How to recession proof your dreams

How to recession proof your dreams

When rumors of recession fester and some decide that danger is lurking around the next corner and that they therefore need to put their dreams on hold, stay put, don’t do anything new or uncertain…

My clients decide something very different.

My clients decide that rather than allow their subconscious to default to this, they do the mindset work to defiantly see beyond the bunk.

They decide that this doesn’t mean anything about their individual success, failure, or timeline.

They decide that believing that the world just became limited when before it was infinite, is silliness.

They step away from the crystal ball gatherings and do the inner work to deconstruct their thought patterns and bust through the BS so that they can get on with creating and living your dreams, no matter what.

They decide to let go of doubts, fears, and worries because they know that their energy is far better spent on rewriting the future-casting doomsday stories their imagination tells them about how it could all go.

They decide to open up to new possibilities, to expand instead of shrink.

They decide to release every thought and every belief that tells them what they can’t do.

They decide that they get to create their life to be what they want, no matter what.

They decide to turn down the volume on fear-based chatter and do what it takes to widen their perspective.

They decide that if they’re going to doubt something, it’ll be to doubt their limits.

They decide to show up brave and do it scared.

They decide to defy status quo conventional thinking and remember that groupthink rarely creates anything extraordinary.

They decide to be on the lookout for their blind spots because they know that if they don’t look for them, they’ll keep hiding.

They decide to be wowed by how capable they truly are.

They decide that there’s false security in being overly cautious. They know that the real threat is another year, another five years, another decade going by. They know that the real danger lurking around that corner is that life is short, and that their time will run out.

They decide that they will not stand by and risk their dreams dying inside of them, unrealized, unfulfilled.

While others wait for “someday,” they get support and make it happen NOW.

They decide to invest in that support. Friends are great but they know that their friends aren’t likely to go to bat for their dreams.

They decide to bring on the support of those who know how to help them see what they don’t, and do what they’re not.

They decide not to wait for the timing to be “right.” They know that the right time is the moment they decide.

They decide to stand up for the truth of what they want, with clarity, conviction, and commitment. They decide that anything else is a short-sighted lie.

They decide to receive all of what they want, and they are willing to be surprised how quickly it happens.

They expect there to be growing pains. By normalizing this in advance, they know they’ll freak out less when they happen.

They decide to set themselves up to be fully supported through every step.

They know that help helps and will speed up their process immensely.

They decide to lean on that support while they strengthen their beliefs, build new habits, manage their fear, and learn how to take these actions as the person who believes these new beliefs.

They decide to take time out to celebrate how far they’ve come.

They decide to notice and see how good things are.

They decide to be grateful and expect opportunities to show up around every turn.

They know that opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise notice have a way of showing up when they’re filled with gratitude and trust that they will.

They choose to believe and know that they’ve only just begun to scratch the surface on what they’re capable of.

They decide to trust the process and believe in their ability to create more.

They decide to trust this even when they’re unsure, even when they’re uncertain, even when they don’t know the answer, and even when they can’t see what’s next.

They decide to show up scared.

They decide to believe in possibilities beyond what is apparent to them right now.

They decide to believe what they don’t yet see.

They know that their limited perspective does NOT mean it doesn’t exist.

They choose … faith over fear, love over limits, and strength over struggle.

And – they do all of this not just because of what they want…

They do it because it’s who they ARE.

They let the truth of who they are (the brave, bold, big Self) lead every choice, every action, every moment. ❤️

If this sounds like you Tara and you’re ready for this kind of support to bring your dreams to life in the next 6-12 months, claim a spot on my calendar and let’s explore your best next steps.

Big love,

My company policies

My company policies

I see you as capable, powerful, and abundant. I see you as a responsible adult who makes good financial decisions. My company policies are consistent with this.

My coaching company is not your bank. I do not finance the things you choose to spend money on, and this includes hiring me as your coach. Chasing people down for payment isn’t something I do. This allows me to focus completely on what I do do.

“People first” is a principle I strive to always live by. I pour my wealth of experience, content, knowledge, and skills into my client relationships. My work, expertise, and the support I provide is high value AND my relationships aren’t transactional. This “people first” principle includes the relationship I have with myself. How I choose to organize my priorities and manage my energy helps ensure that I am able to bring myself fully to every exchange.

I don’t tit-for-tat. I don’t hold back on how I deliver. I don’t withhold love, resources, or information that could be helpful. A woman of my word, I show up for the people I promise to show up for – an extension of my values – and I attract clients with similar values. For these reasons, my clients and I get the financial part sorted out at the start so we can roll up our sleeves, nurture the relationship, and get on with the work of transformation and self-actualization, knowing we’ll never have to pause or circle back about overdue accounting.

