at once. You want access to Tara and the Tara’tory because you know that the shifts you need can happen in this space. You have dreams and goals that challenge and invite you to see beyond your blind spots and practice new skills and habits that will make a huge difference for you. You’re READY to make the shifts needed so that you can be the person who fulfills your goals and dreams in the next 6 to 12 months.

Lifetime Membership + 1:1 Coaching with Tara

This is for you if, in addition to all the benefits of group membership, you want personalized advice and customized support for quick and lasting transformation. You want six 1:1 calls with Tara built in to your program from the start so you have 1:1 support on your side with personalized coaching and accountability to help you integrate and implement the teachings and trainings. You KNOW this is going to be life-changing in the best of ways and you want access to this space for life!


Join now to receive a bonus welcome gift worth MORE THAN 3X the monthly membership price!

One private 45-minute 1:1 kick-off coaching session with Tara!

Membership programs rarely provide personal support. Join now for this awesome upgrade, before it’s gone. ❤️

* Refund, Shipping & Privacy Policies: In purchasing this program, I understand I am committing to pay the chosen payment as this is an all-inclusive, immediate-access program in which I am enrolling. I understand there are no refunds if I choose to withdraw. I understand that I can cancel monthly membership anytime with 30 days notice. I understand that the 6-session lifetime membership + private coaching option is a one-time payment that includes six 45-minute private coaching sessions scheduled based on my preference: “Fast-track” weekly sessions or “Elevate” monthly sessions. I understand that Tara Sage, Inc is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give my name, address, or other personal information to anyone.


√ All the program material, all trainings, worksheets, and quests √  A 24/7 #askTara thread where you can ask any questions and promptly receive the answers and coaching you need. √ Bonus Video trainings and worksheets: Your No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint, The Brules That Are Holding You Back, and more!  √ Plus, preview chapters of current & future books! >>> So much goodness.

“Working with Tara made me realize that every dream is achievable if you have the right support. In our fast-paced multi-tasking lives, Tara is able to get to the heart of what’s most important to our happiness.”  ~ Terri Sinclair, sales trainer

“Seeing goals through this lens is life-changing! Finally, I feel like the goals I’ve set are meaningful and move me toward what I want most.”  

~ Erin Larson, MSA, CMA

“Tara’s ability to articulate nuance and teach subtle points for transformational leadership is out of this world.”  

~ Marcy Stahl, Mindset & Marketing Mentor

“I love Tara’s writing style. Every chapter is thought-provoking and sparks life changing ah-ha moments!”  ~ Colleen Millett

It was admiration at first words! That was years ago, and I’ve been following Tara on her adventures ever since. I enjoy her command of the written word, and her writing style makes me think she’s writing directly to me! I can’t wait to see, hear, or read what she’s doing next.”   

~ Melissa K. Grudin, retiree and active volunteer

“Tara brings so much to her groups. Her leadership style is compelling. I feel engaged and present throughout and always leave feeling like a switch has been turned on.”  

~ Claire Winston-Wade, wedding officiant

Blind spots happen when brules become embodied beliefs. Let's turn the page on that, together.

Members’ Feedback 

“I see this book as life changing!!”  

“Your words are a powerful reminder of what is within us all.”

“The perfect way to open the chapter. It’s attention grabbing and really makes the point about LIFE!”

“I love how you take all you know, are, and have learned and roll out a cohesive chapter of thought provoking ideas and for us all.” 

“I have a feeling you’re going to push me so I break out of my own chains.”  

“I love it!! I have so many thoughts. You’re an inspiration!!”  

“Bravo! I can absolutely see this being the first chapter.”  

“I can’t wait to jump in and find out how to unleash my spirit.”  

“An exciting journey with an amazing group.”  

“Tara’s stories help me remember when I forget.”  

“There’s an adventurous spirit inside me and screaming for me.”

“I L-O-V-E watching your videos, Tara.  It’s soul food.”

“Sounds great, Tara. I’m in!”

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Open the door to the life you’ve been longing for with The Brules of Life and The Brules of Life Companion Workbook. Woven by a collection of candid stories, The Brules of Life helps you rethink conventions and unleash your truest self. Pair with The Brules of Life Companion Workbook for life hacks and strategies to create a new kind of freedom. 

“This book blew me wide open.” “The urge to talk about what I am reading is overwhelming.” “Real, raw, and inspiring.” “This book will help you live the life you only dare to imagine.” The Brules of Life is a jewel that is opening up my world.” “Thought provoking, refreshing.” “This book has made me think twice about my instincts to play it safe.”

Order Now!

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Brule Breakers Brunch is a beautiful space of good food, new friends, support, and experiential learning. This one-of-a-kind event is for people who want to break the “brules” (BS rules) that hold them back from the life they desire. Inspired by Tara’s book, The Brules of Life, this is an interactive IN-PERSON experience that brings the applied psychology of brule-breaking to life. This special event provides every attendee with a hands-on approach for how to create the life you think you cannot have. 

Ticket includes: Delicious meal with fun interesting people + Signed copy of The Brules of Life + Special “How to Create the Life You Think You Cannot Have” Workshop + Q&A + Raffle

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