nomadic [nō-ˈma-dik]: adj. relating to, or characteristic of, being on the move

Finally, you’re free!

==> Do YOU crave the freedom to travel but still want the comforts of home?

==> Whether a quick vacation, a seasonal escape, or a way of life … are you ready to learn how simple it can be to live and finance travel that’s full of relaxation, spontaneity, and fun?

==> Eager for freedom and adventure while staying safe, healthy, and living each day to the fullest?

==> Want clear answers about RV lifestyle, logistics, and mechanics – all in ONE PLACE?

You’ve found it!

As seen on the seminar stage at the 2019 & 2020 TAMPA RV Supershow!

We’re Tara & Carl, and we have cracked a lifestyle code.

Nomadic Living 101We’ve traveled the world, and along with our dog, Cosmo, we live full-time in an RV, following our hearts wherever we want to roam, all while working from the road, salsa dancing (it’s how we met), and exploring all corners of the country at our own pace.

We also coach fellow adventure-seekers (like YOU!) on how to make nomadic living work for you. We are living this dream and love helping others experience the freedom and joy that travel brings. With some planning, creativity, and intentional design, you can do it too! 

It’s a sweet life and easier than you might think. Learn how to live your boundless life now. Put a stop to that restlessness, waiting and hoping for that fated “someday” … be it retirement, vacation, after you get out of debt, after the kids are in college, or fill in the blank with whatever it is for you. 

If you want to create a life you don’t need a vacation from, Nomadic Living 101 is for YOU.

“Because Tara and Carl have been through it and share their knowledge, we’re now on track to do it too. Today we met with the realtor to sell our house!  We are no longer waiting for “someday.” Today is our someday, and we’re excited!”

~ Vickie Acebo-Carns, January 2020

This unique program puts you on the fast-track to living this dream, your way.

We show you practical proven tips and strategies to help you achieve your dreams of a nomadic lifestyle.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Why Nomadic Living 101 is a SMART move:

RATHER THAN watch 1000s of hours of YouTube videos and leave more conflicted and confused than ever…

 Our streamlined video modules give you real-life, practical strategies and tips that work so you know exactly what you need to do. 

 Learn directly from our experience and commitment to help YOU live boundlessly! 


We’re different.  

Unlike YouTubers, who earn affiliate commissions on the products they promote (things that may or may not be right for your specific needs) …

Unlike dealers, who are there to sell you RVs …

Our ONLY singular agenda and mission is to help you get on the road. 

RATHER THAN research and sort through thousands of articles on the web and still struggle…

 Use our templates and checklists to know and understand exactly what you need!

Our course is different.  

Most other RV trainings, speakers or guidebooks focus only on mechanics, but they don’t address the real, practical lifestyle issues. We do.

In addition to mechanics, Nomadic Living 101 covers ALL aspects related to the small everyday decisions that add up – like managing finances, meals, health, relationships, safety and so much more!

RATHER THAN search endlessly on Google, all while staying in one place…

 Let us show you how to customize your journey, step-by-step, in a way that fits not only your “stuff” … but also your personality, preferences, needs, hopes and dreams!

Will YOU be different?  

Mobility is a dream that many share – yet so few do it. 

They keep putting it off for “someday.”

RATHER THAN “I’d love to travel more. Maybe someday…”  “I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon. Maybe someday…” “I need a vacation, but I’m too busy. Maybe someday…”

“Thanks to Nomadic Living 101, the start date on my dream of living a nomadic RV lifestyle, has been bumped up … from 5 years, to next April!”

~ Jody Held

Cathie L

“Tara and Carl have created a wonderful intro course to RV living. Each module was engaging and informative. After completing the course, I selected and purchased my first RV and am so excited for the journey ahead.

I recommend this course if you hear the open road and all its adventures calling you!

~ Cathie LeVasseur

Nomadic Living 101 is for you IF:

You are itching to travel more and ready to learn how to live nomadically – be it for a month, a season, a year, or forever.  You are done waiting for “someday” to get the wheels turning on this dream.

You are new to the road and eager to learn how everything works, how to manage all the logistics, and how to keep the excitement for your journey alive and aligned to your needs, wants, interests, and desires.

You are ready to simplify your life, downsize and get everything set for the journey of a lifetime – and you’re eager to do it in a streamlined efficient way, learning everything you need to know.

$ave not only time, but money!

Nomadic Living 101 pays for itself by helping you prevent expensive rookie mistakes and making sure you are in-the-know about cost cutting strategies and tips that’ll help save you thousands.

Lifetime access & it starts as soon as you register!

* Refund, Shipping & Privacy Policies: In purchasing this program, I understand I am committing to paying the chosen payment in full as this is an all-inclusive, immediate-access program in which I am enrolling. I understand there are no refunds if I choose to withdraw from the program. I understand that Tara Sage, Inc is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give my name, address, or other personal information to anyone.