How you go about paying my fee is none of my business. Meaning, whether you take out a loan, or don’t take out a loan … whether you pull money from savings, get a part-time job, put it on a credit card, or ask someone you know for money … whether you consult with your spouse about your decision, or you don’t … I’m not here to be involved in any of those decisions, nor is it for me to make a moral or ethical judgment about such decisions. I respect your boundaries and your choices.

My job is to serve my clients. Excellent service is my standard. Clients have come back to me years later, again and again, because they know this. My clients are people who show up, relentlessly, for their own growth, success, joy, and progress, however imperfectly. And I love them for it. I believe their success is inevitable. I will never NOT see them – or you – as capable, powerful, and abundant. No matter what.


The exchange my clients and I agree on, is one of value. We are each responsible grown-up humans who get to decide such things.

If you don’t have the money to pay me, or your priorities are to spend your money elsewhere, that’s ok. I give away tons of free value through my social media posts, offer gifts you can download from my website, etc. Feel free to claim any and all of them.

My books are $13 and every page has immense value there for you to absorb on your own or, as some have, you can start a book club.

My coaching programs range from $97 to $16,000. Choose what suits you now, and/or come back later.

Big love,

Tara Sage

It’s not your fault, but it IS your responsibility

It’s not your fault, but it IS your responsibility

Real talk.

What you want could be right in front of you, yet wholly invisible to you.

You’ve likely witnessed this, in others: You see what they don’t, all while they miss or dismiss opportunities for themselves that appear to YOU as totally available and accessible.

Sorry to say, it’s not just a THEM problem.

We all have blind spots, but by nature, it’s difficult to see your own. As a coaching colleague and dear friend of mine says, “It’s hard to read the label when you’re in the bottle.” Indeed it is!

What if I told you … that what you want is within arm’s reach.

And what if I told you that what’s holding you back – both from reaching for what you want, even seeing it – is a blind spot that’s not your fault.

The reason it feels so elusive is you have been socially programmed to believe status quo conventions and false constructs, also known as “brules.”

Like a house built on sand, these brules (bullsh*t rules) cause you to sink and to settle.

That’s not going to work, because you are meant to RISE.

Now while it’s not your fault, this doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility. In fact, to see and experience the positive results of this work in your life, your participation is 100% required.

Learn how with just a few shifts – in perception, belief, behavior – your old “imaginary” or “impossible” can quickly become your new reality.

The Brule Breakers Club is your invitation to make these shifts, quickly, joyfully, and with an incredible community of support. We are going to shine a big brilliant light on the brules that are holding you back, and hiding in plain sight.

This is your next evolution.

Don’t give up on your dreams.

Don’t be discouraged. You’re closer than you think.

And by all means — don’t settle!

Join us today!

To your no-vacation-needed life,




Pellegrino message in a bottle

Pellegrino message in a bottle

The year was 2007.

I was leading an in-person group (remember those?) as part of a 6-week program I called The Dream Circle. On this particular day, seated in a circle, I asked everyone to look around the room and silently make note of everything in the room that was red.

A minute or so later, I had them close their eyes and take a breath.

Keeping their eyes closed, I asked them to bring to mind everything in the room that was green.

A few nervous giggles filled the space, per usual. I’d led this exercise many times before, but on this day something especially memorable followed…

After allowing ample time to silently recall what they could of “green”, I invited them to open their eyes and look around to see if there was any green present in the room that they didn’t recall.

Several laughed out loud, pointing at the green Pellegrino bottle that was on the table in the center of the circle … many of whom vividly remembered the red star on that very bottle!

I love this exercise.

It does such a great job of teaching that: we find what we look for.

Tunnel vision doesn’t just prevent us from seeing what we don’t want to see, it also prevents us from seeing and discovering that which we WANT to find, but don’t look for – perhaps because we don’t believe it’s there, or possible for us.

What you want could be right in front of you, yet wholly invisible to you.

The kicker is …

     You can’t create what you can’t see.

     You can’t experience what you can’t imagine.

     And, you find what you look for.

So, what are YOU looking for?

Since you and I are connected, I’m going to venture a guess that whatever it is you are looking for … ultimately, you want a life that feels free, and fun. A life where you thrive – not just somedays, but everyday. A life where you’re no longer waiting to feel accomplished or fulfilled. A life where you’re fully and unapologetically YOU, living in a way that reflects this. Where the truth of your whole, authentic, boundless self is ALIVE and free.

Am I close ?

What if I told you … that what you want is within arm’s reach, just like that Pellegrino bottle was to everyone in that circle.

What if I told you … that what’s holding you back – both from reaching for it, even seeing it – is a blind spot that’s not your fault.

What if I told you … that what seems just out of reach, can quickly become available to you.

What if I told you … that the reason it feels so elusive is you have been socially programmed to believe status quo conventions and false constructs, also known as “brules.”

Like a house built on sand, these brules (bullshit rules) cause you to sink and settle.

