Are You Pregnant With a Dream? 
by Tara Sage Steeves  ~ illustrated by Liz Halloran  (2008)

Included on Aspire Magazine’s Top 10 Inspiring Books List!

Are You Pregnant With a Dream? is a whimsical, detailed guide that offers numerous tools, breakthrough exercises, inspiration, and personal narratives to support every phase of bringing any dream to life.

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“I just read Are You Pregnant with a Dream? … Love, love love it!!! It is perfect! What a beautiful, practical and inspirational book. I felt Tara’s incredible spirit flowing right out of each word, each page! As a fellow Coach, all I could do is smile, nod in agreement, tear up with delight and say “YES!”  If you have a longing to fulfill yet unrealized dreams or simply want to discover if you might be ready to, you owe it to yourself to read Are You Pregnant with a Dream? It could very well be the catalyst that turns your life-long dreams into a reality.” – Angel C. Hale

LISTEN to Stand Up Comic Mary Ellen Rinaldi share in a radio interview about how Are You Pregnant With a Dream? changed her life. (Courtesy of Dreamvisions 7 Radio):

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