In this program, we pull back the curtain on EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about nomadic RV life.

MODULE 1: Downsizing & Prepping for the Transition

– The best approaches to downsizing, so you can hold on to your memories and still make new ones.

– Storage, style, tricks and tips we’ve learned along the way that will save you oodles of time, frustration AND dollars!

– How to decrease stress with less so you have more simplicity, fun, freedom and adventure.

MODULE 2: Money Stuff

– How to finance nomad life with budget-friendly living that doesn’t sacrifice fun.

– Getting boondock-ready, so you can self-sustainably be “off grid” and have plenty of cost-effective options independent of RV Parks.

– Why you most definitely don’t need to win the lotto to live this lifestyle and a strategic 4-step money management process to chart the course for your journey.

– Earth-friendly strategies that cut your costs and your carbon-footprint.

MODULE 3: Wellbeing – Food, Fitness & Relationship Tips for the Road

– Relationships on and off the road so you deepen the relationships you have and make meaningful new connections along your journey.

– Self-care, food prep, and space management so you stay healthy, organized, and have everything you need to chef it up to the best of your gourmet abilities.

– Fitness on the road so you look and feel your best, despite temptation to eat like you’re on vacation.

– Traveling with pets and their care so it’s fun for everybody.

– We even share considerations for RV sex! (yup.)

MODULE 4: How it Works – All Things Logistical & Mechanical

– Tools, technology recommendations, and must-have pre-transit checklists for ease and safety. (Invaluable!)

– Towing, weight distribution, and all things mechanical so you avoid common mistakes, prevent unexpected expenses, and know exactly how to do what you need to do. (We boil it all down for you so your learning curve will be quick and laser-focused.)

– Location-independent logistics (banking, bill pay, getting mail, prescriptions, working from the road, etc…) so “adulting” happens without cramping your style.

– Video demonstrations and a walk-through of how things work so you know exactly what you need to know.

MODULE 5: Wheel Estate – Selecting The RV That’s Right for You

– Selecting the RV that’s right for you, so you have the amenities you need for comfort and the versatility you need for ease.

– Personal safety and how to secure your stuff so you feel confident knowing you have minimized any risks.

– A simple approach to minimize the stress and overwhelm of so many choices, options, and price points so you can focus in on your best-fit and get rolling.

MODULE 6: “Glamping” – Decor & Maximizing Space

– “Glamping” and decor, so your ‘condo on wheels’ lifestyle reflects and supports your sense of style and taste.

– 20 tips and space-saving products so you can be intentional about your space.

– Plus, 3 bonus nomad tips and an RV storage tip that will save you serious cash.

MODULE 7: The D-word – Making the Decision To Go For It

– A proven process for managing your fear (a dream killer) and all the normal I’ve-never-done-this-before jitters so that they don’t undermine your dreams, your journey, or your life.


– Learn from Coach Tara as she shares from her behavior modification know-how, psychology training and experience so you can take on even your most daring goals and dreams, be the best version of yourself, and prevent fear from undermining your success.

MODULE 8: The Journey Forward – Hitting The Road, Your Way

– Choosing and making arrangements for your journey, your way – so your journey is as unique as you are.

– Where head meets heart and the rubber meets the road: how to put the practical pieces in place to support your desires so you chart your own course with intention, excitement and clarity.

ONE-HOUR BONUS SESSION With As to All Kinds of Qs … like: 

– “What tools and supplies should every RVer have with them?”

– Four items to consider replacing in your RV.

– Tips for negotiating a price on an RV.

– “What’s needed for boondocking?”

– Eight creative ways to lighten your load.

… and even the questions you didn’t know that you had!

All of this, PLUS we provide you with downloadable worksheets and checklists, and connect you with our private support community via Facebook where you can ask any additional questions.


Create a life you don’t need a vacation from. 

Register now!


Nomadic Living 101 is an excellent course for discovering the intricacies of life on the road. Tara and Carl are funny, friendly, accessible and inspiring. As someone who was just beginning to research the possibility of a nomadic lifestyle, taking this course really did most of the legwork for me!

I feel so much more knowledgeable about the process and practicalities. The modules were well organized and fun to watch. Tara and Carl are very thorough in their research and very open in sharing the realities of their experience. I feel connected now to a community and know I can continue to go to them for additional support. I will miss them!

I recommend this course as it gave me the ability to make empowered and informed choices moving forward. Thanks Tara and Carl!! Hope to see you on the road!”

~ Robin Murphy, teacher


We have cracked the code on this lifestyle.

Nomads at heart, we’ve both traveled extensively for decades.