You are meant to RISE.

What if I told you … that everything you want is just a few brule-breaking shifts away.

Here’s how it works:

Once you become aware of a previous blind spot, when brules no longer hide in plain sight … you become willing to not only see things differently, you start to show up differently.

When a foundational shift in perception happens for you, your reality changes.

Sometimes, like the Pellegrino bottle example, you come to see what was there all along!

What you previously believed to be impossible or unrealistic, suddenly isn’t.

Reality didn’t change. You did. 

It all begins with just a few shifts – in perception, belief, behavior.

Your old “imaginary” or “impossible” can quickly become your new reality.

The Brule Breakers Club is your invitation to make those shifts, quickly, joyfully, and with an incredible community of support. We are going to shine a big brilliant light on the brules that are holding you back, hiding in plain sight.

This is the compassionate clear-eyed kick in the pants you’ve been waiting for.

This is your next evolution.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t settle.

It is time, for you, to LIVE your unique-to-you no-vacation-needed life!

The Brule Breakers Club lifetime membership is going to help you connect the dots so that you can finally have what you want out of life, all within an extraordinary community of support.

We all have our lone ranger tendencies, but this isn’t something to try to do by yourself. Why? Because brule breaking can get confusing – fast. This socially accepted nonsense is baked in to every system, and every habit, and every everything. Assumed to be unquestionably true by many, this only further allows them to go unnoticed and continue to hide in plain sight.

But – once you join The Brule Breakers Club and you see all these baked-in brules, you won’t be able to unsee them. You can break free and make the small shifts that are going to make the biggest difference for you.

For all the juicy details and to join us, click here!

Big love,



Planning for a big 2022

Planning for a big 2022

Welp, here we are …

2022 is just around the bend.

It’s been an(other) unusual twelve months and I think it’s fair to say, no one has gone unchallenged this year. Yet in the midst of the challenges, we’ve also each been presented with some unique opportunities: to embrace a new kind of rhythm, to make lifestyle adjustments, to find innovative ways to nurture connections, to discover new strategies for how we work, self-care, and create, to name a few…


Before the close of each year, I find that doing a Year-in-Review reflection is a valuable exercise and a powerful way to set the stage for the year to come. Doing an annual reflective review is something I not only coach clients to do, but something I do myself.


3 powerful Year-in-Review questions to consider:

What did you accomplish, create, or achieve in this past year? Create a big long list.

What goals or dreams did NOT come to fruition for you this year? It’s uber important not to ignore or disregard the fact that you didn’t achieve them. By shining light on them you’ll gain clarity and momentum about what you really truly want in the coming year.

What is your action plan? What will you do differently in the coming year?



Today I feel inspired to briefly share some of my own 2021 highlights, a few personal goals for 2022, and some exciting ways we can connect in the new year.


2021 Tara’tory:


  • As an RVer, I’ve been able to enjoy continued domestic travel, rolling across state lines in my Airstream, a.k.a. condo on wheels. My quick travel synopsis from 2021: Winter in New Mexico, New Orleans and Florida in the Spring, Summer in the northeast, and Fall in the Berkshires, Niagra Falls, and Illinois. (Friendly reminder: While many venues are closed, nature is open and she’s beautiful as ever, so get out there and hug a tree or something.)
  • Illinois is where I was when my book launched on Amazon and became a bestseller. The launch and success of The Brules of Life and The Brules of Life Companion Workbook was a definite bright spot in my year, the culmination of a tremendous amount of work and planning. Seeing how well it is being received, hearing how it is touching and inspiring the lives others, is the ultimate repayment.
  • I ran more in 2021. Salsa clubs used to be my sweaty haven, but times have changed. Running has become both a mental health and physical health outlet for me. 5k is a typical distance now, but as I look to 2022, I’ve got a 10k training app tempting/taunting me to go further.
  • Along with the launch of my book and coaching my clients to harness the unique opportunities of this interesting year, countless improvements and updates have been made to my website and offerings, to include a special new free gift, and other gems – all of which are waiting for you at
Ok, 2022.


My 2022 goals include: increasing readership of my book, start writing my next book, reach some fitness milestones, put out more video content, and light a fire under a creative project I’ve got sitting on the back burner.


January is going to be a full month, and includes several exciting opportunities to connect!

January 5: Brule Break-a-thon Livestream! 

Jumpstart the New Year with a different take on resolutions! On January 5th, I am joining forces with community coach, Peter Bowden, for a fun, one-of-a-kind, interactive, livestream event to help you identify the “brules” (bullshit rules) that are holding you back so that YOU make 2022 a joyful, life-enhancing, dream-fulfilling year! It’s going to be a hoot! Subscribe, like, share, and invite your friends!

