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Hello! If you’re new to my work, I’m Tara Sage. 

Life coach since 2004, bestselling author of The Brules of Life, professional speaker, digital nomad, made-up word lover, blanket hog, cheese lover. I’ve served thousands around the world – all ages and stages – to create the life they thought they couldn’t have.

I created this special free download to help you stop waiting for “someday” and live your boundless, thriving, “hell yes!” life, NOW.

After more than 17 years of coaching people to rethink conventions and rewrite the rules on how to achieve their “impossible” dreams while avoiding common pitfalls and detours, I can’t wait to share the one skill that paves the way for YOU to open the door to a new kind of freedom!

While it might feel like you have to shake your entire life up for things to change …. truth is, it’s small, intentional, everyday changes that push your growth edge and help you build the skills that make all the difference and powerfully set you in a new direction, fast!

Paving the way to achieve your dreams, there are SIX SKILLS I’ve found truly fast-track such transformation, but only ONE of them is absolutely required. This one single skill makes all the difference.

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“Tara fills a sorely lacking space in much of our society. It is to the benefit of every human heart to tend to its dreams. Big or small, the world is calling for it.”

~ Bonnie Lee Perry, artist 


“Thank you, Tara!  As always, you bring your A-game to my “someday”.  

~ Ryane LeCesne, CEO & coach


“This journey is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in ages … I truly feel 18 again!”

~ Chad Byington, chef

(Still reading? Here’s a bit more about my education, training, and how I’m here to help.)

Beyond the school of life, my official “cred” includes a Masters degree in Holistic Leadership (the study of systems change) + a Bachelors in Psychology (with a focus on behavior modification) + coach training certification from one of the first coach training institutes worldwide

Prior to starting my company, I gained extensive experience as a behavior modification therapist, an integral part of a treatment team for inpatient psychiatric populations and member of an addiction medicine treatment research team at Brown University. I knew it was only a matter of time before I ventured out as an entrepreneur, but more than anything, from this experience I gained a strong practical and theoretical foundation in therapeutic intervention models and client needs assessment.

In other words, I not only want to help, I also have a strong application, orientation, and foundation for how to help.

Over the years, I’ve served thousands, spanning 5 continents, to go beyond striving, wishing and “someday-ing,” to create a life you truly can’t wait to get up and out of bed for in the morning. I know the beauty of dreaming and am deeply devoted to making the dream realization process accessible to all who wish to access it. 

If you stay in my orbit a while, you’ll learn that my life has certainly not always been dreamy and my path has not always been clear. I know first-hand what it means to feel stuck, overwhelmed, and constrained by circumstances … and what it means to break free!

Today I share all I’ve learned and developed to support YOU in living your dreams and create the life you think you cannot have … starting NOW. I teach and provide you with the information and support you need to LIVE it, pronto. 

If you can dream it, I can coach it. 😉 It is TIME to break free of what is no longer a fit, rediscover yourself, realize your dreams, and experience the true freedom that life has to offer.

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