We have been featured speakers at RV Shows, sharing our story and teaching other how to do it. And publications such as RV PRO MagazineMobile RVingAspire Magazine and RV Daily Report have all written articles about us.

We are going to help YOU prepare for all things logistical, mechanical, lifestyle and social … so that you can live boundlessly – now, not later.

We hold nothing back.

It’s a winning combination!

You’ll be connected to a location-independent business owner (Tara) and a remote working employee (Carl).

Tara is CEO & founder of her location-independent life and business coaching company, Tara Sage Inc., serving clients since 2004. You’ll get Tara’s strategic outside-the-box, design-conscious, lifestyle-oriented approach.

Carl is a remote working IT employee who logs in from the road. You’ll get Carl’s wealth of thoughtful, systematic, mechanically-oriented, engineering-minded know-how.

Advice, real-world personal strategies and the inside scoop on working remotely, from both an employee and an entrepreneur!


In this course, we share ALL — mechanics, must haves, all things related to preparing for your journey … and we also share our personal experience, our knowledge, our process, our detours, our lessons learned, and full-disclosure tips and discoveries about what it really takes to make this awesome lifestyle work for you.  

We’ve learned a *ton* on our journey and are so excited to support YOU in experiencing this lifestyle for yourself.

Travel Timeline

Vacations can be great, but our goal is to help you do better than that.

Let’s get you road-ready for the adventure of a lifetime!



When will the program start?

Whenever you want it to! Sign up and within one business day you’ll get your Members Only log-in information to access the program right away. Move through the modules at your own pace.

Won’t an RV Dealership answer my questions?

You can certainly ask, but keep in mind that nomadic living is not their expertise. We believe that only people who are actively doing it should be advising others on how to do it. In fact, we partner with select RV dealerships to provide their customers access to Nomadic Living 101. So if you ask, perhaps they’ll offer to sell you our course!

What makes you guys different?

Unlike dealers, who are obviously there to sell you RVs … and unlike RV lifestyle YouTubers who typically earn affiliate marketing commission on the products they promote through their channel (things that may or may not be right for your specific needs) … our ONLY singular agenda and mission is to help you get on the road.  Our one-track focus is to provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and tools to live it and do it in a way that fits your unique style, preferences, needs, hopes and dreams. In the words of Frank Sinatra, to do it yooooour waaaaaaay.

What makes your course different?

Most other RV trainings or speakers or guidebooks focus only on the mechanics of things but they don’t address the real, practical issues. We do. In addition to mechanics, our course covers all aspects related to the small everyday decisions that add up – like managing finances, meals, health, relationships, safety and so much more. We’re changing the narrative, helping men, women, and couples of all ages and races to experience the freedom of nomadic living.

What could be better than a vacation?

When everyday life is so life affirming, gratifying, and joy-filled that you don’t need a vacation. With this freedom-based lifestyle, there will be no need for escape. At the minimum, if you do take a “vacation”, there won’t be an ounce of dread or remorse when it’s time to return to your everyday life.

What’s your refund and privacy policy?

Since this is an all-inclusive, immediate-access program, there are no refunds if you choose to withdraw from the program. All sales are final. Tara Sage Inc. is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give your name, address, or other personal information to anyone.

What if I still have questions after I’ve gone through all the modules?

Our commitment is not only to answer all the questions we know you have (because we had them too) … we also answer all the questions you don’t know to ask (because, well, it’s sure hard to find answers to questions that you don’t know you don’t know, right?) If after going through the program you still have related questions that we have not answered, reach out and we’ll personally ensure you get your answers.

I’m interested, but still have a few questions. Can I call you to be sure this is right for me?

Of course! Click here to book a FREE 15 minute call. No sense in you wondering and waiting any longer than you need to. Let’s talk!

Lastly, a question for you:

One year from now, where will YOU be?

You can keep trying to do it all yourself, watching YouTube videos and reading articles on the Internet. But, (if you haven’t already) you will spend hours upon hours searching, digging, watching and researching, following a bread-crumb trail of information. On some topics, you’ll wind up getting more information than you need, and on others – not enough. 

If you take this approach, chances are HIGH that, one year from now, you’ll be pretty much in the same place you are today. Is that what you really want? Longing for travel, free time, the simplicity and mental space for creativity, relaxation, and adventure, does NOT need to keep feeling like a pipe dream for you anymore.

Your journey, your way, starts today!

“If you don’t like how things are, change it. 
You’re not a tree.”  
~ Jim Rohn

It is our personal guarantee that no question will go unanswered. If after going through the program, you still have questions that we have NOT answered, contact us directly and we will personally ensure you get your answers.   

To the journey!


Still on the fence? (ouch!) Not sure? Have questions?
Book a free 15 minute exploratory call with me to answer your questions.

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