January 14: Book signing!
I’ll be doing an (outdoor) book signing at Sundog Bookstore in Seaside, FL. This is a fabulous independent bookstore I’ve visited many times, while envisioning the day when my book might be on their shelves. That day is here! If you’re in the area, stop by! 11am – 2pm


January 19-23: RV Show! This will be my third year on the seminar stage at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, presenting Nomadic Living 101: How to Live Nomadically for a Month, a Season, a Year or Forever. 1pm, daily.So that’s a bit of what’s happening in my world . Let’s start the year off strong together!


Are YOU determined to make 2022 different and finally bring those back-burner dreams to life? Are you ready to tell yourself the truth about what you want, refuse beliefs about limitation, fears about worthiness, and lies about what you “can’t” do? If so … claim your seat in The Dream Acceleration Program for all of this and more in the New Year! There are just a few openings, so enroll today.


Looking ahead to 2022, I am 100% committed to taking extraordinary care of myself while also giving (you) a lot more. It feels wonderful to know how deeply compatible these intentions are.


Onward and upward!


Here’s to a happy healthy dream-fulfilling New Year,
Tara Sage
PS – Seriously, if you have a fire in your belly and are determined to make this year different and finally bring your dreams to life, register now for The Dream Acceleration Program and let’s do this together. I can’t wait to welcome you to the program!
Going Costume-free

Going Costume-free

Just before starting my business, I had what I would describe as a stuffy research job. An ivy league university employee, it looked good on paper. But good god! It was all wrong for me.

In theory I could have hunkered down like those around me were doing, and embraced the cushy life of a retirement-track university employee, though I never seriously considered it. My soul would have needed to die to endure that haul. I was adamantly unwilling to be another retired zombie who played it safe.

My mantra was, “For now, not forever.”

Often, while sitting at my desk, just feet from where my supervisor sat, I’d be chomping at the bit waiting for the clock to hit 5:00 so I could leave. More often than not, I’d finished my work hours earlier, but I was clock-bound nonetheless – something I always found stupid, belittling, and maddening.

I strongly dislike being micro-managed, and the rigidity around how, when, and where I did my work felt utterly confining. Maybe you relate?

While others did a good job at looking busy, I was planning my escape, fueled by a disgruntled disdain for the need to pretend.

I distinctly recall staring at a crack in the wall and fantasizing about being a spider that could sneak through the crack and escape.

This inspired my Halloween costume that year, Tara the spider.

(2003) This silly photo was taken by my friend Carianne, at a Halloween party, in her kitchen. She was a disco ball. I slithered, she spun. Good times. Looking at it now, I see a woman caught in her own web, which sort of underwrites the desire for freedom that inspired the costume. But nonetheless, my low-budget costume was an outlet for expression, trusting I’d find a way out.

In an attempt to make it fun and keep my spirits up, I told myself, “Tara, you love Halloween and theater, so put on your research assistant costume (which generally involved a plain button-down shirt) and go play the part of a 9-5 university employee.”

This privately held inside joke – with myself – helped me to reel in my bad attitude.

“For now, not forever,” I reminded myself. “Pretend that this is all just a character study aided by a boring costume and unnecessary meetings.”

This helped. But as much as I love Halloween (a lot), I didn’t like wearing the same costume five days a week!

Have YOU ever felt like you were wearing a costume or playing a role meant for someone else?? 

Truth is, I’d had quite a bit of practice. It wasn’t the first time I felt this way.

As far back as I can recall, I’ve felt like I was being asked to fit into a mold that simply didn’t fit. From very young, I’d always questioned parents, teachers, bosses, even friends, about status quo expectations and norms that seemed foolish to march in step with when there were such obvious alternatives – to me, at least.

I soon learned they weren’t obvious to everyone, which had me feeling that much more like a rare bird in a cage.

In a very real sense, when, in 2004, I decided to start a location-independent business and chart my own course, it was the beginning of the rest of my life.

I dreamed of having the freedom to travel when and where I pleased. From day one in my business, I worked with clients remotely — even if they lived in the same city! Back then, smartphones weren’t in every pocket, the internet was not accessible everywhere, internet marketing wasn’t mainstream, and the term “digital nomad” had not even been coined.

I’ve helped thousands of people, spanning five continents, to go beyond striving and wishing and “someday-ing,” to create a life they truly can’t wait to get up and out of bed for in the morning – a life and business they don’t need a vacation from. And yet even all these years later, it’s work I still love.

I assure you, I know how it feels to be cast in a role that, in your heart of hearts, you know will always feel confining or contrived, and will only lead to restlessness, frustration, and dissatisfaction.

Determined not to live this way, I broke free.

I learned how to manifest horizons and implement energy management tools that changed my life forever. I cracked the code on travel and mobility, making the world my office and busting the myth that home is a zip code. I learned how to build a business from the ground up and create wealth on my own terms.

Today I help clients master and create these very things.

And I no longer wear unwanted costumes.